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Thanks for posting this, @Leaves  Just a point of clarification: would the 30% heavy modification surcharge be on top of the 15% for a single MTO? Thanks.
   James, will you continue to hold off if Drew dribbles out jackets at about 1 per day?
 Wow wow wow! Can't wait to see these on feet.
If you're asking about my boots, they're on 946 
 They're now en route from Stockholm...thanks to the Skoak team! 
 Steve, if you're providing updates on this to participants, could you PM me too? Thanks!
 Thanks for the clarification. I understand there's not much you can do -- and of course I'd rather wait for a properly made boot, than to have it rushed! 
Sure thing!   Model 3540 balmoral boot on 946 last- Pewter museum calf- Deleted cap toe (making it a plaintoe)- 8 exposed black eyelets- Hand-welted 270 degrees- Double leather sole with flush metal toe taps While I haven't been religiously following the thread, I've not yet seen samples of EB's pewter museum calf...
Whoa, last? Or latest? Eager for my January MTO! 
FWIW, this has been brought up before. Fok said that implementing such changes would require significant investments, since they'd have to rebuild many parts of the vBulletin system, which is just an off-the-shelf product. I'm probably getting some terminology wrong but you get the gist.
New Posts  All Forums: