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I'll provide the counterpoint. While I do believe the CXL will give, I am not a believer in using your foot to make that happen as you increase the incidence of pain/injury down the line. I would go up personally and see if that works otherwise It is also possible the last is just no good for your foot and you should move on as no matter what give you get from the CXL the fit will always feel off.  
Looks like it's coming along nicely
To me the smell is reminiscent of Play d'oh.
My advice would be to order something that is available now that you like the look of, dont be married to one type of leather.  They all have great qualities and while some get written about more than others they are all inherently high quality materials so from non-precise perspective get something that is a similar color. As a side note, in my opinion secondhand value are not as high as they once were because there are alot more out there than in prior periods so if it...
Thanks for sharing, hope you enjoyed your time in Budapest.  Interesting on the Argentine shell, will be curious to see how that develops.
They are Plum Museum, in daylight the depth of color is more apparent.  I think the plum has the versatility of color #8 in the sense that it pretty much goes with everything.
These have become my go to for many occasions
Agoodeye, I can understand your frustration and desire to have the perfect pair of shoes/boots but I do believe you are being too critical of the finished product and the service you have received.  I have no intention of arguing with you or disparaging your experience but I will provide some thoughts and opinions on the matter.  It is unfortunate you have had a frustrating experience. The article you have linked provides some critical commentary of the company's finished...
Cool man, thanks.  I think the F is really nice and for me a much better fit but as you said, might be a bit too refined for certain casual wear.  I would like to try the R I have a feeling it will be nice and complimentary to the F. I'm curious about the SP but the chiseled lasts do not always accommodate my anatomics so to speak.
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