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Interesting.... [[SPOILER]]
Agreed, just ethrifted a brooks brothers 1818 Madison suit with "no flaws" from her. First thing I saw when I took it out of the box was a nice hole in the back of the jacket
42 but NA unfortunately
Sorry for the shitty pic, but scooped this crazy silk basketweave Phineas Cole at lunch [[SPOILER]]
Bastards! Thanks again. That is why I come here to confirm
@SpooPoker @bpk1 Thanks It looks a lot like this one from the label thread
Caruso yes?
Only find today
Not sure if this counts as an ethrift, but pretty cheap addition to my expanding cashmere tie collection Also, 2 more of the orphans that were left behind yesterday were reunited today...no pics, but it did happen
I am looking for light weight navy blue suit size 40R. Not too concerned with the brand as long as it is recent, dual vent and light weight. Shoot me a pm if you have something
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