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Honestly, not sure if the stark (or any SNS for that matter) is going to work for you. It would have to stretch a fair bit. Here is a post I made when I got my stark, and hopefully it can answer some of your sizing questions.
No idea how end actually measures they're stuff, but on my XL stark from last season, the sleeves are plenty long. I normally wear a 38.5 sleeve on shirts, and the stark is more than long enough on me in terms of sleeve length. I would say it measures roughly 37.5" measured like a normal shirt. The sleeves are pretty stretchy too remember (the whole thing is) so it kind of stretches where you need it.
 Simply sublime.... these are on my very short list.
Also kind of interested in this for later this year.
^ Glad to hear everything went well.   However, stop releasing sweaters and shit, i'm already broke from my last order, and it hasn't even arrived yet. Your clothes are too nice.
@sehkelly, two quick questions. Do you have any plans on restocking your 10 ply roll neck jumper by the year's end? And does your price include/exclude VAT? I am planning a trip to London sometime in December, and I would love to check out your shop. If I haven't spent all my money by then (i'm a student), I might pick up a sweater. They look sublime. Price seems great for non EU customers, especially considering most all of the best sweaters are made in the EU anyway.
Honestly, I would say that you are correct, and drying flat is probably better. That being said, I can't be bothered. Hanging greatly reduces the amount of space it takes, and it greatly reduces drying time. I think because the tee's are thin, people think they are delicate, but I wouldn't agree with that. Its a strong blend. Either way, just keep them out of the dryer if you want them to fit the same. Edit: Also, using nice wood hangers helps. Never use those wire...
I cold water wash and hang on a hanger to dry. Never had a problem doing this with my WvG tees, or any other clothes for that matter (knits obviously excluded), regardless of material.
Was that the Shordace in Olive for sure, or was it the Tokito Military version with contrasting darker olive/brown on the pockets and such? Edit: as I was under the impression that shordace only came in black and navy.
Ya... 30 shipping to Canada, and my first order already went out. Would have added a few henleys too if they had been up this morning. C'est la vie, je suppose.
New Posts  All Forums: