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 Great pick ups! Especially those shell Walnut Strands! As for being "done" there isn't a single member on here who hasn't uttered those words . . . before coming home with new shells a week later!
^unfortunately I don't think you can change welt types
     Reading this string was a GREAT way to start the morning 
^ beautiful dub monks. I so wanted to do this but am trying to restrain myself
and again for not being a 8.5D or 8E!!
I think you would wear a single E on the 333 last; I find it much wider than the 65. I wear a EE on the 65 and a single E on the 333
 Thank you for the kind words!
Casual Leeds "in the wild"
Color 8 PTB in 8E on the irregular list; nothing else very interesting on 8-8.5 E/D
 Cxl lhs! Hawaii is great, enjoy!
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