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   Those are my jeans. I've worn them about 30 times since I got them (almost every day). Love them. I got the hip measurements a bit off, but the fabric is awesome. Fairly soft, pretty comfortable, and nice and slubby in person. Yes that is fairly accurate in terms of color. They are a bit darker IRL, but not quite as dark as the photo on the Luxire product page. They are a pretty standard indigo type denim. Not dark indigo, or overdye or anything like that.
@spiermackay, how long is your current holiday saving promotion going on for? I'm thinking about some new shirts and a pair of pants, but am waiting to hear back about a new job this upcoming week. Can I expect them to be till Boxing day or so?    
 It looks good to me. And if you feel it's a touch small, it might be. When EG used brown homespun fabric this year, it seems they didn't adjust the patterns to account for the thickness, so everything fits a small touch smaller than normal. My large homespun expedition is a hint small. I think it will stretch though. Yours should be fine unless it's actually tight. Enjoy it man, its an amazing coat.
I would be careful with sizing. I just tried on these boots on the 365 last, and the 325 last, and i'm a 13D US in sneakers, 12E ish in most shoes, and 12UK fit me pretty well, when I thought 11.5UK would. So really, it's best to try on, or at least be ready to return. Awesome price though, if you can nail the fit.
If you can make wool socks higher quality than the smart wool socks I currently own, while making them look better at the same time (that part shouldn't be hard), then you are truly a god among men.
@Mauro 4lb bomb-proof shawl collar cardigan? You wonderful man. Hopefully something along the lines of Drake's London Cashmere/lambswool one. I'll certainly keep my eyes peeled for that. I love heavy knits, i'm Canadian after all.   Nicest heavyweight sweaters i've handled in person, are Inverallan and SEH kelly, and the SNS herning a full notch below those first two. In terms on construction quality, Maruo's are right up top, just not in terms of weight. Which is fine,...
I think i'd be in the same boat. I've tapped out my extra income for clothes this year, but in the future. Something similar to what Gustin or Meermin does with their "GMTO" style stuff. Mauro could open up a pre order from like April to June 1st or something, everyone buys in, and if we meet the minimum, the order goes in, we all have bad ass sweaters by winter. If not, we all get a refund, and we move on. Personally, I have 4 sweaters from Mauro, and seriously fucking...
Thinking about my first pair of Fatigues, either in navy or in olive, and just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the Sateens vs ripstop cotton? They both seem pretty similar, but TBB has the navy in rip stop. Pros or cons to either?
Just saw this almost as you were posting haha. But my measurements are a touch misleading. I'm 6'4 205lb, but im mostly legs. Only a 40" chest. Fairly slim up top really, but with huge ass and thighs. Again, i'd go TTS, unless you're normally squeezing into size medium. And for ordering, check out KAFKA, they have one left in medium. I ordered from them, and dealt with a fellow named Robert, who was super helpful. He not only measured all of the items I was interested in,...
Thanks for the fit info my friend. Much appreciated. Based on what you've said, large is for sure the ticket for me. I'm 205lb, but i've only got a 40" chest. Huge ass and thighs, and i'm more legs than upper. I've also got ultra long arms, so hearing the sleeves are long on you at 6'0 is good news.  And if there was interest, I could do a video, like @hideous replica for my CPO and Expedition jacket when I get back from vacation, much like @SirMeowly is suggesting. Things...
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