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Have you considered a nomos strap?   the Orion (regular size) straps are shell, they're a great price with free shipping and 18mm lugs.   I've ordered one last week, expecting it very soon.   http://www.nomos-store.com/en/Watchstraps/Orion/Horween-Genuine-Shell-Cordovan-brown.html
I can't vouch for the authenticity, but this seamaster should fit the bill    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/1962-ATTRACTIVE-VINTAGE-OMEGA-SEAMASTER-30-CLEANED-OILED-WATCH-N-SAVE-/251560774127?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item3a9230c9ef&_uhb=1   Hayward said it, you're not likely to find any vintage watch above 35mm.   Shouldn't dress watches be small? I find some hockey puck sized watches look ridiculous.
Gorgeous IWC Roger.   I think the Aqua Terra is one of the most versatile watches these days, great buy.
Thank you for the compliments Gents,   There are some great Pie Pans out there.
Those burgundy Austerity Brogues are a favorite.    Great picks Medtech, I especially love the brogues.
Thank you Gentlemen! Newcomer, if you plan on buying one in the future, I suggest you check with Desmond at http://omega-constellation-collectors.blogspot.ca/. On ebay a great deal of them were fake, and Desmond may be able to confirm authenticity.
Just received my grail watch,   Vintage Omega Constellation       Desmond from the Constellation blog helped me Authenticate it on ebay (so many fakes out there)
I appreciate that Sstomcat, thank you.
The leather has always creased like that from day one, I think it's sub-par leather.   if you were to press any part of the shoe, you'd get spider-web like creases around that point.   I apply two coats thinly, and brush/buff the heck out of it.     Thank you for your responses gentlemen.
Hi, I have a question for you shoe experts.     I use Saphir Renovateur / Allen Edmonds Cleaner Conditioner on my dress shoes, and follow that up with 1-2 layers of wax over the whole upper as my polish routine.   Will that moisturize and protect my shoes enough? I apply every 3 weeks or so, and am not interested in colored shoe creams as I want them to naturally antique.       I've Attached  photos of Carminas, using this routine, yet the leather hasn't seemed to...
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