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Thanks for the feedback, as much as I have wanted a canali for a while I belive that there is just 2 much to do and as I am just starting out in trying to build a nice wardrobe on a budget any tailor I would use I cannot even be sure of the quality of the work .Oh well onto Ebay it goesThanks again guys
Hi New here and was looking for a bit of advice. I have always wanted a canali suit and managed to pick one up in like new condition for £40/$60 It is not my size but figured I could get altered. I am taking it tomorrow to a shop to check out how much it will cost but basically I need the trousers taken up by an inch and 2 inches at waist, and need sleeves, jacket length and sides taken in. I know it won't be cheap but wondered at what point would you guys say the cost...
Hi it's a 1.8 turbo edition although badged as 1.8 it's actually a detained 2.0. Compared to the 1.8 linear sport wagon we had its a much smoother more responsive car to drive, the good thing about this edition / trim was there was lots of standard equipment thrown at it:-)
Just got the white Saab had the audi about 8 months or so
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