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Up two widths sounds excessive. You'd probably end up swimming in the heel
 Maybe a 10D or 10.5C; the 5 last is narrow and slightly longer than others, especially compared to the 1 last
 Ouch! I think I'm more tolerant than many when it comes to defects, but wow! A knife wound is excessive, I agree with the post above...SEND THOSE BACK!!!
 Yup. Gotta MTO for anything else...although "anything else" at this point means brown cordovan
 Money Well Spent will probably know the details, but the Independence Line is 110% worth the extra $$. The lining and upper is much better quality and feel incredibly soft. There's a reason why most members are getting Independence lining on their MTO's. That said, at $299, may as well take advantage and go with shell...
Still worth it. CXLs wrinkle pretty quickly anyway
I think so! In fact if you decide not to get them, lemme know, I'll buy 'm!
+1 on the Long Branches today. I think it looks a little weird with my suit, bhai it didn't see another option
 Almost looks like ravello in this pic
 Places like Leffot, will let you get in on their pre-orders. Since the EE is not in their standard run, however, you will have to pay full price up front. 
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