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Not the most popular style on here, but these are definitely one of the most comfortable pairs I own! (Ranger Moc on crepe)    
 I do agree that the RUI is less sleek than usual for a double monk, but, unfortunately, it's the only last Meermin makes that I can wear. Sizing up +0.5 gives me a shoe that is far too long. 
Thanks Peppercorn
Late to this, but what was the cause of the recent price increase?
 I would definitely be in on this! It would have to be on the RUI last though as the others, including the Hiro is too narrow for me...
Taken down just for the duration of the RDA sale. Cordovan isn't included in the sale this year - they must have some constraint with their website.
 Leffot also makes a Shell version of these with the antique edge and welt but on a crepe sole....
 Stunning! Shell Strands and Shell MacNeils, what are the dub monks?
   Thank you gentlemen; small world Budapest! I was definitely sold on the color
Thank you; Got lucky and picked them up from Alden DC, Kathy was surprised to have these on hand. Aberdeen fits me TTS at 8.5E. Unlike most, for the Barrie last, I size down width to 8.5D rather than length. 
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