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Heritage court classics today
Hey Peli, does 8.5 work for you? I've got the Navy Nick Kroll version that I'd sell at a deal. I love the style so much but it seems the model doesn't fit me well in general
I'd be interested, did you post?
 Hey Andy,I'm honestly not sure about my brannock size as I tend to stick to shoes and lasts I know. The 65 Last is the Park Ave right? That Last is a little narrow for me, it's the only AE Last for which I require an EE. So for the 65 Last, I take a 8.5EE, for the Bradleys I went 8.5E. For reference, I also go Barrie 8.5D and Aberdeen 8.5E.
Closed as bidding on eBay has started. Thanks for your interest.
For your consideration is pair of VERY lightly used Epaulet Tennis Trainers. I've worn these exactly three times but have come to terms with the fact that they don't fit. I'm a size 8.5 but loved how they looked and bought a size 9 since that was all that was left.   My loss, but a great opportunity for you to pick up an absolutely beautiful pair of trainers on auction. These are classic sneakers that can be dressed up and the leather is very similar to chromexcel which...
Haven't been on much recently because . . . well, you all are enablers!! I buy too much when I frequent this site :)   Just a few days ago however, my SA gave me a call and let me know that a shoe I requested back in early 2014 finally became available. And even better, it was on sale!    So, below are my Bradley Shell Cordovans. Technically they're seconds although I cannot find a thing wrong with them. I have these and the Alden NST in old school Cigar, and gotta...
Subscribing late
 These are a great pick up Darkside, congrats! I just received my Chestnut Country Calf split toe GMTO and they're fantastic. Seems as though there is some interest in these Shell Cordovan split toes, I'm sure we could get a GMTO going. I'd be in and would be happy to coordinate so long as we keep these on the RUI last :) What do you guys think? Any interest?
 Apologies as it's been so long, I've forgotten how to spoiler :) there should really be a button in the menu above.  VERY nice - happy it worked out 
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