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Brooks Brothers has nice dress belts for $100
Can't tell if serious, but, Hickey Freeman. Hart Schaffner Marx. Samuelsohn. Brooks Brothers. Etc.
"Ivory Incotex" back on Gilt again.  Glad I found this thread.
I have several mainline Hickey Freeman suits and have never experienced anything like this.  HF typically uses high quality fabrics.  I can understand your disappointment, it looks like the "micro pattern" fabric is not up to par.  Maybe HF will swap for a suit with a different fabric?
Hickey Freeman (diffusion) and Hickey Stores:  OffFifth, Nordstrom Rack Online shopping: Discount sites like Gilt, RueLaLa, STP, MyHabit Main SF thread: None (several threads on their shirts) Style: Traditional HF and modern HF Construction: Half Canvassed   Almost always under $500.  There are several on sale right now on MyHabit.
Don't knock them until you have tried them. They are very very comfortable and last for years. Some of their newer designs are much better looking IMO.
Might want to shop eBay.  You can get a great tie from high end makes for <$50.  
Yes... my Hickey Freeman main line suit leaves me nothing to complain about.  
I'm also tall and slim, but need a more traditional lapel for business, so I have the same challenge when looking for a lower cost suit.  Boss Black has a nice modern fit and slightly narrower lapel, but they are low quality for the price.  Hickey Freeman and Hart Schaffner Marx are both good quality, have traditional lapels and can often be found for under $500 (HSM has a sale right now on their web site with a few suits for $300).   Keep in mind the $500 HF suits...
+1 for Ecco. Their Windsor style looks less bulky and is very good quality.
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