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Thanks to those of you who told me NOT to starch my shirts, and who explained that wrinkles are just a part of the look! I just wanted to be sure on any ways to prevent wrinkles, but I'll learn to wear my wrinkles proudly! Thanks again!
Recently, I have bought 3 linen shirts(pure linen) for the summer, and when I wore one the other day, within a half hour, it was WRINKLED. I have heard of people saying to iron it while damp and put starch spray, but what can you do to not have it wrinkle WHILE your wearing it?
Oh, "chinos" are another name for khakis?! LMAO right before I saw (khakis) I was like, why'd he say "Chinese" in Spanish?
I have recently bought 3 linen shirts in brown, blue, and a light tan color. I was wondering what pants and shoes go with each shirt? I have a pair of brown leather shoes,two different pairs of nikes, and different types of jeans(light blue, regular blue, dark blue, and black), if that helps. I'd be wearing these to school and when i'm with my friends in town. Sorry i'm asking so much, i'm just a 14 year old looking to dress a little classier. Thank you in advance!
Thank you. Do you know if jeans would go well with one(I am 14 by the way)?
Hello, I was wondering if anybody knew the name of those short sleeve button down shirts that the Cuban drug dealers wear in all of those types of movies and games. Also, if you do know, can you tell me where I can buy them? Thanks!!!
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