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@gdl203, Hey, first time looking at your shop more seriously, and wow, some amazing stuff. I'm thinking about a Merz henley or two, what size do I add to cart if I need a size 6? How's the "bear pelt" one? I've never seen that before, but it looks pretty cool, even if only to wear around the house in the cooler months.   And maybe you can comment, but how do people find shipping to Canada is? Taxes/duties suck, and I know some vendors only ship UPS or FedEX and declare...
Wow, this is amazing. Not spoilered on purpose. I have to start asking for this on my shirts. edit: Sorry, do you mind giving us the order #? I want to include it in my next order.
I would consider being a proxy for people if they needed, I'm located in Canada.
@benjamin8451 I was lucky enough to get these on the buy and sell for a good deal. You can't tell from the photos but these are seconds. Basically nothing wrong with them other than a few hardly noticeable splotches on the burnishing.
My first Galway were of the same persuasion. Got them a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post. You're going to love yours @TtownMD          
Would anyone be interested in a pair of C&J pembrokes, 325 last, in size 11.5E UK? Lightly used (maybe 10-15 wears tops) I can provide some pictures and more info if anyone would like some. Really nice shoes, I just bought the wrong size. Would consider a trade for a pair of 11E UK in similar condition. And would consider a trade for other shoes in a similar size from reputable makers. PM me if you're interested or want more info, or want to shoot me an offer.
I own the highland parka in 20oz navy melton from last year and I went TTS with a large, and I love the way is fits. Extremely slouchy and over sized. Can fit pretty much anything underneath, but it still looks good regardless of if I choose to layer or not. One of my favorite pieces.
Can anyone recommend a polish color for DOak? Preferably from Saphir or from glenkaren. Perhaps @jokb you can chime in. I want something to maintain the shoes, as well a as recommendation for the burnishing at the toe. And in terms of a Galway boot with calf and suede, what do people recommend? Spray the suede and treat the calf as normal I'm guessing?
Want to bump one of my listings that was featured on here recently, as I've just given it a large price drop. It is the Brunello jacket in my sig. I want to free up some funds for something that's come up, and would like to see this piece gone by the end of the week!   Hopefully this is in good keeping with the decorum of this thread. If not, just let me know.
 Throw in a dark oxford here, and you could call your collection complete. Beautiful.
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