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FWIW, this has been brought up before. Fok said that implementing such changes would require significant investments, since they'd have to rebuild many parts of the vBulletin system, which is just an off-the-shelf product. I'm probably getting some terminology wrong but you get the gist.
 Thank you for the mention! I love this thread -- buyers that mention it will get $50 off the selling price!
For your consideration, I offer a pair of Alden for JCrew Indy boots in dark brown chromexcel, size 10 on the Trubalance last.   Have had these for a while, but in a large rotation and worn only on weekends. Only ever treated with VSC and lexol conditioner with brushing - no polish. To be clear, the marks on the sole indicate that they were display models, and NOT seconds. Please examine pictures for detail.Asking $315 shipped in CONUS for these; international buyers...
For your consideration, I offer a pair of Alden whiskey shell cordovan plain toe bluchers. These have been worn fewer than 10 times, and have had toe and heel taps professionally installed.    If you can find them (which you really can't, these days), these retail for well over $700, so consider this an excellent opportunity to own the rare whiskey shell cordovan in a truly iconic model.   Please, know your Barrie size, and PM with any questions, as I cannot accept...
Thank you for the tips!  I'll give it a shot if my pending DOAK order comes darker than I'm hoping. 
 It's not a matter of treating them with kid gloves or not. Granted, it sounds like you have a bit more experience than me and you can do it more quickly, but stripping, moisturizing, and then re-dyeing is a bit more involved than just polishing with a darker wax, which is all that it takes to darken. I don't need gloves or reno for that.
While the overall issue might be overblown, I struggle to believe that it's as easy to lighten leather as it is to darken
+1000 The spreadsheet is....interesting, but we shouldn't let ourselves be placated by a drip of progress when we've demanded and deserve a flood at this point.
FRANKEN-FUCKING-STITCH!! Not in on these but I share your enthusiasm. Are these the saddle shells?
New Posts  All Forums: