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II think totally random would be too much of a crap shoot for most people. If you got 3 heavy flannels and lived in the tropics you might not be happy.If you just gave a title to each fabric or something, that would be ideal. No need to create a new page or picture or anything online, so it would save you the work, but customers would still have a rough idea of what to expect. Make these fabrics $35-50 each or thereabouts, depending on Initial price or something.
Does anyone here have an older Tokito Military jacket in size large they are willing to part with?   I saw the navy shordace and instantly loved it, and ordered one from a fairly local place. My order was sadly cancelled, so I never got it. But then I saw the Military jacket, and realized that it's nicer than the shordace, with the zip in liner and contrasting colored pockets and all that.   edit: Maybe by some miracle one of the outlets still has one for sale? Any...
@Apolis  Sorry to belabor the point, but would the Wool chore coat stretch at all? I'm normally a TTS Large in most things, at 6'4, 205, 40" chest.  If the Chore coat stretched a bit with wear, I think Large might be best. Not looking for an overly tight fit, but slim for sure. Would you recommend large or xl? Will likely be ordering one within a few weeks, so I just want some final opinions on sizing.
I think this does help a little bit. I have the commander in Large and I like the fit of it, but looking at the measurements online from Apolis, I think the XL might be better for the chore coat. I have about a 40-41" chest, so 21" pit to pit would leave little room to breathe under that. 22" should work out well. Either way, thanks for the comparison.
Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it. Sadly, I called, and they told me they're all sold out now. Summer sale, most of their barbours are on sale. Only ship within Canada though, for interested American parties.
Up for sale is my Barbour Standen jacket, Olive Color, Size Large. It does come with a detachable hood. It is used, I have worn the coat about 5 times. Its in great condition, like new. Only reason i'm selling is that since I got it, I purchased a Beaufort and a Commander, and so I don't need 3 coats of the same weight all from Barbour.   This is a great coat for milder to cooler weather. Any questions or offers, just send me a PM. I can provide actual photos, as well as...
Also, anyone with a Shordace care to comment on how much they (dis)like having the coat? Any feedback would be great, as i'm considering picking one up.
Anyone know of where I can find a Barbour Dept. B Field Jacket, size L? Would like it to be in North America if possible.
Just found this. 10 ply sweater sounds up my alley. It was colder than Mars (literally) last winter where I live. Should be in the UK this winter, and i'll check out your store if I can.   Edit: Damn, everything on your site looks amazing. Great work over there. Simplicity done really, really well. Might have to pick up another job...
Wondering if I could get some sizing advice.   Looking at the indigo wool chore coat. I am 6'4, 205lb, with a 40" chest, and I have long arms. I am not sure if I should be going for a size L or a size XL. As people have stated, they seem on the shorter side. I'm not looking for a super slim shirt like fit, as I want to be able to layer shirts and light sweaters underneath, but don't want it to be huge either. (if anyone has a barbour commander, I want it to fit exactly...
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