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Try just a little bit of saddle soap
The cost is based on the leather of the upper; interesting point though. Are you considering a "regular" upper with the independence lining?
Haha, thanks Mike; oh man, I very sincerely hope your shell Strands don't end up with white Harrier soles! I'm very happy with my MTO, but I think the sole looks best on CXL. If I ordered them now I'd probably use natty cxl for the upper
Two totally different shoes, I'd keep both! You'll regret it if you don't, they both have great (and different) color and patina.
 True Tifosi, but the Custom Shoe program has limited styles and, I believe, limited options. I think the SF community are the only people adding the diverse set of options we've seen in recent months.  It takes a while for any company to update/change processes...
   Thankfully, both of mine have been as ordered. One was considered a second, but I was more than happy to take them at the discounted price. I tend to wonder more about AE's QC in general.  I have absolutely no insider knowledge on this, but just based on the ordering and confirmation process with Allison, I imagine that QC determines only if the shoes are in spec, not if the shoes match the order details. Again, I'm just guessing here, but since the MTO process is not...
Well, it's a relatively new offering that is not even known to the general public. So I'd imagine the QC process is the same for any other shoe until it gets to Allison, who may have the time to match the shoe to the specs. I think most members are willing to cut AE some slack as they offer us an MTO program without an upcharge that also is subject to sales. Pretty good deal overall, not saying that it can't be better, but that I think most of us are more than pleased.
Congrats on the wedding; count me in as wishing you wore a smaller size, absolutely stunning shoes!
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