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   Thank you gentlemen
Would any of you experts be willing to provide your Van vs Barrie last sizing? I have seen the Alden of Carmel recs but would love to get a few real world examples...
[[SPOILER]] Nice! putting them to work!
For your consideration:    Allen Edmonds Cognac McTavish with Double Butyl Sole, size 8.5E.   Shoes are in very good condition; they were purchased under 6 months ago and worn less than 10 times. They've been stored in original dust bags and shoe trees. They are from Allen Edmonds Rough Collection and made of Dublin leather which does tend to crease easily thus as seen in the photos.   Allen Edmonds 5 Last has never fit me quite right which is why I am putting these...
For your consideration:    Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan #975 Longwing Bluchers on the Barrie Last, size 8E. I am selling this classic version as subsequently I picked up the Antiqued Edge version and I simply don't have the need for two Color 8 Longwings in my rotation.    Shoes are in great condition; they were purchased only two months ago and worn a handful of times. I've babied them, stored in original dust bags and shoe trees. As I do with all my shoes, they have...
 I agree :) very nice lady though; not the fastest, but very pleasant!
woke up early! .....to wait on hold again at TSM, hahahahaha! I wonder how many people they have working this morning......
highlights from the 8.5 list:   - Ravello Chukka - Brown Shell Barrie Lasted Split toe boot (my interpretation from the Pic) - Color 8 Captoe, Barrie   A lot of CXL and Calf. Hope this helps for those who haven't gotten the lists
Argh can't from my phone but there is a lot on the 8.5d list
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