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Yeah, I didn't mean to make my experience sound straightforward, because it hasn't been:Marlow wingtip: I've owned three pairs of these, and all three were 10 and very comfortable.PTB: I wear 10.5 in theseLindrick: I wear a 10 and it's slightly roomyGianni: (same as Lindrick)Penny loafer (note that these are not the 325 last like those above): a 10 fits very well after break-in. I believe a 10.5 would have loosened too much.Basically, you just gotta give it s shot...
Sized identically, in my experience.
 Awww yissss....this is the boot that single-handedly halted my quest for a cigar Indy boot. Does your pair still bloom like mine does?
Bloody outstanding! 
Thanks, man! Unfortunately I went through a whole F/W and only wore them twice, and that's just not enough to justify. If these haven't sold by the time the weather gets chillier, maybe I'll try wearing them again...
Picked this up -- thanks!!
My info is several months old, but last I checked with Lauren, there was just black, burgundy, dark brown, and whiskey shell available. If other colors become available, a loden green Harlech would be lovely...
Crazy price for EG -- they look low-profile too, even with the double dainite.   GLWTS
Congrats on the acquisition - those look near-Ravello!
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