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He isn't
I have a couple of them. Love them!
Indeed, snuff suede. The color is getting "pale"(don't know if thats the right word for it).
Searching for a renovateur for my snuff Meermin's, what kind of renovateur do you guys use? The Saphir mid. brown is to dark.
Hopefully they will launch the Jort collection fast. Need some new trousers.
 This jacket was also in the S/S '15 collection, am I right?
Not dat hard to shorten the coat. I think it's about €20-30.I got a coat in the same model and made it shorten myself. So a tailor could do this easaly.
Is it possible to make some irl pics from the harringbone? About to pull the trigger these days, love the Hudson fit.
I would take the 106 and take it in at the waist. Their coats are really slim. I ordered same size as my suits but I regret it. Way to slim at the arms.
Anyone saw this suit IRL?   http://eu.suitsupply.com/nl/suits/hudson-bruin-uni/P3980.html?vpid=P398015  
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