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That sounds awesome! I'll be thinking about placing that order in August for sure. Weird to be thinking about next winter when I wish this one was over.
That looks great, how would you compare this 18oz Malloy & Sons tweed vs the Porter and Harding 14oz tweeds you've made and posted a little while back?  Any major difference or just a little added warmth and a bit more texture?
Indeed,  love how it came out.............well done!
Nice....Im jealous, I had my name down at a couple of local places, and came up completely empty.
Well said +1
You had a few weeks to pick those up rather than a few seconds.....................They turned out awesome, and bk has shared some sweet pics that have made me fully regret passing but tough to complain after seeing the #8s from Leffot.
I have two pairs of brown CXL boots both purchased around March one from Viberg, and one from another well known American Co, I also have other CXL shoes.  I'm happy with them all and they serve different purposes for me, but from my perspective as a consumer and non-professional, the CXL on my Viberg's seems more substantial, thicker and of higher quality. While they may both come from the same tannery I do believe there are varying grades of hide and if that were the...
The pic is slightly misleading....they're on Plaza
Color Comps (#8 Vs. #8)     (Cigar vs. #8)
Couple of Quick Shots - I am really digging the color  
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