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Any opinions are greatly appreciated
I don't like the bold stitching, it makes it look more casual. Plain stitching would work better with a blazer.
I really like the oxford drill jacket, the chinos are pretty nice too
  I say buy, it's a nice, simple sweater.     The second
I have to wear all white with a "splash" of peach for my choir's spring concert coming up. The hard part is adding a bit of peach to the outfit. I bought these khakis today, except they are pure white.!/fits/straight/trouser   I was thinking about wearing a peach v-neck tee under a casual white button-up. Would that look good? If not, I'm open to suggestions.
Hello everybody, I'm Shawn. 18 years old, new to the site, came seeking advice. Been interested in expanding my knowledge on men's fashion on how to dress well for a while now. Can't wait to start contributing.  
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