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Thanks for getting back. Sad to say, this will be a bit too generous for me. Awesome jacket though, so good luck with the sale
Wow, cool coat. And awesome belted cardigan underneath. Measurements?
Thought I'd say here since it's relevant, I just bought a 256 in tan from a local place. Gonna compare it with my black 258 and see which I like more, return the other tomorrow. If someone is interested I could pass on a great deal, about 35% off retail
Here is a link to what i've got on GRAILED. Two pairs of AE strands, one walnut one black, a pair of C&J connaught in dark brown suede, a pair of Yeezy crepe boots (size 44), and a pair of John lobb William in pewter suede. I'd much rather go through SF than grailed, so if there is any interest let me know.  I want to move these to make room for some boots for the fall!
Damn. If only they were a bit smaller. Someone buy these already.
I ended up buying the Vincent from Frans, TTS. I'll report back when I have it in hard. Very hard to find info on it online, seems like there are very few photos. Not a widely sold model maybe?
How the hell else is someone supposed to make a shoe tree?
@tobiasfunke Thanks, that clears things up.
@JeffArmoury any plans on a restock on your brown shawl cardigan? Also, could you lend some advice on sizing. I have about a 41" chest, wear between a 40 and 42, and have very long arms (6'3 200lbs). I'm looking for a modern, slimmer fit, like THIS or more so like THIS, the second of which is what made me want that cardigan. Should I be looking for the 40 or the 42?
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