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Move the camera more slowly damnit - I saw at 3 things I'm pretty sure I want to make an offer on 
Sounds like a gorgeous coat. Any pics to share?     I see them now -- very nice 
[[SPOILER]]  Holy fuck - why don't you just man up admit that your plan is to completely replace my savings account with leather outerwear? Yeesh
+1Scored a Brunello leather jacket a couple months ago by making a pre-auction offer to Senor Spoo.
I'm a solid 10.5US; I'll keep an eye out but am pretty sure your footwear would be too big :/
You might want to indicate the size of these...
Gotcha - thanks for clearing it up. It really is a fabulous jacket. Hope it finds a good home!
Absolutely beautiful jacket but I have to ask: is there a reason some of these pics are identical to those in this listing?: http://www.styleforum.net/t/534234/super-rare-new-loro-piana-elkskin-leather-reversible-cashmere-jacket-medium-6k/0_20
 Ooh...is this goose down-filled? What's the material?
Picked this up from @louloufafa but it's never made it into my rotation, so it's time to toss it back into the B&S pool. Was worn <10 times before I received it, and is in excellent condition. Pictures are reused with permission, as I haven't had the chance to wear it at all. $325 + shipping ($10 for CONUS, message me for all else).   Chest: 21.5" Shoulder: 18.25" Length (top of collar to bottom of hem): 27" Sleeve (from seam to end of cuff):...
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