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 look like a 70s era KGB hitman doing 'American'.  In a good way. 
 not at all necessary IMO
  yes amazing
 It is!  maybe shoe-making is the new sword-making
Boyhood   fantastic
  +!  the trick, IMO, is to keep everything else simple.  I know some like Unbel say different, but only if u want to go full Dandy. Pretty much any FU accessory goes well with a solid grey suit. I've looked and passed over that teal paisley many times and dismissed it as unwearable.  I was wrong  
  terrific gunclub GMMcL. nice contrasting textures too
  Sheesh, what is it with all the signs?  I once saw a sign that said 'Don't throw stones at this sign'. On anohter note, major admiration here Cleav, you seem to have the best of both worlds, English countryside, city professional    Wow, what's not to like?      Love it- nice textures 
New Posts  All Forums: