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I had new dark brown Giannis from a couple years ago, and I removed a good amount of product by just vigorously buffing with a rag. You could do a bit more with VSC.It's not anything to be nervous about tampering with. At worst, the color underneath is less uniform - but I prefer that, actually.
+1Carmina's "cognac" does not necessarily come from Horween (dark) cognac. But C&Js dark brown does.
Yes it's due to finishing. The dark cognac from Horween is not exactly uniform, and for better or worse, C&J applies finish to try to make it so. All my dark brown shell C&J has arrived with enough dark brown finish to soil one or two rags.
In C&J parlance, dark brown = Horween cognac. But, they do add additional finish to it at the factory to make the colors more uniform.
 a) No preference on # of eyelets/speedhooks - majority preference is fineb) Having non-contrasting hardware is a must for me. No hard feelings if the majority wants brass - I can go single MTO if that's the case
Is the antique edging like that on the recent brown shell Dundee? Or the Warlow? I'd prefer the latter, and just want to be sure I'm voting for the right thing.Thanks again for your continuing effort in organizing!
This is the absolute worst possibility
These are great boots. I can't believe they're still available at this price.
For your consideration, I offer up a pair of beautiful Vass wingtips. Shoes have been worn very lightly indoors, as shown by the minimal sole wear. Selling these because they're just a bit too tight on my feet (I measure 10.5D on a Brannock device).   Asking $399 shipped CONUS; please have a close look at the pictures and ask for more if needed. International buyers PM me for a quote. Sales are final. Thank you for looking!
For your consideration, I offer up a pair of Alden Captoe Boots in Rare Cigar Shell Cordovan. Size 10E. Modified Last.    The boots have been worn, and have their share of scuffs, but there are no tears in the shell. Flush metal toe taps and sole covers have been professionally installed. As you can see in the photos, there is still plenty of tread on the rubber. Please know your size on the Modified last. Generally, most will take a half size down from their Brannock...
New Posts  All Forums: