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Why not return peppercorn?
 Agree with Teal (as usual) and Ryden, return those for sure
Cracks in the leather ... take a pass on those
MWS, you always come through!
Yeah, I thought about that only after I confirmed my order with Allison. I think you should be good, if there are any other differences I don't see them...
 Yeah, I just took a look, the only other thing is piping. Leeds have piping, Rapid City's don't. So I guess if one's on sale you can get a discount on the MTO
 Yeah Ryden, I have the Rapid City's; I think the leather and the eyelets are the only difference...
  Thank you gentlemen! I too am looking forward to seeing how they break in. Unlike the Neumoks, I did opt to have these lined, but off the bat they are amazingly light and comfortable. I ordered them back in mid-Nov; initially I requested no piping, but Allison said they fell apart, so they had to be remade.   FWIW I've definitely sent Allison a picture of Alden's before :) I felt odd, but she didn't seem to mind and is still very friendly and helpful. That said,...
Hey guys,  below are pics of my latest MTO. I was looking to create a very casual, supremely comfortable shoe for casual weekend wear. These are essentially Leeds with distressed olive leather with a chili welt and harrier rubber sole:     compared to Alden's natty cxl barrie last, just for fun:
Up two widths sounds excessive. You'd probably end up swimming in the heel
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