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Nope, not me at least...
Good deal, but this thread has been carved out for SF B&S finds. eBay finds are thataway: http://www.styleforum.net/t/176245/the-official-ebay-b-s-eshop-someone-should-kop-thread/0_20
Doesn't seem like it. I asked in my e-mail, but her response was all about delivery and tracking numbers, and not pics (which is better than the other way around!).
A lovely unstructured grey wool Corneliani jacket here - screaming deal for a hair over $200   http://www.styleforum.net/t/373808/final-drop-8-19-size-40r-nwt-1500-corneliani-sportcoat-solid-grey-wool/0_50  
Horween probably knows better than anyone, but I wonder if their knowledge is constrained by ignorance of horse butt availability. My understanding is that the supply has been going down consistently,exacerbated by people shying away from horse meat. People seriously need to eat more horses.
Dear Whiskey Harlech Round 2 Friends,   The bad news is that there are no pictures to share from the factory. The good news is that I received the following note from Lauren this morning:   "In regards to the Harlech half of the order was recieved on Friday and we are expecting the other half this week so I am spending the next through days going through the order that we have got and will see if your size is on this order. If so then I will e-mail you over the next...
Still available, because these are 10D in US sizing.
I offer for your consideration a pair of Ralph Lauren RRL Officer Chinos in 30 x 32. These are notoriously vanity-sized; I normally take a 32 waist, and these fit me well in the waist. They measure 16.25", unaligned. I wore them 3 times before deciding that it's just too tight in the thighs, so here they are. The rigid fabric is still far from broken-in; it still has creases from the factory. No rips, tears, or stains. From a smoke and pet-free home. Currently selling on...
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