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 Another vote for Kafka, I've always gotten great service from them.
 Good looking out, but does anyone own this shirt? I got excited when I first saw it, but it doesn't look like a flannel, it looks like a poplin.
Am I the only person here eagerly awaiting EG to do a blackwatch flannel work shirt? I loved the fabric of the blackwatch western shirt for fw16, but prefer the style of work shirts. In the 3 ish years i've been following EG, I don't think i've ever seen one.
BNIB unworn Yeezy 350 boost V2 in copper.   Picked these up from Foot Locker ( was lucky enough to win the draw) and I have the receipt to prove it, 100% authentic. I took an L on every other draw I entered.   These are size 13 US.   If you have any questions, or need more pics, let me know.   NOT interested in trades at the moment, looking to channel some funds elsewhere.   Thanks
 Don't fret man, that looks dope.
Sorry, I've been busy, and haven't had much of a chance to get any pics.I'm about 6'3", 205lb, with a 43" chest. The fit is great. I wish the back was about an inch longer, but that's just because of my height.I've only worn it once, but really like it. Only real gripe is that the ribbed wool collar kind of itches the back of my neck if I don't have a collared shirt on.
@sehkelly Sounds good to me. Please, Paul, make note to drop me a line before they hit the site, I'll be wanting one in a size large. Also, I would be possibly be interested in the Balmacaan if you do it in heavy wool again, and possibly 10-ply knit wear.
New peacoat looks great. Only things I can add, really, based on trying on the old one: Keep the collar and lapels as big as you can, as I think that really works well with the look. And the buttons on the other one were sewn right threw all layers, meaning it cut down on the hand warmer pocket space, as the sewing cut off parts of the pocket.   Any idea on what the rough final length might be on a large? I'm hoping I can still cover a suit jacket with this thing.
Got my tf jacket in today, quickly tried it on. For sure go TTS, or size up if you're between sizes. The large works for me in most things, and it does here too. Really cool piece. The navy melton makes it very soporific, which is what I wanted. I'm looking forward to it warming up enough to wear it. I was on the fence between navy melton and 11w khaki cord, still not 100% sure I made the right choice, but I'm happy. I'll try and post Fit pics when possible.
I just bought the navy melton tf jacket from Rooney shop, I'm kind of in between m/l but wear large in most everything E.G. I'll report once it gets here this upcoming week.
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