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Amazing. Half size bigger and these would be gone. Best of luck!
  Amazing work. How did you achieve such a deep and dark burnish on the toe? Is this many many layers of black paste wax, done over a couple of hours/days? I've been trying to get this effect on a pair of my Crockett and Jones Westbournes, but haven't had this level of success.
If I wear an 11.5d on the Barrie well, and 11.5Uk on the E82 (new resin) pretty well, could I get away with 11uk on the F606 last?
 Many thanks, this helps a lot. Seems like our feet are similar, just a half size difference really. I feel fairly confident going with 11.5G on the classic now. I've got to move a shoe or two then i'll see if I can pull the trigger from Ascot. Thanks again!
I thinking i'm going to start the search for my first pair of St.C, and i'm hoping I can get some sizing advice. I searched the thread, and surprisingly, got very little.   I'm pretty sure I want a pair of wingtips, likely the 105, in either the classic or Riva last. My most relevant sizes are as follows:   Brannock = about 12.25E EG: 11.5 UK E82 pretty good, a hint narrow and long, better on the new resin lasts (have new shoes that felt great at try on, but haven't...
Would love to get my hands on a pair of C&J for RL Gianni boots, in like new or new condition, size 11.5D or 12D. I've been searching for a pair for what feels like forever now.
I'm wondering if people could comment on sizing. If I can take an 11.5 E82 UK in a  Galway and soon to be chelsea oxford (mocca suede), does anyone think I could take a 202D in the Cardiff in suede? I don't have experience with the 202, but I often see it in a D width.
Hey, measurements on the Inverallan? Chest, length, and sleeve?
I wanted to report in saying that I had another great experience from @davesmith on my last order. This is my second order from ET, and I'm been extremely happy with both. Wonderful service and selection. This time I bought a drake's tie and PS and they came beautifully packed. Also, the 15 business day shipping to Canada arrived in 3 business days, which was surprising and pleasant.   I have my eye on a few more ties, but sadly, with the super weak CDN right now, i'll...
I acted a bit too late on this as well. If you get it, and decide you hate it, which you should because it won't match anything you own..... you might be able to convince me to take it off your hands
New Posts  All Forums: