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Absolutely gorgeous jacket -- wish it were in my budget. Good luck with the sale!
+1, fellow Harlech GMTO organizer. You have to be somewhat rude at times if you want to get this done...
 I assume he's referring to IntelSat (stock symbol I): http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=I&fr=uh3_finance_web&uhb=uhb2
 Beautiful color 8...shoes? boots? Either way, they're stunning, and not seen nearly enough! 
Your client's a lucky guy to have chosen your services! Depending on the specific length required, I have had good experience with Allen Edmond's boot laces for my dressier boots. Could be worth checking out, if you were so inclined.
 Outstanding work on these!  I think they could do with some more slender laces, IMHO
There are some pics buried in the Epaulet affiliate thread, but the answer is yes - Carmina kudu will darken with wear, and with any sort of conditioning treatment in general. I'm planning to use these as my beaters and accelerate the patination as much as I can!
The kudu has landed...  
Got a tracking number - Kudu jumpers are set to arrive on Thursday! 
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