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Check the the Suitsupply size chart
I would take size 9, boots can be worn a bit roomier
Any fabric suggestions for a trouser like this? @luxire
Button stance seems to be oke, but I would shorten the jacket a bit. Trousers are to short compared to the jacket lenght
 All the twill and plain chino fabrics
How is it possible you wear a size bigger in havana then hudson? Hudson is slimmer then the havana fit.
Sleeves are way to short. 0,5" wouldn't be enough and looks bad due the working buttons.
There is 4/5cm extra fabric. It is possible to make cuffs of the pants need to be shortend. It is possible to make a "false" cuff if you have arround 7/8cm extra fabric.
High armholes
Bang for the buck! The DB model is very slim!
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