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Can anyone recommend a polish color for DOak? Preferably from Saphir or from glenkaren. Perhaps @jokb you can chime in. I want something to maintain the shoes, as well a as recommendation for the burnishing at the toe. And in terms of a Galway boot with calf and suede, what do people recommend? Spray the suede and treat the calf as normal I'm guessing?
Want to bump one of my listings that was featured on here recently, as I've just given it a large price drop. It is the Brunello jacket in my sig. I want to free up some funds for something that's come up, and would like to see this piece gone by the end of the week!   Hopefully this is in good keeping with the decorum of this thread. If not, just let me know.
 Throw in a dark oxford here, and you could call your collection complete. Beautiful.
   Much appreciated gents. I don't fully fill out the barrie, but I like the hint of extra width it gives me; I never liked really snug shoes. So I think I could for sure do 11.5UK on the F64, and then either E82 or F82 depending if I want to wear them with thin dress socks of thicker wool socks. I don't want to baby either of these. Now the hard part, saving up some cash, and finding a place to order these to Canada without too much hassle. I think i'll track down a US...
Hoping I can ask a quick sizing question here. I would like to pick up a pair (maybe two) of galways in the next bit, and want to make sure I know what size to get. I looked back in the thread and found a few things, but wanted to clarify.   I wear an 11.5D in the Alden barrie (975 and 990) and it is an extremely good last for me. I need all of the width in the forefoot offered in that shoe, even if the heel is just a touch big. Overall it's my best fitting last; it's...
Appreciate all the feedback guys. I think with my small waist and big thighs, I'll start with Workadays in reverse sateen and see how it goes. I'm convinced mainline is going to be too narrow for me. I would need at the bare minimum at 13" thigh.
Can some one help me out with the fit of the fatigue pants?   I've got athletic thighs and seat, and need something roomy, but I want the taper at the bottom still. Love the look of the new outback canvas ones in olive, but I need around a 34" waist, and a 13.5" thigh, while aiming for an 8" leg opening. The Workaday fatigues looks like they may be better in the thigh, but they aren't as tapered (I could always have them slimmed) but they also dont have the hidden zipper...
I know this is a bit of a long shot, but i'm wondering if anyone here has a gently used Rollneck sweater, the kind they did a few seasons ago, up for sale. I would likely be open to any color, although the Navy is especially nice. I would need a size large most likely, perhaps a medium. Would also be open to the 10-ply crew neck jumper, size large, in the one season they did them without the pockets; again in likely any color. Shoot me a PM if you've got something like...
@spiermackay, Rick, any ETA on when you're going to have those new fabrics up for MTM? I remember you saying something about having a proper denim type shirt in the upcoming week or so.
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