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Picked this up -- thanks!!
My info is several months old, but last I checked with Lauren, there was just black, burgundy, dark brown, and whiskey shell available. If other colors become available, a loden green Harlech would be lovely...
Crazy price for EG -- they look low-profile too, even with the double dainite.   GLWTS
Congrats on the acquisition - those look near-Ravello!
Agreed with 99% of what you said, except for the highlighted part. If a press is being used, I wouldn't call that hand-clicked. I reserve that term for when a human traces a blade (by hand) around the leather.  Super nitpicky, but that's why we're on a fashion forum, no?
Respectfully, you should probably give this a rest for now. There's not even a tentative data for when burgundy shell will be available for a GMTO again.
$OLD - thanks SF!
These looks incredible - I do like the understated mottling!I just paid the deposit for the shell versions:slayer:. Not the exact same but these are a lovely preview.
Don't see navy shell cordovan that often - and a solid price, too.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/465291/brioni-midnight-navy-cordovan-single-monkstrap-9-5us-8-5uk-new-with-box-and-dust-bags/0_20
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