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Never been so happy to be charged that amount of money!Do we know if we made the cutoff for a 2016 delivery? Thanks again for your efforts.
Put your conditioner in a spray bottle and very lightly spray your brush before using on the suede.
Whether something is worth it is entirely up to you. It's not worth it to me, but that shouldn't mean much to you.
He's right. You are not going to get your money back, even if you exclude shipping. Meermin is simply not in high demand. If you want substantiation just check old classified ads or completed eBay listings.
I'm interested, pending details of the final makeup and pricing.
Black, dark brown, color 8 (burgundy), navy, and whisky. Though whisky is not always available. I think we tapped out their current stock with the recent GMTOs through next year at least.I believe that's ex-VAT, yes. VAT exclusive values are rarely that round.
As I recall a single MTO surcharge is 250 GBP.
I would do a navy or burgundy pair, but not dark brown. Just have too much of it!
This was through SoleGarb? I don't think I've seen the contrasting strap before. Looks great
This latest warlow run is a bit slow. We were all supposed to provide payment info to Lauren starting a couple weeks ago. I wonder if some are having second thoughts?
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