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 sure-  it could use a brush 
  The most famous suit of them all (in movies)  in the most famous movie scene of them all (the crop-duster scene in North by North West) is Grant's gray ventless - gave him a nice sleek silhouette..  The ventless is good for a slim tall guy.  Grant wore a ventless rite thru that movie
anyone own work by Roznyai shoes?  Budapest based, just around the corner from Vass.   Leathers are inferior Italian acc to De Pied en Cap (French StyFo) but prices are competitive and acc to their site they're flexible on MTO
F last, Antic Cognac  
  a little, maybe, but really like the idea-  casual suits in tis color are fantastic           then u gotta try fresco or one of the other loose weaves if u haven't already. Guarantee you'll love it.   or 'cool wool' i.e. really light guage < * oz  I jus gotta suit in a siena cool wool and it's wearable anytime.  nice post in the Challenge BTW
Crat-  !!!  that rocks.   Diaz-   V le V's  jacket is Neapolitan bespoke IIRC ...  others'll know better than me, but is that look achievable by remedial work on a jacket made with an entirely different object? If I can use a car analogy, putting hardened cams in a stock plant will like as not put the whole thing out of whack rather than provide more grunt- I like Holdfast's gestalt approach.
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