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Hi everyone, I just wanted to update on my experience. I sent the same pictures to the concierge and Black Lapel decided to automatically gave me a full remake (no extra charge).  =)   Jay gave me a nice call and essentially guide me exactly what to remeasure. It`s one of those little touches that made me think that they truly do care about making their customers happy. (imo) I'm pretty happy with the remake. I`ve worn it a few times at work and got...
Thanks everybody for the feedback! Very much appreciated. Talked to the tailor today and he had pretty much more or less the same opinion.   And yeah, the side-picture definitely had a lordosis (forward head).   Cheers!
  Thanks for the advise.  Is the collar problem something that would be (easily) fixable with a tailor?
  Thanks for the reply. I've edited and updated my pictures (much better lighting) and two pictures of the collar to get a better "sense" of it. It was a concern for me too.   Sorry for not putting any dress shoes (there are some issues with mine and need to purchase a new one in about 2-3 weeks). Dress shirt in the new pics are probably a tad' too long (which I'l get into fixing as well).   Pictures were taken 5-6 feet away as recommend by other styleforum...
  Reply to Robrechter:   Thanks for the advice. Should I still button the top button of the shirt if I intend to leave it open most of the time? Wouldn't buttoning it ''skew'' the looks if its intentions are business casual?   Thanks
Hi all,   Could anyone help critique a suit I received from Black Lapel?  The first 3 pictures were about 5 feet away. I'm worried about the collar so I took close-up pictures of the collar as well. If I need to fix it, is it something that can be done easily by the tailor?   Thanks for all the help!                     
Hi guys,   Been lurking for about 2 months. I received my Black Lapel suit (navy, slim fit) just yesterday.   Most of the fit seems pretty good (maybe a few modifications here and there), but I would love it if people more knowledgeable than I am can take a look at my picture and critique it (or give suggestions). I'm not entirely used to Slim Fit so having 2nd opinions would be greatly helpful :)   Cheers & Thanks in advance!...
  I don't really understand the hate.  I've received them and nearly everything seems pretty good! I was actually surprised by the fabric and the general half-canvassed construction.  Pants was slightly too short in length but I'l get that fixed with the taylor.  And eitherway, why didn't you just send it back for a full refund if the cost was a "third of the cost of the suit"?
Hi guys,    Been lurking for about 2 months. Didn't want to make a new thread but could anyone critique my suit? Its from Black Lapel. Its Slim Fit, Navy Colour.   Seems pretty good overall (the length of the pants seem slightly short).   I'm not used to slim fit but seems pretty good.   Thanks in advance!                                        
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