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Printed Italian Cowhide - It is on Viberg's IG from 4.5 months ago if you want to see additional pics.
Few points: 1) If you edit a previous post those of us participating in the conversation wont get the alert that you are continuing the conversation. It is best to add the new material in a new post. 2)  The above bolded is not what I am "claiming" at all. I dont think it is necessary for me to rehash the whole thing as it is written above, but you are focused on refuting a point that was never made. I was responding to one point about color and recognizing differences in...
I think what I am identifying as "better" is a combination of all of those attributes that I previously mentioned. I do not think glossy finish is the main factor at all, many high end fabrics are muted with no gloss to them.  I was specifically referencing the color as something that differentiates nicer fabrics on a suit from a distance and it really has nothing to do with it being shiny.  I used Zegna as an example because they are a well known cloth manufacturer and...
Yes, maybe 4 or 5 years ago. Im not a glue expert but I would be surprised if anything has changed since then.  Very disappointing, I would have been even more disappointed had I purchased it at full retail (~$2000) but ultimately a complete waste I don't think I had it a year before that happened.  I thought it was a good fit at the time and I liked the style, I assumed it was full canvas given the price tag. It was actually that experience that prompted me to learn more...
I've read and heard the salespitch on modern fusing and Im not convinced in the slightest.  I've recently seen some absolute atrocities from bubbling on lapels and chests that make me want to cringe and I genuinely feel bad for the wearer as Im certain it has a lasting impact on public perception of that person in a business meeting as well as on a date for example. To me it is akin to showing up with a moth eaten hole in your suit jacket.  If possible within budgetary...
Hard to believe from the picture it looks very muted.  I'll have to check it out in person.  I think if they had replaced the blue with a 70's style orange it would replicate the couch, and would give me some nostalgic flashbacks.
This one didnt catch my eye immediately that and I am not a huge sportcoat guy but it's dope. Reminds me a bit of a couch my parents had when I was a kid lol.  Are you making a jacket out of this for yourself?
Be sure to fill out the customs forms correctly if you are shipping from the U.S. to Canada (I cant speak for other countries) but you want to make sure you mark very clearly on the customs form it is returned goods.  Some people have had the misfortune of having their packages returned through no fault of their own, which really sucks.
Hahaha. They're pretty sweet boots, thanks for sharing nice score definitely a unique model.  Coolest thing Ive seen here in a while enjoy them and please share more pics over time, I'll keep my snark to relative minimum.
Top secret offering?Any chance we could get a shot with more boot and perhaps a bit less crotch ;)
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