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Is it me or is the blue color on most blue jeans suck these days besides rrl...
To me slim fits dont make sense and are not practical they hit the crotch and fall off the butt...straight leg or 501 style whatever are comfortable and are good...I think everyone should give them a try and see that there not baggy
holy crap...some are really low compared to original...i wonder when the denim is gonna go to like 140
ahhh good info...when did they come out what season? f/w or s/s?...were they baggy or slimmish?...and if you have the spokane how do they compare? 
anyone have the "sandstorm" straight leg jeans from the past seasons (idk which season) would like to know how they fit and are and all of that including how many oz they are thanks
so you got a 34 and were obviously too big...and then got 32 and were just obviously too small? and they were the same version (japan denim or cone)? guessing there wasn't a 33 available and if there wasn't then i would say rrl needs to address this issue and make more denim in certain sizes because i noticed 33s were gone too soon
can a 10% bzr type code be stacked with it as well and does anyone know a bzr 10% code? thanks
I was expecting a sale letter in the mail but never came...anyone have one can post it or have info thanks
honestly screw slim fits
spokanes are for sure
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