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Haha I was going to wait to get some natural light photos, but here are a couple kitchen light ones, in addition to those provided by Vass. Whiskey austerity U-wing on F-last: [[SPOILER]] Shameless plug: [[SPOILER]]
Could you please confirm the material, or add a pic of the tag showing the fabric composition? I could be wrong, but it looks very much like a cotton blend instead of wool.Thanks!
      Again, YMMV.
Noted. As with any shoe care tips, YMMV. What have you found to be best for C&J shell? It's probably the most prone to dryness of my shells.
If you're strictly looking to condition them, I would actually go with a conditioner. Some Lexol, Bick 4, or even Allen Edmonds' own leather conditioner works great. I find the Saphir stuff and VSC do better just to get that final glow and shine.
oh gotcha. seems like you got enough good luck that round for a while
Did you score a couple pairs off the seconds list yesterday?? 
Great pictures...looks like reddish-ravello is back! I'd have mine too, except FedEx failed to properly divert my package  Just one more day...
Could you guys post more pics of the WT Ravello boots? It could help me to advise you; naturally-lit pics especially
I'm not familiar with the Italian abbreviations on the tag. What's the material composition?
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