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Could you please provide the usual measurements for the suits? Thanks.
Uh, not sure if you meant to, but why did you post a pic of your driver's license here?.
This is the only sensible solution 
 Whiskey is a more casual color, so I go with a more casual sole (and one that will need to be replaced much later, too). I'll gladly ogle the double-leather whiskey skye 2's whenever they arrive, though.
Sorry, Mike - I'm out due to the sole. Best of luck corralling the rest!
I own that boot from that store. Highly recommend both.
But...but some Dockers do have a center crease. 
Beautiful jacket - wish I had the funds for it. Good luck with the sale!
Woah, really? For some reason I was under the impression that all of RL's C&J offerings were on the 325. Is this written on the lining?
Rationally I know that they should all fit the same, being on the same last. But I suspect that the way each model's pieces of leather are closed has some effect on overall fit. I've owned the pennies, marlow wingtips, lindricks, and giannis, with a 10D in all. The pennies squeeze my toes, whereas the boots feel quite roomy. Do they all fit the same for you?
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