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I have two pairs of Chucks. One in black leather and one in dark brown leather. Love them both to death.   RE: ASIO wanting uni drop outs. What a short sighted waste if true. I would like to think our intelligence organisation thinks things through a little better than that.
Alright, thanks HC. I was aiming to couple the tiny navy bits of the green square with the tie - didn't work out. Next time maybe.   I was thinking the grey could work with a black tie (it's kind of textured silk... but not quite grenadine. I'm out of my depth here). The brown with a light blue stripe tie, or even a navy and white stripe tie. And the blue/white stripe could work open neck with a navy sports coat. Obviously won't see until I test them out - so I'll...
WIWT       And some new pocket squares I picked up today:  
Thanks Tobiasj. So lambswool would be better suited for a chunky cardigan to wear instead of another jacket. Thank you for that distinction. I might order one chunky one for winter and then be happy with that. Unsure of the care factor but Tie Rack has just gone to 70% off most merchandise.
Thanks Arigold. I poked around and even with sales they're a little expensive and not quite what I'm looking for. I did find Woolovers in the UK and like their v neck cardigans.   For some reason I'm set on ordering a few to prepare for winter. They're pretty cheap and will add a lot more combinations than I currently have for cold days. So two questions:    1. What is the major difference between a cashmere/cotton blend cardigan and a pure lambswool...
Hey Gents, Best place to pick up some cardigans near Pitt St Mall?
I remember them advertising playing Bar Century - 2-3 years ago now. Still going though, unsure where. Harrolds looks... interesting. I'll stick to what I know - my untrained eye doesn't know what is bad about it. Except suits with no socks. They bad.
Ha. I know that guy. Aside from being an audio engineer he works at Jack London and is a semi-successful DJ in the seedy club scene. Points for trying, agreed. Not a fan of the overall look. I'm assuming Harrolds is a "designer" label that is poor quality/style for a lot of money.
Who is "Vox"?
Straight razors do give you an incredible shave. Just be prepared to cut yourself up the first couple of times, and often when you put in a new blade. It's so easy to forget the tiny pressure needed to cut softened skin. Safety razors are the next best thing and a bit handier when you're in a rush. I'd recommend these too. And I've always used Wilkinson Sword and never had an issue (3 years or so).
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