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 This is SUCH a great story, I'm still smiling. I think we've all experienced this to some degree but 37 in just about 1 1/2 years is impressive! How many Aldens are you up to?  This community is full of people more than happy to serve as enablers! 
 :) this is actually (but not surprisingly) a relatively common situation here. While I think most would agree honesty is the best policy, there are true professionals on here when it comes to hiding shoe purchases. Vanilla Visa cards seems popular for hidden purchasing; having shoes mailed to work in order to eventually sneak pairs home! Odds are though, your wife to be has a weakness for shoes herself. If not shoes then handbags...so compromise!
 Increasing levels of danger for your wallet!
they do, but I think there's associated fees. You'll definitely receive more and better informed responses in the main AE thread.....
 Nah, gotta go through the Shoe Bank or one of their other outlets. I use the outlet in NY: ask for Annie (631) 369 0947. I recommend heading over to the Allen Edmonds Appreciate thread, lot of info there. 
2 last
I've seen some great shots of natty cxl on here. Any recs on how to take care of them? Just brushing?
 I love the look of the Norwich; just can't make the 2 Last work for me
I'm just going to let you monologue 
 Also, try the quote function as your responses will be put into context
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