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Can some one help me out with the fit of the fatigue pants?   I've got athletic thighs and seat, and need something roomy, but I want the taper at the bottom still. Love the look of the new outback canvas ones in olive, but I need around a 34" waist, and a 13.5" thigh, while aiming for an 8" leg opening. The Workaday fatigues looks like they may be better in the thigh, but they aren't as tapered (I could always have them slimmed) but they also dont have the hidden zipper...
I know this is a bit of a long shot, but i'm wondering if anyone here has a gently used Rollneck sweater, the kind they did a few seasons ago, up for sale. I would likely be open to any color, although the Navy is especially nice. I would need a size large most likely, perhaps a medium. Would also be open to the 10-ply crew neck jumper, size large, in the one season they did them without the pockets; again in likely any color. Shoot me a PM if you've got something like...
@spiermackay, Rick, any ETA on when you're going to have those new fabrics up for MTM? I remember you saying something about having a proper denim type shirt in the upcoming week or so.
 While I love Mauro, and honestly think that when he says he makes something to the highest standard that he isn't lying or exaggerating, but I just don't see it with shoes. He could make the nicest shoes ever, but he would have tons of trouble competing with names like Crockett and jones, Edward green, Vass, Carmina, etc.  That's why I answered that I wouldnt pay much for shoes. Interesting sneakers perhaps, but not shoes. Just as I wouldn't expect Alden to make me an...
@Mauro, just got the newsletter. Nice stuff. Is the one the guy wearing in the photos navy? It seems fairly light in terms of color the photos. No I looked at this again it the navy looks great. My mistake.   Also, any ETA on when the chinos and denim will drop? I thought they were this week, but I think i'm mistaken. I also replied to your email about sampling denim as well, if you still want me to do that.   edit:spelling and fixed my stupidness
Gave my two cents in the survey as well. Hopefully it helps. Quality is very important to me, since we're on the topic. I'd rather have 5 great shirts that I love, than a closet packed with 50 shirts that I either hate or are just so so. I want to love every piece in my wardrobe if possible. Price isn't a huge factor for me, but then again, I don't buy tons. I'd rather shell out for something I love and just own less, than having dirt cheap stuff I burn through.
@AHS I'm looking for a 12d. I'm going to go tts with these. I have a fairly wide foot, more of a 12E. 11.5d Barrie works very well for me. I think 12 in these would work. They're a bit harder to come by in large sizes I find. I'd like to add the ptb, the wingtip, and the Gianni boot to my collection in the next year or two.
Anywhere the PTB are still available? Those look so nice
Sorry, I was a bit unclear. By your normal size, I meant what your normally take in all other items, like tees and shirts and stuff. If you always wear large, go with a large. I have 3 sweaters from WvG from previous years and none of them have stretched enough to warrant a size change. Two of them are roll necks, and the neck isn't as tight as it was when it was new, but that's the majority of it (any advice @Mauro to get the neck back to normal tightness, or should I...
Obviously Mauro can make the final say, but it really seems that everything he makes is fairly TTS, so if I were you i'd feel confident in order your normal size. Thats how its worked for everything for me, including sweaters from previous seasons.
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