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I've seen some great shots of natty cxl on here. Any recs on how to take care of them? Just brushing?
 I love the look of the Norwich; just can't make the 2 Last work for me
I'm just going to let you monologue 
 Also, try the quote function as your responses will be put into context
GYW Gilmore,    I appreciate the info as I'm still on the fence about these and considering picking up a pair....but you've resurrected this thread and are now lighting it up as a one man show! Can I ask after your background? How deep is your product knowledge? Are you involved with the production or marketing of the Ludlow line? 
AE seconds can be hit or miss, but they're usually just fine.    For a little more security, you can wait a few days for AE's factory seconds sale. You'll be able to get 2 shoes foes $250. If you're unhappy with them, you can always return. 
 Excellent PTB's! Happy New Year!!
For those of you considering the Long Branches, I wanted to recommend them and share a couple of quick pics.   I use these boots for almost anything but the worst snow. They clean up beautifully. Below are two shots so you can see how much wear they get and how they clean up    
I may be misunderstanding your question, but neither necessarily runs larger. The PA (5 last) is quite narrow. I size up a width.I find the 1 last to run TTS
Shell Leeds are true classics. But im a sucker for a shell ptb
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