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Ok, then what dukedishin said
Only if it is 40r and you are willing to proxy for me
Thanks..checked out the web site...looks legit.Few thins from todayAforementioned pealsAE's...May test my had at dying with theseSome ties
Anybody have any experience with online shoe cobblers? Found a nice pair of peal & co in rough shape... Wondering if it's worth the money to send them for refurbishing. Will post pics later
This thing is awesome...send me a pm when the auction for this goes upNot much from me todayAE Byron 9.5 eee for the wide foot folkNWT LewinHanover's from the other day polished up
Very nice....and I see Craig Sager is already enjoying his purchase 2 years no shell...now 2 shell in 3 daysHanover signature shell cordovan
"What has been seen cannot be unseen"-Nataku
Anybody know anything about Maitland of England? All I can find is they used to/possibly still do make coats. Also, on the topic of things that don't fit right. I spent a Ulysses on altering this and it just looks weird on me now
Double whammy - spoos bday and real real picture day
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