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 I didn't work with Vass directly. I went through SF member Arahat, who proxied and handled all communications. From what I've gathered around the forum, it doesn't sound like they are taking shell orders. And if you're in the US, they're not taking new customers period. Others might have better info, though.
Happy to see them being worn - and so well, no less! Build time was about 7 months, in the midst of the The Great Rare Shell Drought of 2014.
Yeah I said dainite 500 but I'm fine with any form of dainite really. You can cancel my dainite 500 vote. I do maintain my strong vote for red (or any interesting) colored lining though.
I vote for flat welt, dainite 500, and red lining. Happy to go with the majority on all factors though.
Agreed. Not looking for the shiny ones either. I say gunmetal, though I could be persuaded otherwise.
How's this for you? They're not quite as shiny as some highly polished brass ones I've seen (Trickers, if I recall correctly). Edit: Credit to @NAMOR!
Same. If you guys feel strongly about it I can go all eyelets.Any interest in metal eyelets, though? I think it'd go well with the heavy duty stitching.
That's two this month with you, Steve. Going to be an exciting Spring!Any idea if this is light/medium/dark cognac? Not that it matters much.
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