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   Hey Half, they are noticeably darker as seen in the pics and I'm not sure why. I've seen other pics of cxl shoes that were significantly darker as well, and my Alden CXLs have also gotten a lot darker all around. I'm perfectly fine with it as I think it legitimately "adds character" and it's uniform, but it is something for others to consider when ordering.  Maybe MWS knows why this happens? And, right, as Mike mentioned, the wrinkles will certainly soon overshadow!
 It's the leather used for the Neumoks
Good Morning friends,  Just wanted to share another amazing AE customer service experience. A few months ago, I have received my second MTO, a casual Leeds in distressed Olive with a white harrier sole. Unfortunately within a couple of week, the white outer sole started separating from the midsole. I emailed Allison to ask if this was something they could fix for me and she very quickly replied that they would take the shoes back and determine the issue. Once they...
I thought CT was generally Loake?
Just got the note from Leffot that the Natty CXL Longwing pre-order is in. I'm still deciding whether or not I still need them. Would anyone be interested in taking the 8.5D?
Try just a little bit of saddle soap
The cost is based on the leather of the upper; interesting point though. Are you considering a "regular" upper with the independence lining?
Haha, thanks Mike; oh man, I very sincerely hope your shell Strands don't end up with white Harrier soles! I'm very happy with my MTO, but I think the sole looks best on CXL. If I ordered them now I'd probably use natty cxl for the upper
Two totally different shoes, I'd keep both! You'll regret it if you don't, they both have great (and different) color and patina.
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