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I definitely don't mind the forward planning, just have to suspend the notion of instant gratification but once you get a few orders in its almost the same thing because stuff just show up. For me I prefer the freedom to choose the specifics that I want, particularly choosing from the unique fabrics you offer, it really elevates the end result and those fabrics are rarely available off the rack and never in the way I want them. Speaking of which Im looking forward to...
That sounds awesome! I'll be thinking about placing that order in August for sure. Weird to be thinking about next winter when I wish this one was over.
That looks great, how would you compare this 18oz Malloy & Sons tweed vs the Porter and Harding 14oz tweeds you've made and posted a little while back?  Any major difference or just a little added warmth and a bit more texture?
Indeed,  love how it came out.............well done!
Nice....Im jealous, I had my name down at a couple of local places, and came up completely empty.
Well said +1
You had a few weeks to pick those up rather than a few seconds.....................They turned out awesome, and bk has shared some sweet pics that have made me fully regret passing but tough to complain after seeing the #8s from Leffot.
I have two pairs of brown CXL boots both purchased around March one from Viberg, and one from another well known American Co, I also have other CXL shoes.  I'm happy with them all and they serve different purposes for me, but from my perspective as a consumer and non-professional, the CXL on my Viberg's seems more substantial, thicker and of higher quality. While they may both come from the same tannery I do believe there are varying grades of hide and if that were the...
The pic is slightly misleading....they're on Plaza
Color Comps (#8 Vs. #8)     (Cigar vs. #8)
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