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Hong Kong Tailors is right around the corner from my house - I have only had alterations and repairs done there (they fixed a pair of Kiton pants for me last year that had a slight issue in one pocket but was otherwise still ok).  They are nice guys, and I've been happy with the (again limited amount of) work they have done for me.
So found an "Aster 1973" made in Italy shirt in a nice blue herringbone.  It's a nice shirt - MOP buttons, well made, etc.  The interesting thing is that I cannot find anything about the company that made it.  A Google search turns up one or two threads on AAAC ; the two times someone else in this thread found one (who also was not able to find much about them); another StyleForum thread from 2007; and a few forlorn Ebay auctions.  It's like this company doesn't exist on...
I've been dutifully going out each weekend to various stores, building up shirts and pants that I am proud of but which are not particularly noteworthy (I don't wear suits nor ties; I often spin through those sections but have yet to find anything worthy in my size).  Yesterday I found a shirt that, along with one that I picked up last weekend, seemed to fit my mental internal 'bar' for posting here.  [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
And to prove you can find virtually anything on the Internet, here is a collection of pictures ultimately sourced from the National Archives of the clothes wore by JFK when he was killed (note that some may consider these photos graphic even though they are just the clothes) http://www.maryferrell.org/wiki/index.php/Photos_-_NARA_Evidence_-_JFK_Clothes and indeed, the picture of the rear of the tie confirms its brand.
Two items from today (and excuse the cell phone pics since I do not sell, so cell phone is all I got).  Both of these from shops that I rarely stop at, and even more rarely buy from (in fact the pants are a first buy, and the coat is I believe only the 2nd item I've purchased from that particular shop):  [[SPOILER]]   And by far the cooler item:  [[SPOILER]]
A few shirts - this is actually over the course of several weeks, usually bringing home one or maybe two on a trip - I'm not like you volume guys!  In the course of that several weeks I've also picked up a mainline Michael Kors shirt (Project Runway fan ), 2 pairs of Zegna pants, 2 pairs of cotton Faconable pants, and 4 pairs of corduroy Faconable (none of which seemed worthy enough for pictures).   Bought two Zegna ties (even though I rarely actually wear a tie - figure...
I'm game.  Not (yet) being a flipper/consigner, I get frustrated when I find nice things (like the 5 pairs of Zanella flat front trousers not in my size yesterday, or the Canali trousers today).   The only thing I bought this weekend was a huge pasta/salad bowl in our stoneware pattern - bringing my total of huge pasta/salad bowls in my pattern to 3, so I'm ready to entertain!
  Even though the original is in mono, I really love Live from the Hungry i.  Hate that never got the chance to see them live.
  Atlanta as well, but don't worry I'm not really any competition for flippers.  I go once a week for a few hours Saturday mornings on different routes close to home, mostly as a stress reliever.  Yeah the GB for Muses I thought was a neat quasi-historic thing to have - as mentioned it has some weird fabric damage on the back right at the bottom (and on the *back* of the shirt, not the front), so it won't show when worn.  I was thinking purchasing non-my-size-items...
Bought 8 shirts on Saturday.  I think that's the most I've ever bought in one trip - normally I buy like one or two items total.  It's like someone close enough to my size forgot to pick up their dry cleaning.  Did see what I think was a real Gianni Versace jacket/orphaned suit coat, but sadly the word most likely to have followed "real" in this particular case was "outdated".   Still only buying for myself as not confident yet in my ability to find anything someone...
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