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@Leaves Hey man you have to change your signature to reflect your new partnership!
The light is probably making them appear paler than usual, but these lookto be a pair of Ravello from back in 2010 (I bet they were readily available for $400 back then!): http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/8320_20#post_3915057
Price drop
Sweet boots -- would buy if my size
This thread isn't all that active, so more pics are definitely welcome. For what it's worth, I usually hate spam, and I'm ok with you posting pics and saying "here's some stuff I made for a client"...as long as you bring the leather porn
Thanks for sharing your work! I would suggest adding a webstore link to your signature here. I'm sure some folks would love to know where they can get your goods.
For your consideration, I offer a pair of Meermin's snuff suede derby boots. I have worn these no more than 5 times into my boring office job. After switching to a more formal workplace, these haven't gotten worn in several months, so it's time to thin the herd. The uppers and the studded rubber soles show very little wear; please see pics for details.   Regarding sizing, I am about a 10.4D Brannock, and these fit excellently with medium weight socks.   If you buy...
Killer deal -- these shouldn't last long. GLWS
Your link takes me back to this page, fyi
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