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I think I have this on many many pairs across at least 3 makers
10 eyelets in an elevator
Great write up David, it is very helpful to hear your perspective on fabric. I'm assuming this particular book doesn't lend itself to suits? Are you planning on making a series out of this, there's lots of different houses id be interested in hearing your opinions on their benefits and individual styles.
Perfect, can't wait to see it.  I guess I really need to see those new spring books, although Im not ready to go white suit just yet lol
Hahaha, I was picking up on that. I just wanted to provide another point of view, I have a very high arch and I have to loosen the laces quite a bit, I just dont really mind.  but as Bkotsko said its just aesthetic preference.  If the basics of what I am looking for are met, Im pretty happy and dont sweat the extreme details.  Now if it were bespoke, I would be more apt to get a bit more focused on details.
  I dont notice the Dickensian aspect of the added eyelets, but its a funny thought. Realistically, you are wearing pants(I'll assume), nobody sees up your leg. From my perspective I have always preferred all eyelets and I don't mind having to undo laces and do they them back up.  Speedhooks are certainly more convenient but I dont find it a hassle to spend the extra time on it.  To me speedhooks get caught on  my pant legs more often but truthfully I would not say no to a...
I say lets do it!   My biggest suit regret, is not having that navy mohair single breasted made as a 3 piece, and I remember you distinctly telling me to do it.
David, Would any adjustments need to be made if it were a flannel double breasted suit?  Seems like there would be a lot of fabric in there to keep a nice slim silhouette.  Or do you advise against it with certain fabrics.  Every time I put on my two piece suits, I pretty much always wish they were three piece.  Maybe we should make that a rule for me from now on.
Check out grailed - you might find what you're looking for and a pretty solid deal.  There are quite a few completely pristine or brand new boots on there.
Yes, I meant the black pit bison.  If you take a closer look at the photos on both vibergs site and notres you can see there is alot of brown undertones, its not black as in pure black.  I like the uniqueness and texture of the buffalo much more appealing to me than a typical calfskin.  Vintage mocha is just another name for brown leather.  As others have mentioned they rarely do restocks of the exact same thing, but for the most part they are all just different shades of...
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