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If it needs to be lengted for an inch why don't you try on long sizes?
Not worth to go to there, Almost the same stuff as the online outlet.
How is the lenght? Usually I wear size 48L eu size.I am planning to buy it but dunno about the lenght.Got that trousers to, cuffed it with a 2" cuff.
I would recommend to order same size in Hito and Ron. Ron is bit narrower at the toe.
Got a detail shotr from the stitching?
great trousers, but don't like the 'pocket'. I like a more cleaner trousers.
Someone got a 'Brentwood' fit trousers..?   Wondering if it is possible to remove the flap, button and loop.  
 They changed the size chart from Copenhagen fit last year, but the measurements are wrong. For the copenhagen fit jacket you need to size up.
Copenhagen is shorter the the Havana fit
Thanks guys, indeed it's cut realy slim. Leg opening is 18cm. Not verry comfortable when I need to sit down, but looks before comfortability in the retail.
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