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     Reading this string was a GREAT way to start the morning 
^ beautiful dub monks. I so wanted to do this but am trying to restrain myself
and again for not being a 8.5D or 8E!!
I think you would wear a single E on the 333 last; I find it much wider than the 65. I wear a EE on the 65 and a single E on the 333
 Thank you for the kind words!
Casual Leeds "in the wild"
Color 8 PTB in 8E on the irregular list; nothing else very interesting on 8-8.5 E/D
 Cxl lhs! Hawaii is great, enjoy!
Leffot LWB's again today. In natural light doing my best to not post an inadvertent crotch shot. Hopefully the tie covers If it had to, I feel as though my wardrobe could live off of Color #8 and Natural CXL
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