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Uh, not sure if you meant to, but why did you post a pic of your driver's license here?.
This is the only sensible solution 
 Whiskey is a more casual color, so I go with a more casual sole (and one that will need to be replaced much later, too). I'll gladly ogle the double-leather whiskey skye 2's whenever they arrive, though.
Sorry, Mike - I'm out due to the sole. Best of luck corralling the rest!
I own that boot from that store. Highly recommend both.
But...but some Dockers do have a center crease. 
Beautiful jacket - wish I had the funds for it. Good luck with the sale!
Woah, really? For some reason I was under the impression that all of RL's C&J offerings were on the 325. Is this written on the lining?
Rationally I know that they should all fit the same, being on the same last. But I suspect that the way each model's pieces of leather are closed has some effect on overall fit. I've owned the pennies, marlow wingtips, lindricks, and giannis, with a 10D in all. The pennies squeeze my toes, whereas the boots feel quite roomy. Do they all fit the same for you?
 Do you have any idea when you might have shell cordovan available again? Thanks!
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