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Aye. I know I informed you via pm, but my buyer has not paid and I don't think he is going to. I relisted the item, so once it sells and I will send the check your way. For anyone so inclined, you can block eBay buyer hudsondelapuma
Thanks. I tried like 10 different searches and couldn't find anything...appreciate the info
Not much time for thrifting these days and when I do get time I mostly find crap and fodder. Usually stay away from polo, but thought this was pretty cool. Anybody have any info?
Well played. You win....for now
Oh really?!?! Lol
Outbid on the Nicky Milano, but now I am in on the Isaia linen shirt.
I am in on the Nicky Milano cashmere tie. I am really trying to convince myself that the Hackett will fit me
Spoo, very nice thing you are doing for Brian's family. This is what I will be listing:
Looking for Charles tyrwhitt 16/34 extra slim fit non-French cuff shirts if anyone comes across them
Ahhh...makes sense. It looked like a very small 18 neck
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