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@mauro when and how can we order those MTM shirts? I was just about to order from my normal maker, but might go with you instead depending on timing and pricing.
Awesome, will wait for new MTM fabrics to place my order.
MTM shipment of new shirt fabrics? I'm about to place a new order this weekend but can wait if there are new fabrics coming.
@Mauro sounds good. Pre order sounds nice. I'm in for indigo for sure, possibly in both fabrics. Likely a maroon and maybe the olive too if it's not too close to what I've currently got. Have not received the email yet.
Is there a rough eta on big thigh chinos in this new Enzo fabric (or any fabric) ?I'm in desperate need of 2-3 pairs of chinos. Navy for sure. Open to other colors.
@Mauro I could help with sampling if my measurements are what you're after. 6'3" 205. 34" actual waist, 26" thigh when seated, and 42" seat.
What is the eta on the denim for people with big thighs/ass? And can we do MTM denim if we need different measurements?
Ordered two tees. Indigo and charcoal. Will potentially order more, but I'm waiting for the henleys and the sweaters.
Want those henleys now Mauro. Right now.
@Mauro, I'm wondering if youve ever considered doing a short placket (3-4 buttons) Henley in a heavyweight bamboo/serona. I have two of those tees and love them, but also really like the Henley look. I think it could work as something a bit more summery and drapey than your current henleys. Could this potentially be an MTM item if there isn't tons of interest. Edit: forgot to mention I was originally thinking short sleeve just like the tees, but long sleeve would be...
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