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Thank you for confirming!
thanks Goose, I had heard they're a bit wide but its also nice to hear from someone with borderline E feet.Quick repeat question @ oakstreet: are there future plans for E widths?
^Damn those are sexy.
I've really been digging the look of these Natural Shells, they're stunning. My issue is that I don't think I could actually wear them. I know Sazon's signature says that patina trumps pristine, but it works on me only half the time! I can bring myself to wear shells on nice days with no inclement weather, but I give boots a beating. And as much as I applaud Crane, Cold Iron, and others for not babying their shell boots and treating them as . . . boots I don't think I...
     Reading this string was a GREAT way to start the morning 
^ beautiful dub monks. I so wanted to do this but am trying to restrain myself
and again for not being a 8.5D or 8E!!
I think you would wear a single E on the 333 last; I find it much wider than the 65. I wear a EE on the 65 and a single E on the 333
 Thank you for the kind words!
Casual Leeds "in the wild"
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