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Makes complete sense. I'd say the 40 or so additional auctions per week are completely worth it, although I might PM you later on some of Mr. Big's outerwear pieces you posted a few days ago. 
 Lucky dude! Somewhat related...did you recently stop posting pics of upcoming auctions every TUE for pre-auction offers? Not sure if I just haven't been paying close enough attention lately...
+1I certainly can't speak for their whole line but I've handled a few nice Corneliani ID pieces.
Holy fuck. When do these drop? I need some time to take out a second mortgage....
Nice jacket - I'd scoop this right up if it were my size!
Argh. Kicking myself for not bidding harder on that Brunello suede racer. Looking forward to seeing Big's outerwear in the coming weeks
I had new dark brown Giannis from a couple years ago, and I removed a good amount of product by just vigorously buffing with a rag. You could do a bit more with VSC.It's not anything to be nervous about tampering with. At worst, the color underneath is less uniform - but I prefer that, actually.
+1Carmina's "cognac" does not necessarily come from Horween (dark) cognac. But C&Js dark brown does.
Yes it's due to finishing. The dark cognac from Horween is not exactly uniform, and for better or worse, C&J applies finish to try to make it so. All my dark brown shell C&J has arrived with enough dark brown finish to soil one or two rags.
In C&J parlance, dark brown = Horween cognac. But, they do add additional finish to it at the factory to make the colors more uniform.
New Posts  All Forums: