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 Apologies as it's been so long, I've forgotten how to spoiler :) there should really be a button in the menu above.  VERY nice - happy it worked out 
Take the opportunity to go Carmina!! Cognac shell...
Those Alden x Unionmade NST look slick....but $600?!?  
Dang, those are amazing. Please tell me they aren't recent...
Also picked up a pair from the seconds list....unfortunately, no socks to steal the show on my end ;)     I don't believe I'll never understand Alden seconds; I've certainly happily purchased "firsts" that looked worse
 Stunning boots and all around great combo! By the way, how did the LWB's work out for you?!
Late in subscribing; happy new year gents
Wish office lighting could do these justice.      Old school Cigar, brown welt - antique edge
Hello Gents, ​ I do hate to start a new thread but would like to request some assistance. A friend's wedding is coming up and the groom wants to wear a Navy suit. I recommended burgundy shoes but can't seem to find any good pics to properly illustrate how well the combination works. Does anyone have good pics of this combo? Thanks in advance.
There will usually be some discrepancy in shell; and it usually looks great - your shoes are a perfect example
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