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Buyer beware on the JLs, I bought some a couple months ago, and they were suppsoed to be 11Uk and they were 11 EE UK, way too wide. Not mentioned on the site
 I have a pair of the boondockers on the 2045 on a raw cord sole, and yes, they are tanks. I totally agree with you. I've worn them 15-20 times now, and they don't even have creases yet, since the CXL is so thick, its amazing. Heaviest, thickest boots I own. I actually just bought some snuff boots from @fitchottie on the 2030, my 2nd pair of Vibergs. I'll do some comparison shots when they show up some time next week.
BNIB unworn Yeezy 350 boost V2 in copper. Picked these up from Foot Locker ( was lucky enough to win the draw) and I have the receipt to prove it, 100% authentic. I took an L on every other draw I entered.   These are size 13 US.   If you have any questions, or need more pics, let me know.
I just stumbled up on this, some cool stuff here. The field jacket looks especially nice.   I feel like this is one of those cases where, if you have to ask, you can't afford it, but can anyone comment on pricing for their custom stuff? Also, travel/trunk shows anywhere in Canada planned for 2017?
I'm around a 12D/E, wear an 11.5D in the alden barrie, and the Islay in an 11E UK is a great fit, if a hint roomy. Hope that helps.
No word on that, as I didn't inquire, but it looks like they won't. And since they said they're getting out of the game, I doubt that will change. You could look at someone forwarding you one, if you're that interested?
Thanks for the points here. Exactly what I had in mind. If every post is just praising one company, makes me think its not legit. The IFN looks pretty good, in truth. $1500 isn't cheap, but for that chair is seems like a very reasonable price. My main concern is that if the chair ends up sucking upon arrival, i'll have to fight tooth and nail to try and get my money back, according to some reviews from yelp. Also, I spoke with someone there, and they told me that they're...
Went through this thread, lots of info. I'm wondering if anyone here can give an update on their IFN chair? I'm thinking about getting one, and IFN seems like the best deal. Rove seems great, but its almost $3k with tax and shipping within Canada, which i a lot for a repro chair.   Lots of great feedback and positive stuff here from people, but most of it is all people who have only posted in this thread and never elsewhere, which is a hint suspicious.
Does anyone stock a 72 lasted Rosewood Galway, that boot up there looks great.
Measurements? thanks
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