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Ya... 30 shipping to Canada, and my first order already went out. Would have added a few henleys too if they had been up this morning. C'est la vie, je suppose.
I doubt it, just buy TTS. There were some previous posts in this thread that I looked at that had people wearing TTS and fitting pretty well, unless you want a super slim fit.
When I rewaxed mine, I didn't remove any of the old wax. Also, when I wanted to make the finish look a little bit more smooth, I put my coat inside two pillow cases (just doubled it up) and put in on medium in the drier for 15 minutes. Came out way more smooth and finished, as the heat helped even out all the wax. I'd recommend giving that a try. For sure no washing machine, that will ruin it.
Pulled the trigger on a tee, and all of the sweaters left in my size almost, which was originally 4, but one sold out as I was checking out. So 3 sweaters and a tee, for around $350. Insane. Mauro, i'm both happy and sad that these sale prices are what they are.   Still holding out for thermals and heavy weight tees.
Agreed, zippers on sweaters look off. Especially chunky knits. The wooden buttons of Inverallan, and the metal buttons of SNS herning Starks, are part of the appeal. Edit: Also crazy that you can't buy direct. I might be heading their way later this year, and thats the same thing they told me when I emailed them about stopping buy and picking some stuff up.
I have another one from when they did custom measurements and orders for a bit. Its "wine" color (I think its raisin this season) and its probably my favorite piece of clothing. I wear it about 25+ days a month in the winter. Decent chance i'll be buried in it, if it doesn't fit my kids. If you can find one that fits you, buy it. I can't recommend them enough. Unreal construction and thickness. I paid $375 all in for that one, and my only regret, in hindsight, is not...
this one is mine. Love it, but its a bit too small for me. I still might not sell it. Would totally consider a trade for the same thing in a bigger size, or a 3A, or A1.
 Duty...also my worry, as a fellow Canadian. A $300 sweater can turn into $450 really quick.
I'd actually prefer the Tan grain of the normal Coniston, coupled with the all eyelets of the Frans boone version.
@Mauro, any plans on releasing heavier weight bloodline chinos sometime this year? Anything in a caramel ish colored duck? Just found your size charts online (through google. Not sure you can access them from your site normally), and the fit looks like its perfect. Great pattern my friend.   Just for those who are curious, roughly how large is the waist band on your pants (in terms of height)? Just to factor it into rise calculations.
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