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Does the 270 vs 360 degree goodyear welt effect recrafting at all?   Beautiful boots; I'm about ready to jump in on the CLX :)
I wanted to thank Cody and the gang at Gustin for some great customer service last Friday.  I got to stop by and exchange an oxford, try out a different jean size, and change the sizing on my grey silk order.  It was also cool to see all the different runs of jeans.  Keep up the good work guys.
Welcome guys! I can't wait for my slates and blue OCBD to arrive this month
 Yea, their QC leaves much to be desired.  I forgot to mention that they sent me the wrong color of McTavish's before they sent me the worn in ones :PGood luck on your next pair!
 It's funny you mention that.  I've had to return a pair of McTavish's to Lands End before for the same problem(they looked well tried on).  At least they have a good return policy :)
Maiden voyage of my Bayfields, just in time for the rainy season here in the Pacific NW.  I'm surprised at how comfortable they are right out of the box.  
Thanks for going to the trouble to finding that. I think those are the Alder in burnished tan. No commando sole either. They do look a lot lighter than the website photos though. Makes me wonder about the Hanovers...
Does anyone have a pair of the Unionmade Hanover boots in walnut calf?  I can't seem to find any pictures of them out in the wild, and would love to get a better idea of their color.
34 Unbranded 201's fit just about perfect for me. I have bigger thighs/ass and don't like my jeans painted on, so I went with 35's in the Gustin slim.   I'm hoping they're not too big; I'll post when I get them in October.
Just backed the slate and the belt. I sized up in the slims in hopes of accommodating my thunder thighs. If anyone here backed the first round, I'd love to see some fit pics when you get them in.
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