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 Tifosi, I agree re: Sherman bros and DEFINITELY agree re: Steve's Prince of Steaks!
if anyone picks up the new ostrich or gator webgems PLEASE post picks when they arrive....
Wolverine seconds on Sierra Trading Post
These look great Tifosi! I haven't broken mine in yet; I also have to work up the stones to wear them out. ..
That sounds great! I was traveling around the continent so had to go really light. I thought a PTB gave me the most versatility, so it was between the tobacco chamois or the natty cxl. In the end the chamois won out because I thought it would hold up a little better esp with potential bad weather. They served well
Morning gents, just got back from a three week trip to Asia. Had to travel very light and allowed myself only one pair of shoes. I opted for these Alden Tobacco Chamois, and they held up beautifully! Worn almost everyday, all day! (Please excuse the ratty denim):
Welcome Sledge, great collection! I feel as though Neumora's are under appreciated on here. I have a pair and love them Time to take that next step and throw some shell cordovan into the mix 
 Looks like antique trim to me as well. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, you'd have to call around to see if anyone has that specific make up.If you're able to find the style number you can call Alden and ask for the names of vendors who've made that style. To make it a little more difficult, however, I think the same Antiqued Color 8 PTB would have a different style number if built on a double water lock sole as opposed to regular double leather, etc. Leffot recently made...
This depends on the individual store. Most in NYC will, I went to one in Westport, CT that refused
^amin, where did you see those?
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