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I am waiting for a answer to.
Luxire, Check your personal messages, please. There are some issues with my order and nobody answers my email or pm's. Thanks in advance.
These trousers have ben removed from the webstore. Maybe you can try to email the customer service if they have one left offline. The trousers came uncuffed so you need to order a long size and cuff them yourself. Productcode; B304
I can't delete al you comments
If no one shows the mistakes made by Luxire, nobody knows.  Again: If they solve my problem I will write a good revieuw about them.
Why can't I show the mistakes they make without attacking them? There is no need to post only positive reactions on this threat.
I can post a fit pic tomorrow, but the point is that the pants isn't made propperly. Edit: discussion closed 
For the record, it is not my intention to attack them.   I just want to share my experience with you guys. If everything is set right I will say that to!
I just wanted to share my experience with you guys.    I also approuched them by email, with the whole story.
 First I want a comment from Luxire. Sending it back will cost $20, it's to much to try and error.
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