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Thanks mate. Reason I ask is that I have a mid-grey three piece suit and I'm picking up a navy jacket and charcoal trousers today. Thought I might be able to change it up a bit.
What are peoples opinions on wearing a three piece suit but with only two items matching? Eg jacket and waistcoat matching but with different trousers? Or matching trousers and waistcoat but different jacket?
I've got a spring wedding tomorrow (I'm in Australia) and I'd like to go a bit out of my comfort zone and wear a pink shirt (instead of white or pale blue) with a navy knitted tie.
From my wedding in November. In hindsight a darker grey tie would've been nice but from memory I couldn't find any charcoal grenadine on Kent Wang or Hober at the time. Did I do ok?     Oh and I felt like a muppet and re-tied my tie after I realised it was too long and poking out the bottom :(
As in, the suit as a three-piece? I must admit, I did feel damn good in a three piece suit. I guess I'll leave it to the weather, it could still be quite warm then.
 I have a pair of black derbies, although I wore this suit (albeit as a three piece suit with matching waistcoat, white shirt, mid grey grenadine tie, white PS and black shoes) to my own wedding. I don't quite have the budget for a new suit right now, so I was planning on using only the jacket and trousers and changing everything else. There was only one couple at my wedding that will be at this next wedding, so it's probably not likely to be noticed. To be honest, I'd...
I've got a wedding coming up and I was going to wear a grey suit (it's a bit on the lighter side) with dark brown shoes and a light blue shirt. I currently have a red tie I've not worn yet, but I'm not convinced it'll work. This is it with my pocket squares which look a bit too warm due to shoddy lighting (the flash made it worse). Do you think any of these would work?   If not, I've been thinking of ordering some more ties and pocket...
I do have black shoes as well as a grey suit. I just recently bought a pair of dark brown shoes and have never worn brown shoes with a suit before. Thanks for the help!
Has anybody here tried Mason Avenue shoes from David Jones? Google hasn't brought up anything. I bought a pair of dark brown derbies, with leather soles, etc on sale for $62 (didn't come with a box). I thought for the price they can't be too bad, especially since I'll only wear them a few times a year.   Pic
So if I'm wearing a charcoal suit with brown shoes and beltless trousers, what colour suspenders would be best? I only have a black pair of the clip-on type at the moment so I'd like to invest in some proper button on suspenders. Thank you in advance!
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