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I guess I don't know what you mean by "refined," but I've been lusting after these:,default,pd.html   They're not quite as sleek as the John Lobbs you posted, but they've upgraded a classic look with shell cordovan and they're quite a bit cheaper than the Lobbs (especially since they're on sale right now). 
A light "business blue" button down collar shirt, on the other hand, would be perfect. 
  Your point is a good one, indeed. But the quality and construction of a clothing are not quite as arbitrary as sticking a label on a potato sack. Perhaps I should have left the brand name out of my question and only mentioned the objective details of construction. Quality/construction aren't the only thing, of course, and that is why I asked the question! 
Would you wear this to work?          Would knowing it's a Kiton lined 6-fold, (untipped with rolled edges) sway you one way or another? 
  Too light of a shoe for a dark charcoal suit or does it work? Thanks. 
 Interesting. I always thought RLPL was one of the ready-to-wear brands more exalted on here, but perhaps that is just their shoes and suits?
Thank you for the responses. I agree that branding can have much to do with seemingly arbitrary gaps in price (although I question how many people outside of this forum know that RLPL is different than the RL products seen at TJ Maxx). However, I know that RLPL is a favorite on this forum while people here generally hate brands that have a "name" but low quality (e.g. Hugo Boss). Therefore, I'm assuming that there must be a list of things about RLPL shirts that are...
Oh. I forgot. The one thing that I did pick up on is that the RLPL shirt has mother of pearl buttons while none of my BB shirts do. Surely this isn't worth 2-300 dollars, however. 
My closet is almost entirely full of BB shirts because it happens that the extra slim fit fits me very well off the rack and I like being able to stock up at sales without much hassle. However, I stumbled across a Ralph Lauren Purple Label shirt in my size at a thrift store today and obviously I bought it because, well, it was a RLPL shirt for $3.    Since I'm trying to learn, I'm struggling to understand why RL can charge 400 or 500 bucks for this v.s. 180 for a BB...
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