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No; just a dream that's probably not happening for a few years at least..
I could do the 81 last with all the rest of the specs you indicated (dark eyelets). Any opinions on speedhooks? Open to them if desired.
Yeah I'm open to the Roy boot makeup. Would have to be cispresso or bust for me though. Rider's gunmetal shell is blue enough for me.No biggie if there's not enough interest in Cispresso - I've been holding out for a Carmina green Frankenstitch and don't mind waiting longer.
Something like this in cispresso:
I've been looking for green shell for a while; but I'm guessing you've got that spot filled with your Yoda boot already? Would love to see it on a city last with a dark welt that doesn't stick out a mile.
[[SPOILER]]  I keep refreshing the Postal Service tracking page like it'll accelerate delivery of mine. Color looks fantastic -  can't wait to see pics in better light
Beautiful shirts -- would be mine if my size!
Wicked deal on Galways, especially with the latest EG price developments...   Edward Green Galway Rosewood Country Calf - Shearling Lined - 11 E (UK) \ 11 1/2 E (US)      
Some gunmetal shell from the recent GMTO organized on Reddit. Sometimes they look a little blue, sometimes a little olive  
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