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Spoo, very nice thing you are doing for Brian's family. This is what I will be listing:
Looking for Charles tyrwhitt 16/34 extra slim fit non-French cuff shirts if anyone comes across them
Ahhh...makes sense. It looked like a very small 18 neck
I am confused. Just fleece - no golden, black or red
Interesting.... [[SPOILER]]
Agreed, just ethrifted a brooks brothers 1818 Madison suit with "no flaws" from her. First thing I saw when I took it out of the box was a nice hole in the back of the jacket
42 but NA unfortunately
Sorry for the shitty pic, but scooped this crazy silk basketweave Phineas Cole at lunch [[SPOILER]]
Bastards! Thanks again. That is why I come here to confirm
@SpooPoker @bpk1 Thanks It looks a lot like this one from the label thread
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