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 Duty...also my worry, as a fellow Canadian. A $300 sweater can turn into $450 really quick.
I'd actually prefer the Tan grain of the normal Coniston, coupled with the all eyelets of the Frans boone version.
@Mauro, any plans on releasing heavier weight bloodline chinos sometime this year? Anything in a caramel ish colored duck? Just found your size charts online (through google. Not sure you can access them from your site normally), and the fit looks like its perfect. Great pattern my friend.   Just for those who are curious, roughly how large is the waist band on your pants (in terms of height)? Just to factor it into rise calculations.
[[SPOILER]]   Mauro, this is the best thing i've read from any brand owner, ever. Makes me really glad to be a member. Such honesty. Really excited for where the brand is, and where its heading. Funds are tight as I'm saving for a trip, but i'm making WvG my goto for causal wear henceforth. And what for its worth, I think your prices are totally fair. Nice clothes are expensive, simply put. Nothing wrong with that. People shouldn't mind the premium. I'd rather have one...
Would be sold if they were in my size...damn
No. I think that would be fine. Just leave out the belt loops.
I am a brand new member, does someone want to explain the whole newsletter thing? Am I just going to get an email from Mauro? No idea about how any of this works, or the "tote holder" stuff. Regardless, super excited for the tees haha.
Hey guys, I am making a pilgrimage to London later this year (December ish) and I am wondering if there is somewhere I should look for EG, besides the store on Jermyn street. I am essentially only interested in a dark oak Galway at this point, likely F width on the 82 last. It would be my first EG. Not in a rush to get it, but if they are cheaper over there, and I have the benefit of trying it out, then I might do it.   Any other suggestions?
Thanks for this. Wouldn't have found it otherwise. Fit on those chinos and shirts looks spot on.
 Very good information. Thank you for this. Just one more question (likely rudimentary). So at this stage, then the outsole/midsole would be sewn onto the shoe by stitching through the welt?
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