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Wish you good luck with the sale but handlasting and Goodyear welting are not mutually exclusive processes, as is implied in your listing.
Interested in a couple of these; are you planning to post measurements for 1-6? Thanks
Please stop.
[[SPOILER]]  Bummer. Have you put any effort into brushing or buffing them out yet? Wondering if they're stubborn at all.
[[SPOILER]]  I don't like to clog this thread with non-deal posts but just wanted to express my gratitude for the effort you put into this! As life has gotten busier I don't have as much time to trawl through all the listing as much as I used to, so it's great to have all the best stuff aggregated into one place. Easily my favorite thread on SF.   Edit: Hey here's some Rider Boot Co shell cordovan boots and...
How does a mailman wearing shell attest to the marks going away? Or was that just a transition for you to rail about how people choose to wear their boots?
Did those water spots ever completely go away?
Awesome deal. Grateful and not grateful that they're not my size!
[[SPOILER]]  Man, those goyser split toes are the business... 
Awesome deal!!
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