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@tommyboy610  A touch tough to tell without seeing it buttoned up, but it looks great to me. Sizing down would make it look tight. And yes, a little bit looser is great for more casual work wear stuff.
Just discovered this thread ( kind of wish I didn't haha) and I just wanted to get a feel for sizing. I would love to pick up a pair of Gianni's and Marlow wing tips within the next 18 months or so. Just want to get a feel for sizing, and if i'm on the right track.   I am TTS 12D/E. Wider than a normal D, but not quick an E. I plan on wearing the Gianni's with a medium thickness wool sock most of the time (and jeans/chinos). And the Marlow with dress socks. Am I correct...
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 What brand of brush do you use in that video, and what size are your feet? That looks like a nice big horse hair brush. Nice video too.
Any plans on getting a restock in the Olive duck doyle? The more I see it, the more I like it, and might be interested in one. Don't think I want navy or denim, as I plan to wear it with jeans a lot, and might also pick up an Apolis indigo chore coat.
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II think totally random would be too much of a crap shoot for most people. If you got 3 heavy flannels and lived in the tropics you might not be happy.If you just gave a title to each fabric or something, that would be ideal. No need to create a new page or picture or anything online, so it would save you the work, but customers would still have a rough idea of what to expect. Make these fabrics $35-50 each or thereabouts, depending on Initial price or something.
Does anyone here have an older Tokito Military jacket in size large they are willing to part with?   I saw the navy shordace and instantly loved it, and ordered one from a fairly local place. My order was sadly cancelled, so I never got it. But then I saw the Military jacket, and realized that it's nicer than the shordace, with the zip in liner and contrasting colored pockets and all that.   edit: Maybe by some miracle one of the outlets still has one for sale? Any...
@Apolis  Sorry to belabor the point, but would the Wool chore coat stretch at all? I'm normally a TTS Large in most things, at 6'4, 205, 40" chest.  If the Chore coat stretched a bit with wear, I think Large might be best. Not looking for an overly tight fit, but slim for sure. Would you recommend large or xl? Will likely be ordering one within a few weeks, so I just want some final opinions on sizing.
I think this does help a little bit. I have the commander in Large and I like the fit of it, but looking at the measurements online from Apolis, I think the XL might be better for the chore coat. I have about a 40-41" chest, so 21" pit to pit would leave little room to breathe under that. 22" should work out well. Either way, thanks for the comparison.
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