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I have a CWU in black lamb with bemberg lining in good condition and these measurements I'm looking to sell, PM if interested shoulders 20.0 chest (p2p) 24.0 midsection 21.0 waist 20.3 body length, front 25.4 body length, back 27.9 sleeve length, from shoulder 29.0 sleeve width @ pit 7.7 sleeve width @ elbow 6.7 sleeve width @ cuff 5.8
How does the Classic Round (8181) compare in size to Iron Rangers (8111)? I have a pair of IR and had to go up in size due to the toe box being a bit narrow, length wise there was no problem. Is the classic round any better? Found a good deal on them but one size smaller than my IR. 
Big price drop: 87 USD + shipping (5 inside EU, 10 rest of the world)!
Selling/trading a black lamb CWU, PM if interested! [[SPOILER]]
I'm finding that I probably need a bit of pronation support in these as they don't give much and the narrow midpart makes it pretty noticeable to the eye when wearing them. Anyone else with the same problem with suggestions for insoles? I don't think there's room for a full size sport type insole.   And regarding care of the boots, would it be enough to clean the leather with a good brush and apply some saphire renovateur every other month or are additional products...
What do you guys recommend treating the boots with and how often? I have the amber harness ones and would like to keep them as light in color as possible, I prefer a bit of shine over matte as well.
Thanks man, looks like a wider size might be the way to go for me after all. I'll have to try the D's again before eliminating them though because of the hassle of getting the E/EE's.
Are they any wider at the front where the little toe is?
Seling my CWU in black lamb, PM if interested. Measurements:
I need some advice. At last I got a quick chance to try on the Iron Ranger Hawthorne. I normally wear a 12 in other shoes but tried an 11 and 11.5 in these. The 11 felt good length wise but the toes were crowded and especially the left foot felt uncomfortable. The 11.5 were better in the toe department, no discomfort at all. The seller told me they usually stretch out a fair amount, so my question is, should I go with size 11 and hope for them to stretch out in the toe...
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