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  @ceoceo, care to give us another update on your jacket here? Is it still losing most of its properties and aging fairly rapidly?
@cardiffrover and @emptym, Thats for the feedback and info. Appreciate it. I would have never thought to have all of the trimmings pre-washed.
Hey, thanks for the link. Those actually look really close to what I am after. I searched the tweeds from Luxire before posting but must have overlooked that fabric. Any chance you have some fit pics, or just pics in general? And for washing, I am really only planning on hand washing them a few times a year, if that, which I think they would be able to hold up to. Especially that 545 gm tweed. If worse comes to worse I can dry clean, i'd just much prefer not to. And these...
Thanks for the reply. This is kind of what I was thinking. Maybe some nylon in there would help? That being said I'm sure there aren't that many nice wools available that are nylon blends. And they will be more fall/winter pants. I was thinking wool because it lends itself to the style i'm after really well. I am looking for something extremely similar to these pants right here. I am thinking about luxire because the pants linked would never fit me, and I want to change a...
And @luxire, do you have any material like this that would be hand/machine washed delicately and be alright?  
Does anyone here machine/hand wash their wool pants? I am thinking about getting a pair or two of wool pants made up in a casual manner, and I don't want to have to worry about dry cleaning them all the time. The shape and crease wont even be there so to speak. Thinking more along the lines of wool chinos. Would love some input.
Just received my shipment that I ordered earlier this month. 4 sweaters and a new tee. Everyone already knows how awesome the tee's are, so no point in me saying that again.   This is my first time handling the sweaters from Mauro (and anything other than a tee really) and my first reaction was "wow...". These things are unreal. I can't believe I got these at the prices I did. The sales price is insane, and if there is anything left in your size, I suggest you go buy it...
In my opinion, one of the biggest selling factors to me about WvG is the quality. I would put fit and quality of a shirt as the number one thing I am looking for, followed (not closely) by price. I think that $175 for his super rare, ultra quality donegal chambray (That i think I saw Epaulet do something somewhat similar, and the price as almost the same) is a good deal. Especially considering you get to choose the fit, adjust the sleeve and body length, and if I remember...
Necro bumping this from a while ago. Love this. What model is it? I didn't know that C&J did a plain toe derby boot in grain leather for men.
Thanks. No never with FedEx, it was the local system that lost most his mail. I've just never had experience with any of it before, but thanks for vouching. I'm sure it will be fine, my worries weren't well grounded.
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