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People who have a lot of money that they earn don't flaunt it. Flaunting money that your parents make and has nothing to do with you is just immature, douchey, and asking to be targeted by others. Also, most people in law school don't even wear suits to class. One of the big firms I worked for as a summer associate didn't even wear suits. It was mostly shirt and tie. He's obviously young, naive, arrogant, and want to show off things that he didn't even earn. Let him...
I'm not entirely sure but the seller I dealt with offered 14 days to return. So if I was wot more than I wished then I could send it back. I sent 1 out of 4 back and have some great suits. The seller also had like 28,000 rating so i felt safe dealing with it all
eBay is probably your best bet. Secondhand and with alterations probably $200-225. I did it with a few suits when starting out and did very well with this. Still have the suits in my rotation
Any interest in eBay or strictly looking for brand new? I was on a budget too and bought 2 zegna (main line), 1 canali, and 1 hugo boss for around $550 total. There was a 14-day return policy on them too, so at most I would've lost shipping. Just look for reputable sellers. I think the person I bought from had like 28,000+ reviews so I wasn't too worried. Again, just a thought.
Sorry, double post
Hi all, I've been lurking on here for a while. I'm former military and now in law school. I really enjoy dressing well and have been reading a lot on here already
Is this in the sales somewhere? I was searching for it.And OP, I'm new too. Been following this site for a month. Your suits look great to me. I really like TFsuits style in general.
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