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I cant help in terms of first hand experience, but I do like the leather for sure.
Yep, Im in. 
Hopefully this adds some additional insight and not confusion, 2030 shell marked half size larger than 310. Length feels about the same, much more room across the toes and vamp with the 310. My 2030 is a half size larger rather than the 310 being a half size smaller if that make sense.  The 2030 isnt a great fit for my high instep wide foot : These are same marked size between the two. I find the unlined shell to fit/feel just about the same as the lined above. 
With the obvious disclaimer that everyone's experience is different: I would say stick with your 2030 size, if you have a thin/low volume foot and the 2030 is not snug in anyway and possibly loose, maybe you could go down a half size from your 2030. Others could probably chime in with their experience as well. 
A few more shots of 310s (Brown CXL leather sole) on foot. Im really not a huge fan of CXL but these have never showed any bit of that graininess and I quite like them. Hard to take better angles solo
    I'd pay deposit now for pretty much any style or last other than 2030 in that leather.
Ive seen a bunch of these comments lately and I wanted to try to dispel some misconceptions or at least what I believe to be misconceptions.  If any one is on the fence or just curious about the 310s upturned(sprung) toe perhaps the below will help.  This is Aged Bark GMTO Engineer that I got the other day(Thx @LA Guy) vs . Aged Bark 310.  The shape of the sole of the shoe is about the same, the visual differences are mainly in the toe box rather than the spring of the...
I think these are two very good points. You have to be happy with it and some things are just not for everyone. I dont think the 310 adds anything visually to make your feet look disproportionate and Im assuming when these guys make the lasts and patterns the relative proportions are the same as the sizes increase.  Old man get off my lawn rant: I wear my jeans hemmed over the point where they reach my shoes, boots and sneakers with alot more break than say a pair of suit...
Once the details are finalised, you can choose whatever size you would like including half sizes.
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