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Those look great! Much better than the Alden NST . . . I said it!!
Maiden voyage of my Leffot lwb's. Thanks to RTP for encouraging me to keep!
I think my entire collection is from this line!
"Shell" Townley's? MTO? They look great
 All the best kwhitelaw, thanks for all your contributions  
I had Allison sent me samples because I had the same question. Golden brown is a bit lighter, but not much. Definitely interested in seeing your MTO, what are the specs?!
Length increases 1/16 of an inch from what I've been told
Really?!? Where??
Absolutely beautiful Don! No spoilers on purpose! If only I could get my hands on a pair of these! They are my ultimate Alden GRAIL.
I wish AE would use cxl for the Leeds and McNeil. Those are Alden's most popular cxl models and it would be nice to have an AE option...especially in the golden brown!
New Posts  All Forums: