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Got 1 day in London? Start early in the morning and do the open top bus tour, getting off at about 3 of the the things that interest you most. For example st pauls, covent garden, piccadilly/mayfair Have dinner in a central neighborhood whee you can spend an hour or two wandering around, soaking up the scene and having a few drinks. Soho, cov garden, fitzrovia, mayfair, etc... K
Hmmm, I do have the ingredients though...K
Thanks for the replies. I like mgm's idea, but the multiple reductions may take too long. One of my motivations in doing duck breasts was that they are relatively quicker to cook (we're going to be in the pub for a few hours beforehand) than a lot of our winter dinner party ideas, Maybe au poive is the way to go, or I'll just do as foodguy recommended. I usually find duck flavoursome and juicy enough not to need a sauce. Edina - My bad. I hadnt logged in for a while...
Any ideas for a sauce to go with a pan roasted duck breast that does not involve a fruity sorta sauce? Something french / continental preferred over Asian. Thanks, K
What a mess, looks like I'm staying in tonight. Boris Johnson looked like a f@cking idiot on Clapham today K
I've also heard that more smoke is absorbed in the early hours, but was hoping that i could get away with oven first, smoker afterwards. I'll be spending most of the morning making burgers, prepping sides, etc and wont be able to watch the smoker out in the backyard. Hoped I could transfer it to the smoker once I got all the prep done and it could smoke 3-4 hours while we drank and grilled the hot dogs and burgers (smoker sits beside the grill) Hoping to steer clear of...
When smoking meat (Pulled pork, ribs, brisket, etc), can you start it in the oven for the first few hours then finish on your smoker? I know its not ideal, but we're throwing a party this Saturday and I just dont have the time required to constantly maintain the temp in my crappy leaky offset smoker. This way I would get the easy temp control of the oven while I’m prepping in the morning, then finish it in the smoker once I get all the other junk out of the way. If it...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Yup and yup. I'm going to try a ricotta cheesecake next time. I had some while in LA back in May and it nearly changed my life. Couple of things that have worked well for me (some learned from Alton Brown); Consistency; Blend THOROUGHLY and scrape the sides of the bowl repeatedly while blending Ricotta is great Cracks Add a teaspoon of cornstarch to your mix before baking Let it cool...
Caveat - I'm not British, but have lived in London since 2006 and love it. I wonder if those that chose Paris would actually like living there or are basing their choice on relatively short visits to the city? Paris can be exciting and romantic , but London is immensely liveable. I've never spent significant time there, but I imagine that we get a much wider choice of food, entertainment, cultures, etc than is available in Paris. K
Personally, we just exchanged on our first property. Moving on Friday and hope to post pics soon. K
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