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i never seen lvc irl but i seen some stuff online...i normally wear 501s in 34x30 my questions are do they even make the washed stuff in 30 inseams? and how much will they shrink in the inseam (the washed stuff not the stf)? 
anyone know how the kings point work shirt is? its the ss one...and i noticed they reloaded some stuff which is good
That rrl leather patch tho...idk to me rrl just makes the most sense its authentic
ima have to disagree...i dont like it imo
Can anyone tell me if LVC comes in 30 inseams?
Yea with a polo belt if your a 32 in polo jeans then get 34 belt not sure about rrl tho but im sure its the same
i posted this in another fourm but does anyone know if the outlets are gonna carry a classic fit jean in the "walker" color light wash? it looks like this    or something similar to that? thanks 
thanks for posting that info...indigo isle idk if im feelin that one as im not into dark wash jeans and blue tops...hopefully there will be a nice light wash straight leg...
Is it me or is the blue color on most blue jeans suck these days besides rrl...
To me slim fits dont make sense and are not practical they hit the crotch and fall off the butt...straight leg or 501 style whatever are comfortable and are good...I think everyone should give them a try and see that there not baggy
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