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Bought from blueowl a few months back, only worn 3-4 times. No visible fades, still in near new condition. Size 33. Retails at 215 USD which I also bought them for.   Selling for 130 USD including shipping inside EU. PayPal only. Price is negotiable.     - Emil
Does anyone got the color of the T-3 stock picture and can comment on how it looks in person?
Anyone received tracking for their bomber recently? I ordered a CWU on the 14th of April (15 weeks ago), trying to guess how long of a wait I have left.
Any thoughts on the current medium whiskey calf vs the "lifetime success" one Drew talked about in 2011? Link below. I understand it has changed since then, Charly said it's good though and I don't think he's wrong, but would Drew's praise still be equally relevant now or has that window closed? http://www.styleforum.net/t/217855/the-new-official-toj-thread-2011/9000#post_4819387
The CWU and A-2 are also pretty close in design though besides the shearling, wouldn't you say (and pocket angle)? I favor the CWU over the A-2, and the 4-zip Moto 2011 over both I think. I won't go lamb A-2 anyway, the reason I'd choose an A-2 would be because of warmth and the whole snow thing, so it would be in goat. But maybe your right about it being redundant.   Could a black lamb CWU be worn in snowy weather regularly though? And what kind of temperature could a...
Long rambling post..   Alright, I'm really indecisive when it comes to my TOJ trio, would be nice if I found out about them a year ago instead of now when they are closing shop, but I've narrowed it down at least. I should be getting a black lamb collared CWU soon so the first jacket is settled. I paid for two more jackets recently, I want to change them and decide now before the cut off. I'm thinking about a couple of combinations. Initially I wanted a T-1, but the...
Nicest color for the T-1? I'm thinking something grey/green/earth-tone but not too dark. What would you recommend?
LLooks great What fit did you ask for? When did you order? I'm waiting on mine and these pictures really made me happy I ordered a cwu!
Yep, I found the original post in the thread and you're correct. Makes the choice clear then haha, dark brown goat it is. Do you have a reason for preferring the silver ones?
About to send payment for a 4-zip goat moto. Is this really a good representation on how the brown goat looks? http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=12447 On my screen it looks pretty much the same as the dark brown goat pictured here: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=18400   Makes me wonder whether or not to get that one instead of the dark brown, what's your thought on this? Would they brighten or darken in areas with wear? A side question, I kinda...
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