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This this SF. The obvious answer it both.
Looks like it's made from a blanket stolen from a country cottage. Likely northern Canada.
I don't mind the look that much. But I can't see if the coat has a hood. In my opinion, without a hood it's not a proper winter parka. The pattern on it is better than some of the super bright neon orange and yellow outers than some coats have.
 Overall its nice, and I like it. The colors are done well. That said, the cuff is way too big IMO, and i'm also not a fan of the popped collar with the blazer. Those two make it all seem too "trendy."
So there was finally just enough sun to get some fit pics of my new arrivals. I can try and post better ones if someone wants and the sun actually comes out. I'm putting this up because 1) this thread can never have too many EG pics, and 2) reading and learning from this and other EG threads really helped me in buying pieces online. Its tough at the best of time, but its even harder when its something like EG, that isn't common, and really expensive. So hopefully this...
Just got my order in from Kafka. I got a Homespun Expedition jacket, and a Homespun CPO. Based on the measurements from Kafka, I went with a Large for the Expedition (tts) and I sized up for the CPO to XL. The sizing on both is pretty much exactly what I was going for. Both are absolutely amazing. My first two pieces from EG ever. The attention to detail is unreal. Very pleased. The homespun I got on both is much darker than all of the pictures i've seen online. Maybe its...
I am planning on ordering a navy flannel shirt from Luxire pretty soon, just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the buttons? Should I go with white or with navy? I'm currently leaning towards navy. Never had a navy shirt before. It will be a casual shirt, worn untucked 85%+ of the time.   edit: spelling and more info.
Depends on where you live. I wear my indoors like 20+ days a month in the winter. I wear it a few times a week as part of my outfits, and then I just have it on at home all night long for added warmth once the snow hits. Very seldom wear it as an only piece/outwear; I find sweaters aren't warm as outwear because they let all the wind pass right through.
Luxire order came in today. One pair of jeans, one pair of chinos, and one shirt. I think there might be a few small gripes with measuring, but I don't have a tape measure so I can't really check (on vacation). Overall though, super happy. Great communication and execution from them. They followed all my requests well, even down the pocket bags. I will post some pictures and bit more of a review tomorrow when I have time.   For inquiring minds, order took about 5 weeks...
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