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Looking to trade or sell 4-zip 2011 Moto in black goat, rougly size 50 with 52 lengths and chest, never worn outside only tried (too cold right now where I live). Hit me up, interested in most jacket if they fit or to sell for a reasonable price!
I've never tried Uniqlo (don't have them where I live), how do the shirts generally fit? I'm 6'4 with a slim/athletic build for reference
Yeah, probably. I have it on my other two jackets and it looks good. Regarding medium whiskey calf vs light brown though, what do you guys think? I had a hard time finding pictures of the current whiskey, which made me hesitant. I was worried it'd be too red and not as nice as the early whiskey offerings. 
 I ordered a light brown calf moto with silver zippers. Would gunmetal perhaps work better? Had a hard time deciding between light brown and medium whiskey as well, any thoughts on this? I think I can still switch..
I thought about the medium whiskey calf for my last jacket but went with light brown calf instead.. Can anyone comment on how the quality/color/niceness is?
Where's the best prices for EU customers? I' thinking about picking up a 70257 for school, haven't fonud any good deals though
Bought from blueowl a few months back, only worn 3-4 times. No visible fades, still in near new condition. Size 33. Retails at 215 USD which I also bought them for.   Selling for 130 USD including shipping inside EU. PayPal only. Price is negotiable.     - Emil
Does anyone got the color of the T-3 stock picture and can comment on how it looks in person?
Anyone received tracking for their bomber recently? I ordered a CWU on the 14th of April (15 weeks ago), trying to guess how long of a wait I have left.
Any thoughts on the current medium whiskey calf vs the "lifetime success" one Drew talked about in 2011? Link below. I understand it has changed since then, Charly said it's good though and I don't think he's wrong, but would Drew's praise still be equally relevant now or has that window closed? http://www.styleforum.net/t/217855/the-new-official-toj-thread-2011/9000#post_4819387
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