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Damn, I thought my pictures were shitty, but those are horrendous
Canali kinda day Also, anybody have any luck get wrinkles out of ties? Found a nice Zegna Couture but it's wrinkley as shit. I tried my iron on silk mode and it did nothing Also, also, this makes 8 in the last couple of weeks.
Not much today, but I did pick up this Hickey Freeman...Love the pattern      
A few things from yesterday Eton x2 for me Canali LB Corneliani ID linen blend MMM Cardigan Zegna Previously mentioned yellow gren from atljon
Speaking of trades.. shout out to atljon for sending me a sweet yellow grenadine...my half of the trade is in the mail [[SPOILER]]
May have been different sellers. I bought 7 BIN for about 25 a piece
I got the Bang by Marc Jacobs cologne this past Christmas...possibly the worst smelling shit ever made. If anyone wants it, it is available for the price of shipping
3 more e-thrifted Talbott 7 folds arrived todayThat makes 7 total...hopefully they all do as well as the first one [[SPOILER]]
A few things from my trip yesterday with a couple of e-thrifted ties thrown in.
Nothing spectacular but scooped a few things...pics in a couple of hours
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