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David, What is the Andy Blazer?
Cool, they look awesome.  Ill be adding them to the list.
Are those P2? 
Doc, sent you a pm re: viberg.The fee situation seems to be hit or miss. There are a few threads that discuss it specifically.
Doc, i dont want to rain on your parade, and I hope your experience ends better than mine but check your mail..............FedEx has hit me with fees from a Cultizm purchase of Vibergs, it wasnt an import duty but some kind of service charge.
Yeah - He's awesome very easy to deal with and ships promptly. Feel free to PM any addtl Q's.
I read it as intended - no miscommunication, Cheers.
Lol, well said. a red shoe that will eventually turn brown.  But if he can get more power to him, it is extremely rare and supply demand tips in his favor.  For my taste, I have many other purchases I would prefer to make with that sum, but to each their own.
Thanks for the response, I had searched previously and seen that conversation.  It didnt quite cover the specifics I was looking for, I will be interested to hear your thoughts when you receive your pair on the 2030.  I have a wider foot, and I have a feeling the 240 would be better half size down from the 2030 for me but wanted to hear some people's personal experience. In the 2040/2045 I have the same size as the 2030 because the they're a bit stubbier than the 2030 and...
Awesome product & price - well done,you guys continue to impress!
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