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Just to calibrate expectations for @Hot Dog Day #49, I would be very surprised if Alden offered up a new pair to replace the poorly recrafted ones. Customer service is an area where I think AE is vastly superior to Alden.
Haha, I'm right there with you guys. The original estimate was 10-12 weeks; I e-mailed Lauren precisely 10 weeks after she sent the order to the factory. 
To whiskey Harlech round 2 participants, I've just heard from Lauren that she expects our boots to be delivered towards the end of August. There's a two week summer break in the beginning of August that's largely the cause of this.
Great post, Mike!
Then it's settled. You must drink copiously whenever you wear these boots. I'd say they're worth it.
I agree with you on both counts. They look more ravello than whiskey, and the right shoe appears darker than the left. Neither would prevent me from keeping them, though!
You would cost me a lot of money if you were my size.
I should have been clearer: I meant in SF B/S/T, but thanks.
I just wish there were a way to hide certain listings that I have no interest in ever looking at. There are some that have been getting bumped for coming up on 2 years, and it's not even close to my size. It doesn't serve anyone to have that in front of my eyes.
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