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I did,Nordstrom had no brown shoes in my size.  saks did,but i didnt really anything  Going to Fluevog and billy reid tomorrow  She works late everyday.Sunday i will bring her with me,she would recommend/make me get black shoes lol 
Thanks that was very helpful,i was just trying to push the boundaries a little, I have a belt identical to that one actually. I will continue the shoe searching tomorrow,maybe i will post some pictures while im out. I just dont really want to wear black shoes,Im pretty sure everyone going to the wedding is going to be plain,boring and "typical" if you know what i mean. 
Got it,Not my first real dress shoes,but my first "real" brown dress shoes.    i really like the
I might end up BUT if i wear black shoes she wins and i have to take her to her favorite restaurant lol,we bet a date if shes right and no one agrees with me and the brown shoes hahaha.Either way  win  
She pretty much said it about all brown shoes lol
So i went to the mall today,i found this two similar to the one you suggested.Cant decide,Opinion?
Do you have a link/photo to a style that you think would complement this outfit better? What are your POV in wearing brown shoes with grey suit in general?
Thanks for the feedback. I totally understand where you coming from,my girlfriend is in her early 20's and she has some what sense of fashion,she keep telling me, to wear black shoes/belt. I feel thats a little too old school and boring hahaha,   She said the same thing,"Only people in their late 40  wear brown shoes with a suit",Im like What?! lol
Hi,i'm 24 Years old,my sister is getting married in 2 weeks . I recently purchased this suit.Is a CK Slim fit(im 5’5ish,150lb,light brown skin and  Broad Shoulders/chest from working out). I really like this combination,but my Girlfriend is a little Iffy about it. What do you guys think?,Should i change anything? *Navy blue Shirt *Navy blue tie *Light grey suit *Dark brown shoes/belt       Thanks!
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