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Subscribing late
 These are a great pick up Darkside, congrats! I just received my Chestnut Country Calf split toe GMTO and they're fantastic. Seems as though there is some interest in these Shell Cordovan split toes, I'm sure we could get a GMTO going. I'd be in and would be happy to coordinate so long as we keep these on the RUI last :) What do you guys think? Any interest?
 Apologies as it's been so long, I've forgotten how to spoiler :) there should really be a button in the menu above.  VERY nice - happy it worked out 
Take the opportunity to go Carmina!! Cognac shell...
Those Alden x Unionmade NST look slick....but $600?!?  
Dang, those are amazing. Please tell me they aren't recent...
Also picked up a pair from the seconds list....unfortunately, no socks to steal the show on my end ;)     I don't believe I'll never understand Alden seconds; I've certainly happily purchased "firsts" that looked worse
 Stunning boots and all around great combo! By the way, how did the LWB's work out for you?!
Late in subscribing; happy new year gents
Wish office lighting could do these justice.      Old school Cigar, brown welt - antique edge
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