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I have PTBs with that lug sole and its the same way. I love them and have no probs; they're my most comfortable Aldens (edit: but I don't have anything on crepe)
Ah, gotcha. Wish they were my size...I need to start checking out Century 21!
Why not return peppercorn?
 Agree with Teal (as usual) and Ryden, return those for sure
Cracks in the leather ... take a pass on those
MWS, you always come through!
Yeah, I thought about that only after I confirmed my order with Allison. I think you should be good, if there are any other differences I don't see them...
 Yeah, I just took a look, the only other thing is piping. Leeds have piping, Rapid City's don't. So I guess if one's on sale you can get a discount on the MTO
 Yeah Ryden, I have the Rapid City's; I think the leather and the eyelets are the only difference...
  Thank you gentlemen! I too am looking forward to seeing how they break in. Unlike the Neumoks, I did opt to have these lined, but off the bat they are amazingly light and comfortable. I ordered them back in mid-Nov; initially I requested no piping, but Allison said they fell apart, so they had to be remade.   FWIW I've definitely sent Allison a picture of Alden's before :) I felt odd, but she didn't seem to mind and is still very friendly and helpful. That said,...
New Posts  All Forums: