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Wicked deal on Galways, especially with the latest EG price developments...   Edward Green Galway Rosewood Country Calf - Shearling Lined - 11 E (UK) \ 11 1/2 E (US)      
Some gunmetal shell from the recent GMTO organized on Reddit. Sometimes they look a little blue, sometimes a little olive  
@Leaves is the below pic taken of a pair from this latest shipment? It's a lovely shade of oak...
Ok, this price is just insane now.
 Very nice work! Looks like I'll be giving my Lindricks a suntan through the end of summer.
 Just a heads up, Mr. Spoo: your NOW LIVE link takes me to search results for Scarves, rather than the entirety of your fine auctions.
I would recommend you ask in the Carmina thread, friend:http://www.styleforum.net/t/241469/carmina-shoes-official-affiliate-thread/0_20
From https://instagram.com/p/6DDXrHpboX/  
 These are amazing -- please wear them more! By the way, do you have an ETA for your color 4 version? I can't wait to see them in the wild
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