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Thanks very much!   This is exactly the feedback I was looking for, really appreciate you taking the time to put together some constructive criticism.    There is a long blonde ponytail in the pic, I have long hair and usually wear it down but tied it back for the photo.   Cheers again   Simon
      Wow I forgot how helpful and constructive criticism is on this forum. I wont be back you elitist self-obsessed rude fucks
Erm nowhere now
  Wondering what you guys thought of this for a casual going out outfit. Anything I'm doing wrong? Also looking for ideas on a jacket to wear with it.
Hey, I've been trying to 'improve' my style for a wee while now, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right at all and wondered if I could get some quick advice from these photos. I work in a really casual environment with no need to dress up but I'd still love the oportunity to wear shirts and ties, or smarter items instead of the super-casual jeans + T-shirts so I was looking for a decent smart/casual mix so I dont become too uncomfortable, can still do my job (Which involves...
Because I'm asking about things and clearly interested I can't be helped? Seriously? Thanks, should probably give up now then.
  I'm sorry, I'm really confused now. What is a 'look' if its not what I was showing?
Quote: Originally Posted by meso  I'm not "so annoyed." You apparently think everyone is angry, pissy, and angsty, including yourself. You sound paranoid or emotionally fragile. If this is the first time you've posted on a message board, welcome to the internet. It can be kind of unvarnished and jarring. You are however asking a huge string of questions that have little to do with style. There is not a "look" that goes with a 5'6 man with long blond hair and works in the...
  Thanks, I guess I'm just a little frustrated at finally asking for some help to get such a harsh reaction from some people. Its ok I havent taken it to heart haha!       Yeah, H&M is pretty good, I get most of my smarter shirts from there also got a nice pair of slim fit black trousers and a grey Peacoat. And also actually - my blue pinstripe suit is H&M       Great, I'll do this tonight hopefully - throw together some outfits I've been trying and post them up to see...
I'm sorry my post has made you so annoyed, and I'm sorry if I made a mistake. I've been reading around the forum and I have been checking out a few websites but decided to ask a question here so I could maybe have a conversation with some people who have more experience and are more 'stylish' than I am to hopefully improve my clothing style. I thought a site called 'styleforum' might be the place to talk about these things.   To be fair in my original post I wrote down...
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