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Yup....I definitely meant "brass"
I agree. I find leather a bit thick. The metal shoehorned work best for me. AE has a nice gold colored one for those interested in that kind of thing (like me!)
Those look great! Much better than the Alden NST . . . I said it!!
Maiden voyage of my Leffot lwb's. Thanks to RTP for encouraging me to keep!
I think my entire collection is from this line!
"Shell" Townley's? MTO? They look great
 All the best kwhitelaw, thanks for all your contributions  
I had Allison sent me samples because I had the same question. Golden brown is a bit lighter, but not much. Definitely interested in seeing your MTO, what are the specs?!
Length increases 1/16 of an inch from what I've been told
Really?!? Where??
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