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Big thanks to @Takai for the dope thriftmas gift...appreciate all the stuff
Good news...glad to hear it works and it made it
@the2ndhandman hey buddy, just wondering if your thriftmas package arrived..sent it last week 2 day priority Edit: also, merry Christmas and happy holiday's to all
WTF! Can't find the matching shoe for either
Nice job guys
Hmmm seems there maybe some local competition. Also, I hope you enjoyed your stay in the Tampa / St Pete area.
@TheNeedMachine you in Wesley chapel? Just saw a guy looking through shirts faster then I have ever seen in my life
Also, not sure why the hard rock would get bad reviews. Aside from the overpriced drinks, I always have a good time when I am there
You are dangerously close to me in Tampa. I actually just stayed there about a month ago for the first time. Rooms were suprisingly small, but it is a really cool place.
New Posts  All Forums: