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Mostly struck out today; just a few shirts. That Talbott estate has Borrelli thick MOP buttons
It is crazy that they used to make such nice shoes and now they make such crappy shoes
I think the phrase "They don't make'em like they used to" was coined for Bostonian shoes
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there@SpooPoker - anytime and thank you again for the tiesSome ShirtsTyrwhitt extra slim fit for meTyrwhitt what ever the opposite of extra slim fit is (size 19)Rag and BoneCanaliAnd a Father's Day thrift fit. I am really trying to make this red vest work because it is awesome, but I feel like I should be working for Santa Claus when I wear it [[SPOILER]]
Thanks...yes def plated. Not sure on the Quartz or automatic though
Watch guys...Was this worth a pickup?Rest of the stuff from today [[SPOILER]]
Thanks man...you too
Those don't fit at all...especially this one. I will do you a favor and get rid of them for you. Jk...they look awesomeQuick lunchtime stopNo pants (yet!)
Have the same one. Advice - tape that little remote to the back of your regular remote. Otherwise you will have this convo every night: "where is the netflix remote? Check by your pillow. Nope. Is it on your nightstand? Nope. You had it last...."
New Posts  All Forums: