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Good looking out, ordered an EG shirt i've been eyeing forever.
@sehkelly Juicy knits as always. I just saw your knit polo and I like that design. Are you planning on doing something like that in wool/cashmere this fall? I've never been much one for cotton sweaters.
I also love EG, have tons from them. I have two SEH knits and one scarf. Plan on adding possibly a shirt and a couple of outerwear pieces this fall; You will love their stuff. Fits in well with EG, and is also made really well with a lot of attention to detail. And above all of that, Paul is a pleasure to deal with.
Didn't check this thread, but have been eyeing that flannel and cpo forever. Luck struck and I just blindly stumbled back onto their website and snagged both items in a size Large (TTS). I'll post some pics/fit when they show up.
Pretty much haha. And ya its a touch on the slimmer side, but not enough to change sizes or anything. Its a bit slimmer in the shoulder and chest for me, but i'm very happy overall. I wish the sleeves and body were an 1" longer, but that's just because i'm pretty tall.
  Pardon the poor photo. Keep the TF jacket train moving.   FW 16 TF Jacket 20 oz melton SEH Kelly roll neck jumper in charcoal SS16 Fatigues olive cotton ripstop MMM GAT
 Another vote for Kafka, I've always gotten great service from them.
 Good looking out, but does anyone own this shirt? I got excited when I first saw it, but it doesn't look like a flannel, it looks like a poplin.
Am I the only person here eagerly awaiting EG to do a blackwatch flannel work shirt? I loved the fabric of the blackwatch western shirt for fw16, but prefer the style of work shirts. In the 3 ish years i've been following EG, I don't think i've ever seen one.
BNIB unworn Yeezy 350 boost V2 in copper.   Picked these up from Foot Locker ( was lucky enough to win the draw) and I have the receipt to prove it, 100% authentic. I took an L on every other draw I entered.   These are size 13 US.   If you have any questions, or need more pics, let me know.   NOT interested in trades at the moment, looking to channel some funds elsewhere.   Thanks
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