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  Sheesh, what is it with all the signs?  I once saw a sign that said 'Don't throw stones at this sign'. On anohter note, major admiration here Cleav, you seem to have the best of both worlds, English countryside, city professional    Wow, what's not to like?      Love it- nice textures 
 Apart from the Orphan jacket I like this very much.  I think you have great style.     Very elegant, compliments.   Kamakura tie?  how r they?
 sure-  it could use a brush 
  The most famous suit of them all (in movies)  in the most famous movie scene of them all (the crop-duster scene in North by North West) is Grant's gray ventless - gave him a nice sleek silhouette..  The ventless is good for a slim tall guy.  Grant wore a ventless rite thru that movie
anyone own work by Roznyai shoes?  Budapest based, just around the corner from Vass.   Leathers are inferior Italian acc to De Pied en Cap (French StyFo) but prices are competitive and acc to their site they're flexible on MTO
F last, Antic Cognac  
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