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Sorry, I mixed up the lasts, thanks for the correction. In terms of sizing, if your foot isn't too wide, I would recommend going a half size down for the Vincent. IE 11Euk cavendish, 10.5E UK vincent. The heel is just too big, and the shoe too long to stick with the same size. The cavendish is one of my best fits, and I would say it is snug and comfortable in an 11E, borderline too short, but great in the heel and nice to wear all day as a loafer. The Vincent in an 11E has...
So I posted a little bit back that I would comment on the Vincent loafer once I got it. Well, I have finally have a chance to wear them (twice) and I have to say its an interested last. The 337 that the vincent tassel loafer is on is a nice last, with a nice shape to it. It's a bit like the 348. It fits long and a little bit big overall. I would say same width as the 348, maybe a hint more narrow, but for sure longer, with a much bigger heel cup.   I fit the following...
Thanks for getting back. Sad to say, this will be a bit too generous for me. Awesome jacket though, so good luck with the sale
Wow, cool coat. And awesome belted cardigan underneath. Measurements?
Thought I'd say here since it's relevant, I just bought a 256 in tan from a local place. Gonna compare it with my black 258 and see which I like more, return the other tomorrow. If someone is interested I could pass on a great deal, about 35% off retail
Here is a link to what i've got on GRAILED. Two pairs of AE strands, one walnut one black, a pair of C&J connaught in dark brown suede, a pair of Yeezy crepe boots (size 44), and a pair of John lobb William in pewter suede. I'd much rather go through SF than grailed, so if there is any interest let me know.  I want to move these to make room for some boots for the fall!
Damn. If only they were a bit smaller. Someone buy these already.
I ended up buying the Vincent from Frans, TTS. I'll report back when I have it in hard. Very hard to find info on it online, seems like there are very few photos. Not a widely sold model maybe?
How the hell else is someone supposed to make a shoe tree?
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