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What size are you in Alden? If you're an 8.5 or 9, I'll send you some Stows in what I think your size would be ....a UK 8....if you cover shipping. I have three pairs. Other option is to call Leather Soul. They are in Beverly Hills and they just got some Stows in stock.
Tricker's Stow Exclusive for Leather Soul Worn 4 times / incredible Condition 8 UK. 9 US 4444 Last Antique Edge Trim Brass Eyelets Dainite Sole Originally $550 Price: $365 USPS PRIORITY CONTINENTAL USA: $18 - $28 USPS INTERNATIONAL : $70
Cleaning up some of my shell boots. Though that I would share the pictures. I apologize if the Viberg and Wolverine (Made by AE) offend anybody.
What is the best polish for Whiskey Shell? I know that everybody seems to live Saphir products, but my experience is that , other than Renovateur, their cordovan line doesn't seem to work well with Alden shell because of the additional treatment that Alden goes through in addition to what Horween has already done. Less finished cordovan seems to react better to the Saphir line of cordovan products. I tried the Slden paste for my #8 and black, but am afraid to touch...
I have a bunch of questions: Which last is the most formal? The 2030? I checked the Viberg Blog and they mentioned that they are going to begin doing Goodyear welts. I thought that Goodyear welts were the standard. What does Viberg currently use? Has anybody ever gotten a Viberg boot resolved. I always thought that Viberg boots were famous for the guaranty that the company put on them. I have only one pair of Vibergs and was thinking about maybe getting another. How...
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