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+237487 Drew actually works at a typical academic pace, IMO
Damn these are nice. Would be mine already if in my size
Very nic.
Excellent condition 40R J. Press tweed sportcoat for sale, perfect for a Trad / Ivy style. "Presstige" model, 3/2 sack with an elegant lapel roll and suede elbow patches. Soft "Donegal Mist" tweed made up of cashmere, mohair, and wool. See pictures for the colors. It's not easy to capture in words; a blend of green and brown, with a very subtle magenta accent. I bought this last year, wore it about 5 times, and haven't put it on in over a year. Time for it to go somewhere...
Very nice shoes.
I can't take credit for that, aside from asking the good folks at Rozsnyai to burnish the toe
6 months could be the quoted time for GMTOs. This (http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/pages/edward-green-made-to-order) says 4 months for MTO. Edit: The % deposit is different between GMTO and MTO, as well.
Sharp looking combo, @Ironist. Thanks for posting!Man, bronze looks great but I wonder if a pending pewter museum calf boot might be too similar. Is bronze like 70/30 brown/gray to your eyes? And DOak looks incredible for sure. I wish I could get both.
Charcoal or grey trousers would be great
Not enough contrast? I guess you don't see it as an issue though. Haven't seen many pics of the bronze/black combo actually being worn.
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