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Cheers. I think the big takeaway from Nick's post that was quoted above is that there are many roads to happy shell, and that one should explore a few and find what works for themself!
Thanks for digging up that post!  Wasn't the one I had in mind, but a primary source is a primary source.
In my hands, at least, I have had no issue with using Lexol conditioner on whiskey, natural, or ravello shell. If darkening is the concern, I find that it recedes to the original color within a day. Of course YMMV
If we're thinking of the same source, Nick didn't actually recommend VSC for conditioning. He just said, "oh that's what we use here before we send it out". It wasn't quite part of a recommended long term care regimen for shell.
Congrats!! The Brunello shearling left my comfort zone but I did pick up a nice piece for the wife
[[SPOILER]]  In my experience with dry C&J shell like that, the only thing that works is Lexol conditioner. It works where Saphir Cordovan Cream, Saphir Reno, and VSC have all failed - none of which actually conditions well, in my hands.
Price drop to $825.
What do you mean qualitative?
Can't wait to see this
Nice. Wish they were my size.
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