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@Mauro, I'm wondering if youve ever considered doing a short placket (3-4 buttons) Henley in a heavyweight bamboo/serona. I have two of those tees and love them, but also really like the Henley look. I think it could work as something a bit more summery and drapey than your current henleys. Could this potentially be an MTM item if there isn't tons of interest. Edit: forgot to mention I was originally thinking short sleeve just like the tees, but long sleeve would be...
I tried looking back and finding info, but any rough dates for when we might expect to see chinos and jeans done in the newer fit (maybe it was Paul fit) for guys with big thighs? Could use some new chinos and would love some denim for this fall.   Also, unrelated, excited for sweaters from Mauro this season. The ones I currently own are awesome.
Up for sale is this wonderful Brunello blazer. I bought it new, and since, have worn it under ten times. It's a wonderful jacket, I simply have my eyes set on some other purchases right now, and so I would like to free up some funds for those. The sleeves on this have been professionally lengthened by just a bit, just as the waist of the jacket was taken in a bit throughout the back. The work done was very good, as can be seen in the photos.   Like most Brunello jackets,...
^ who makes that knit? It's awesome.
@mgrennier, Thanks for the feedback. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for one in navy or olive, preferably olive.
^ thanks for the insight. That frost river bag is a cool option, although I think it'll be a touch too rustic in terms of looks. Very interesting bag idea though. Most of my riding with it will be fairly casual/sedate. I would use a backpack for more serious rides.   I think for now, I am going to consider the 72 hour bag, after a bit more research. It looks like it'll have the space I need, with lunch in the front two pockets, and the jacket in the middle (I would...
Wondering if I could get a touch of advice. I searched but couldn't find anything too similar (perhaps i'm bad with search).   I'm looking for a bag that I can use for work, something I can use over my shoulder while riding a bike. I'll need it to be able to carry a folded up suit jacket/blazer, as well as some minimal books/paperwork, and my lunch for the, which is usually a two medium tupperware containers.   I am leaning towards to 256, but maybe I should go for the...
@spiermackay Rick, i'm looking at your summer cotton chinos, and wondering if there are any pictures of them being worn anywhere? I'm looking for a cotton pant that I can wear to work with partially unstructured sport coats. Do you think these would fit the bill, or would they be too casual?
@spiermackay, are you sold out of your new Sky blue oxford and classic white oxford for MTM shirting? Was planning on placing an order today.
pm sent
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