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@spiermackay Rick, i'm looking at your summer cotton chinos, and wondering if there are any pictures of them being worn anywhere? I'm looking for a cotton pant that I can wear to work with partially unstructured sport coats. Do you think these would fit the bill, or would they be too casual?
@spiermackay, are you sold out of your new Sky blue oxford and classic white oxford for MTM shirting? Was planning on placing an order today.
pm sent
Excited for the oxford cloth to be up on the MTM program. I just placed an order, and hopefully it comes back with the fit i'm looking for (not doubting S&M, just my fit). I can see myself placing an order for about 7 oxfords if these ones are good.   In regards to the flannel pants, I just got two pairs, light grey and camel, and both are very nice, especially for the price. I think I paid $60 each for them, and they are much nicer than the price tag lets on. The...
@spiermackay, two quick questions for you. I am currently entertaining a job offer, and if it goes through, I might be a few suits and some trousers around the end of Feb, early March kind of thing, as well as maybe some shirt. Wondering if you have any plans for an upcoming promotion I should look out for.     Secondly, and more importantly, I am looking at your contemporary fit suits, and it says that the suits come with a contemporary jacket, but slim fitting...
I also hate that person, since I got a very similar email when I asked about it haha. Enjoy your sweater you (now) handsomely clad jerk.
Totally different. Buy two of each.
Does anyone know anything about another Over Parka this year? Kind of missed my chance for 2014, and would like to pick on up in Navy Sateen. I like the newer shorter (waist length) versions, as opposed to the longer (mid thigh/knee length) ones.
I think the pants are a copy of a pair of Balmain pants (or at least that style, im not as sure), and the shirt jacket is for sure a 100% copy of the FW 14 Engineered Garments CPO jacket, down to almost every detail it seems (except it looks like Luxire didn't bar tack the pockets in the same manor.).   In terms of styling, different strokes for different folks. I'm not a fan of the pants, but obviously some people are. I happen to love the CPO (own one from...
I thought the FW14 look book was ugly as hell. I couldn't wrap my head around it. Then when I saw all of the individual pieces by themselves, I ended up loving a lot of them. EG look books are always pretty out there in my eyes, but the pieces alone can be very nice.
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