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Absolutely beautiful Don! No spoilers on purpose! If only I could get my hands on a pair of these! They are my ultimate Alden GRAIL.
I wish AE would use cxl for the Leeds and McNeil. Those are Alden's most popular cxl models and it would be nice to have an AE option...especially in the golden brown!
  Sorry for your bad experience. I do think, however, that it is the exception, not the rule. I have an embarrassing number of AE Seconds and have not had to return a single one. It can be hit or miss, but based on my own experience and seeing the pics on here, I think is more often a hit
Alden will recraft with only the original sole type from what I understand. B Nelson here in NYC,however, is a great alternative with a much faster turnaround.As for the first part of your question, I am looking to pick up a pair in crepe but they're definitely less popular here with the SF crowd. I do have and love the double waterlock sole but crepe has to more comfortable for longer days on your feet.
 That's . . . AMAZING!! Wow, ok, I'm heading out to Brooklyn next weekend 
I have PTBs with that lug sole and its the same way. I love them and have no probs; they're my most comfortable Aldens (edit: but I don't have anything on crepe)
Ah, gotcha. Wish they were my size...I need to start checking out Century 21!
Why not return peppercorn?
 Agree with Teal (as usual) and Ryden, return those for sure
Cracks in the leather ... take a pass on those
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