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"New cigar" is much darker. I don't think it's clear, however, if this was just a recent batch or a persistent shift. Im sure the more senior folks can provide further insight...
To whom are you responding? Quote function is helpful for these situations
You should, at least, only have to pay the "seconds" price for those. I would contact Allison, she'll definitely take care of you
Fantastic experiment
Yikes. Sorry man, hold on . . . lemme see if I can get my foot out of my mouth
Same thing happened to me with a recent order. I'm sure they arrive tomorrow. FedEx (and all other shipping carriers) are backed up due to the volume of packages being shipped over the holidays. I bet tomorrow they're "on vehicle for delivery!"
^ great looking Moras. I would definitely keep them. I get worse creasing than that after a couple days use.
 lol, I know what you mean Tifosi. I picked up the antiqued Leffot version after getting the classic 975. I was really chasing the antiqued edge so when I got it, I sold the 975. I kind of regret it now!!
thanks bkotsko, I'm definitely not worried about that little thing! As Tifosi mentioned, I've found AE's Chili edge dressing is a good match
Very excited today! I finally got a pair of 990's, which is the shoe that initially got me into Aldens, from this last round of TSM seconds. I got very lucky, I've definitely purchased firsts with more egregious defects:
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