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Pm me some pics
They look authentic, do they have B&L etchings on both lens by the hinges? They have an Outdoorsman Frame ,G-15 lens with cable temples and looks like an authentic. B&L case. What does it have etched on the top and bottom part of the top bar:D below the brow bar?
@saturdays go ahead and check comment #46 I welcome any member to plug in the keywords I give them and search ebay themselves for prices.
@ryan44 These are Wayfarer 5024 L2053 OWAS they look almost identical to your sunglasses except the studs are on the side of yours and none in the front, that's throwing me off.
@ryan44 They look like Ray Ban Wayfarers. Post more pics to get a more thorough look of them
If you could post some pictures that'd be great. I can't authenticate sunglasses with just a description. Those links you posted have real authentic B&L Ray Bans I need to see your lens in order to determine if they're the real deal or not. Lens are interchangeable someone could get any real b&l frame and stick some generic lens on them.
@attesom Sorry I was mistaken, thank you for clarifying mmafia1 they are indeed authentic, the sideways B&L is rare. They are either from the late 60's or 70's, I'd value them at 200-250 dollars maybe 300. The case I've always seen these particular pair is in a light brown bausch and lomb case they don't have a particular name on the case unless they're ambermatic Double gradient mirrored so any bausch and lomb case would do for them. @duxnuts try the 62mm Ray Bans. They...
They no longer make them. I do know Luxottica brought back their version of ambermatics and pink changeables but they don't compare to the quality of their vintage B&L counterparts, that's what makes B&L Ray Ban aviators so highly sought after especially some rare models that can fetch upwards of 2500 dollars.
My favorite B&L Ray Ban aviator model is the B-20 Chromax driving series. When you're wearing them reds and greens pop its hard to describe but everything looks more defined, they're an amazing lens. The frame is light and the nose pads are the most comfortable B&L made. You can find them on ebay for 150-300 dollars, around 100 if you're lucky. I would not pay more than 250 for a pair though. They come in the more common gold or in a rare matte black frame. The matte black...
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