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I acted a bit too late on this as well. If you get it, and decide you hate it, which you should because it won't match anything you own..... you might be able to convince me to take it off your hands
PM sent
@linafelt. My boondockers are one of my favorite boots, only from Viberg so far. I am somewhat considering buying a second pair while Viberg is still making them on the 2045 with a stitch down, since they told me they were planning on switching to GYW in the future. You'll love them. and very different from what you've currently got.
Quick question for the group. I just got some Boondockers on the 2045, and I love them so far (I'll post pics and sizing info this week when I have time), but I'm curious about the toe.   This one is unstructured, and it curves up a bit at the end, which is alright, but I would prefer if it were to lay a bit more flat. Being unstructured, I've read that the toe will collapse over time, but i'm wondering, can I just force it down with my hands now, and manually collapse...
@coldinboston, Great pic, thanks. How do they fit in comparison? I would have to agree with you here, and say the F last is nicer looking. It's just a hint more shapely, and the toe is a touch more refined, which I think makes a big difference.
I have to say, all the recent pictures of the 72 lasted boots have got me thinking that this is a really great last. I would be interested in seeing a pair of Galways (likely rosewood CC) made on the 72 and then compared against the 64. Seems like the 72 would hold it's own.
I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a pair of lightly used Gianni boots for sale? I would be looking for a size 11.5 most like (my barrie), but would consider a 12.   edit: Or a BNIB pair, which would be preferable, I just know the odds are that are getting slimmer by the day.
quick sizing question, if i'm an 11.5D in the Alden barrie (which is very comfortable), and about a 12E on the brannock, should I be looking at size 11 or 11.5 for the 2045/1035? From what i've read here it seems like I should go 11.5 for most everything, and 12 for the 2030. Do this sound right?
So there is no difference then? Just that Nigel Caborun has vastly better photos on his website? Thanks for this though, appreciated. Hoping to pick a pair up in the next couple of months. I originally thought that the 2030 was the shit for all Vibergs and the end all be all, but now having seen more photos, I think the 2045 has a great profile and top down look to it, and the 1035 and 110 are also awesome.
The cabourn boondockers look awesome. Does anyone know what the difference between them and the .com version is? 2045 for the viberg.com and a difference last for Nigel? Anyone also know if they go up to a size 11.5/12?
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