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I'm pretty sure J Crew Ludlow is half canvassed, at least according to their website:
HF will make the suits to RL specs and patterns. I was responding to several of the posts stating a preference for Corneliani half canvas over HF full canvas. This I don't understand, HF full canvassed garments are very high quality. It would be great news if we could get the equivalent quality of a Mahogany series suit but with the more contemporary and modern cut of PRL.
Wow lots of HF hate. I don't get it. I have a full canvassed Beacon suit and it's fantastic, wonderful Loro Piana fabrics and very well made. I would assume the cut of the PRL suits will be determined by PRL. Their cuts combined with full canvassed made in the USA quality sounds pretty good to me.
Skinny long armed guy here as well. Hugo Boss fits me perfect off the rack. While fit is most important, their quality is mediocre so I would avoid paying full price. I stalk the Nordstrom sales and have always been able to pick up one or two a year for around $200 a piece. Their annual sales tend to be best.
I just went through the same search, looking at that exact JCrew topcoat, and Bonobos among others.  I'm a skinny guy so the Brooks Brothers overcoats, in addition to being expensive, are way to big for me.    I ended up buying this online:   and can highly recommend.  Great cut, fit and wonderful soft fabric for not having cashmere.  It was my first purchase from them, but it appears...
Recommend looking at the fully canvassed Hickey Freeman suits.  For under $1000 you can have a great suit.  They have a sale going right now on their website with mainline suits going between $650-750.
The "Luxury" Dress shirts from BB don't have pockets.  They are quite nice ... much easier to find online than in the store.  I also wore one today, and these are by far my favorite type of BB shirt.  They are slightly slimmer, have no pocket, higher quality cloth and buttons, and a different placard under the button. If you stalk the sales for your size you can find them for around $75.   I actually have several of the made in the USA shirts and made in malaysia...
Brooks Brothers has nice dress belts for $100
Can't tell if serious, but, Hickey Freeman. Hart Schaffner Marx. Samuelsohn. Brooks Brothers. Etc.
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