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To some extent yes, and I do think unique and interesting fabrics are particulars that permeate the online fora.  It is just in that instance, nice and unique fabric make more practical sense than a stylistic cue that often does not look good on a large percentage of the purchasers, it's a characteristic that everyone is onboard with so to speak.  Although, fabric alone doesnt sell the romance of your suit the way the Neopolitan lifestyle of carefree unpadded shirtsleeve...
My supposition is that it is a nice story, and markets real well in lifestyle copy.  In addition, it is rarely seen in RTW, stands out, and is very distinctive making it easy to explain to people why "you" have something unique and special.
Really like how those turned out, and are wearing in nicely.  What's in the cup?
  Mystery solved. Still dont know what I would have done with the choice between those two, a waxed flesh engineer sounds pretty cool.
The chelsea/ side zip style might be the only viberg I would be interested in GYW.
I'm in for a side zip if that is on the table.
I like it, I have a pair of 310s in it, wasnt really looking to double up on it but no complaints.
Interesting, I obviously went Aged Bark lol.  Not sure what I would have done if given a choice.
  I do not recall any mention of a Waxed Flesh hopper, I just reread the email as well. The instagram photo only showed Aged Bark, I think you might be mistaken.  If I am wrong, my apologies, I was trying to be helpful.
You can get it, I'm sure they'd even let you pick the specific shells for 3 grand. Good chance they'd actually be handmade as well
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