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Hello everybody,   I have recently been looking for new buttons for my winter coat and have been driving myself crazy while looking for them,   I realized pretty soon that good button sources are hard to just come(my local button specialist, a really old establishment that supplies buttons almost exclusively, does not supply every button there is, to my great dissappointment).    I would love for you to share your button sources, prefereably thos that are on the...
Just got word that my neighbour signed for my Vass that arrived today. I'm seriously considering skipping work despite a visit from the company-wide CEO. I don't want neighborly fingers all over my new treasure. Jokes aside Ill be posting a wide array of photos as soon as I get home.
I will, of course, upload every single picture after he gives me permission
My shoes are now close to completion and I am immeasurably excited, Been in contact with mr. Kuti about getting production photos of my shoes, which was apparently impossible, but he was kind enough to burn me a DVD with photos of the general production. This is probably the best and most personal service I have ever received when it comes to non-bespoke.
  Pretty much entirely new here, thought I'd share my first ever WAYWRN(don't worry about being gentle)   edit: should be mentioned that i've gained some weight, thus the apparent "tightness"
Thank you both!   So basically I would do well in just ordering the regular size? My feet pretty much fits perfectly in the C&J 9E, how are the differences between the width between Vass and C&J?
Does anyone have the size of Vass down to a science yet? I thought I was done until rezo told me I should go up half a size for the U-last. I'm usually a C&J 9 and according to the reference sheet he sent me I should be a 9,5 in Vass.   So the question is: Should I go up to a 10 or just get the 9,5 in G-width?
  That's awesome, I'll be wating for the pictures!
I also ordered a belt, and since there seems to be a lack of those in this thread I figured you might like some pictures.   edit: Who am I kidding, I'll post craploads of pictures of everything as soon as I get the package
In accordance with my first baby steps on Styleforum I am also on the verge of getting my Vass-ginity taken. Just ordered my first pair, a London 3-eyelet in dark brown calf on the U-last with italian finish on the toe and heel. Never before have I wanted time to go faster as much as I do right now.
New Posts  All Forums: