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What jacket is this exactly?
If it helps, this is what I currently own:   I'm looking for something similar. Not necessarily with a rectangular face, just something that's budget, looks good and has a wide strap. Thin straps look girly on my arm.
Can anybody point me towards a decent watch with a wide leather strap?
Mate, I'm not worried at all. I made an assumption then got corrected on it, and that's it. Afterwards all I did was comment on how low the taxes they charge are: about 30% for my country, when I know for a fact that anything that comes here through courier services (UPS, DHL, Fedex) gets a hefty 90% tax at customs. Anyway, no need to be hostile.   It depends on your proxy, but basically he'd have to declare the goods for a lower price - nybox does that no questions...
Yeah, I can see the taxes they charge are way below what they would be for DDU. I can still pay less using a proxy, but being able to return the suits if something goes wrong is probably worth using the DDP.
Ah, they run a DDP (delivery duty paid) service, I didn't even remember that was a possibility since I most often use nybox as a proxy for most of my international shopping  
Seriously? To be honest, I never tried to return any of my international purchases because I just assumed it was impossible to get back the taxes you have to pay on delivery. Do they refund you on that?
That's great, looking forward to when I finally get my hands on one. How padded are the shoulders by the way? On this picture, for example, you can clearly see a pad bump on them, which is a bit unseemly:,en_US,pd.html?start=29&cgid=Suits
Thanks a lot! Guess it's exactly my usual size, then. I'll try a Napoli in 42L, hopefully it turns out alright cause returning stuff overseas is pretty much impossible.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but, like you, I'm no expert =] It's why I mentioned the shoulder could be about a half inch longer, though 1 inch longer is probably more like it. So, which Napoli size has 19.5" shoulders going from seam to seam?
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