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Nice shoes but the idea of this thread is to highlight other people's listings that standout. If people posted their own stuff this would become spam central
Maybe I've misunderstood, or you weren't addressing me -- but I don't buy shoes hoping for the leather to stretchNot really seeing your point on shell vs calf stretching, either. Which stretches more to you? I don't get what you mean by bringing up all these other factors.
I don't doubt your personal experience but I've found shell to not stretch very much at all, myself. To be fair I've never owned the same shoe in calf and shell, so I haven't made a direct comparison.
Hmmm...this is the first I've heard of this. Not a manufacturer, but LeatherSoul told me the precise opposite. Which manufacturers have you heard this from?
[[SPOILER]]  Galways on the 888 last? Looks terrific 
Frankly I have not seen any benefits of Saphir products over cheaper products, aside from a more pleasant smell.
[[SPOILER]] Maybe I'm missing something or am jumping the gun, but I only see 12 listing posted today? Edit: Ok they're LIVE! Gogogo
I guess it depends. I put in a deposit in late September and got my boots in early January.
@Manuel You do very nice work -- please do create a separate thread and share your videos with us!
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