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Hello Gents, ​ I do hate to start a new thread but would like to request some assistance. A friend's wedding is coming up and the groom wants to wear a Navy suit. I recommended burgundy shoes but can't seem to find any good pics to properly illustrate how well the combination works. Does anyone have good pics of this combo? Thanks in advance.
There will usually be some discrepancy in shell; and it usually looks great - your shoes are a perfect example
Hi Gents, There is a beautiful Norwegian split toe in being funded in the GMTO section of Meermin's site. Color/leather is Chestnut Country Calf - looks stunning with great finishing. I was considering Alden's NST in walnut calf (got them cigar), but this version by Meermin looks beautiful compared to Alden's flat looking calfskin; plus Alden's are almost $600 compared to $175.   I'd ask anyone who is interested to join the GMTO as it's almost out of time, ends...
Hello gents, For your consideration is a pair of very lightly used Alden x Leffot LWB in Color 8 with an Antique welt and edge in the a Barrie lasted size 8E. Metal toe tips have been added and as you can see from the sole, these have had very little wear.   Shipping included in the US only - comes with shoe bags and original box. Understand that I cannot accept returns as I do no represent a store. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I am happy to provide...
Not the most popular style on here, but these are definitely one of the most comfortable pairs I own! (Ranger Moc on crepe)    
 I do agree that the RUI is less sleek than usual for a double monk, but, unfortunately, it's the only last Meermin makes that I can wear. Sizing up +0.5 gives me a shoe that is far too long. 
Thanks Peppercorn
Late to this, but what was the cause of the recent price increase?
 I would definitely be in on this! It would have to be on the RUI last though as the others, including the Hiro is too narrow for me...
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