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Almost everything darkens over time.
Ive used the deerbone on CXL, I find it does a good job.  CXL is fairly resilient as Im sure you know and the deerbone has helped me get out a few hard to work with scuffs and smooth out any areas that have taken abuse. I've also tried the sleeking bone, my experience is the sleeking bone has no oil on/in it so you can only use it to press in marks and smooth out areas with indentation, it is shaped well to get into hard to reach areas.  To me it is a "sleek" , smooth, non...
Nothing like the thrill of a little rational thinking!
Thx, makes sense, maybe something somewhat unique for early autumn.I love the fabric, I could definitely be very happy with a suit in at least half those colors and patterns.
David, would a pea coat made out of that material be a little too "delicate" or do you use a heavier structure/lining to offset the material?
Those are both great looking conservative colors for sure, and of course really nice fabric.
Maybe you're right. I didnt see the second derivative of the post.  Anything is possible.   Im not against it, I would buy those lol
Those looked more like boots made for friends rather than upcoming choices for customers.
I see a few tempting choices there.  That is some nice looking cloth.
Personally without going into conspiracy theories, I think alot of the SD vs. GYW decisions have nothing to do with whether the leather "can handle" the stitchdown construction and more to do with a certain aesthetic desire they are aiming for or some other reason like getting use of heavy capex on GYW machines, which can churn alot more volume. Regardless I think eventually there will be more stitchdown boots when they start to notice less GYW boots selling. And if that...
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