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Makes sense. Look forward to the pics.
David, is there lining in the sleeve and is the chest padded?
A good bespoke operation should always be able to get you a suit that fits great and makes you look better than MTM or OTR could, they are not going to turn you into Clark Gable but they are going to give you the best possible version of yourself.  This is not to say there arent bespoke nightmares, and there is some risk associated but if you find a reputable establishment you will be much better served than paying Barney's MTM prices. In a bespoke shop, this is all they...
From my experience that would be my recommendation, go with the 7.5.
If I had to guess, particularly because I was not involved nor have I seen that conversation, I would bet they were referencing the double monk explosion that has occurred in the past 5 or so years.  In NYC I see every dbag and the best pal rolling around in a pair.  Often from a maker that does not do the style any justice so they were most likely expressing disgust at the level of visual saturation. Ive even seen a triple monk atrocity or two from a very high end maker....
I would have liked to see one too. Maybe some other time or just go to the german dealers now that the dollar is close to parity.
I guess we will just have to disagree on this one. I respect you RogerP, I have learned a lot from you over the years and enjoy most of your posts. It was always my understanding that the privilege that is paid for is the affiliate thread, nothing more. Perhaps I am wrong, I havent read the terms of service.  I do agree it is up to the mods to enforce what ever the rules are and he could have just flagged the posts rather than voice an opinion publicly.
 I think @jazzsol has a point, and even if he isn't a mod that doesn't mean he isnt entitled to an opinion. It is one thing if the affiliate is posting general information like photos of leather swatches or providing experience and opinion, it is entirely separate issue if they choose to use the brand specific thread to solicit business that is the whole point of the affiliate thread. I think NMWA does a very good job with this across many brand specific threads. While I...
The last looks interesting, Im sure their advice would be to take your regular size.  No doubt they would have sold out in seconds if they were boots.  I got better things to do with a G.
Cyber Midnight Blue Monday ;)
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