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Necro bumping this from a while ago. Love this. What model is it? I didn't know that C&J did a plain toe derby boot in grain leather for men.
Thanks. No never with FedEx, it was the local system that lost most his mail. I've just never had experience with any of it before, but thanks for vouching. I'm sure it will be fine, my worries weren't well grounded.
Not so worried about duties. Just actually getting everything without hassle. When my brother spent some time in Turkey, they "lost" at least 60% of his mail.
Anyone here from Poland? Going to be spending some significant time there coming up, and I am thinking about ordering a pair of pants or two from Luxire while there. Can anyone comment on how things went? No idea how reliable the polish mail system is.
You must have the best outwear collection in all of SF, therefore, the world.
I placed an order for a bunch of sweaters and a tee around 2 and a half weeks ago. I got an email the next day saying they were shipped, but haven't gotten them. Then this morning, I get an email from USPS with shipping information, saying that they were just shipped out today. Im guessing they just got shipped out today? No idea whats going on there, or why it took two weeks to get things shipped out, after I was already told they shipped. Wish it was a bit quicker as one...
In my experience (live in Manitoba), is that whatever the sticker price is, add 40% and that will be the final price, including tax, duty, and brokerage fees. So a $360 sweater would be $504 when its all said and done. Everyone hates on FedEX and UPS here, and I mostly agree that they suck for Canadians. That being said, they have never ever over charged me more than the $10 brokerage they normally charge. The difference is that FedEX, DHL, and UPS, use electronic means of...
Honestly, not sure if the stark (or any SNS for that matter) is going to work for you. It would have to stretch a fair bit. Here is a post I made when I got my stark, and hopefully it can answer some of your sizing questions.
No idea how end actually measures they're stuff, but on my XL stark from last season, the sleeves are plenty long. I normally wear a 38.5 sleeve on shirts, and the stark is more than long enough on me in terms of sleeve length. I would say it measures roughly 37.5" measured like a normal shirt. The sleeves are pretty stretchy too remember (the whole thing is) so it kind of stretches where you need it.
 Simply sublime.... these are on my very short list.
New Posts  All Forums: