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honestly screw slim fits
spokanes are for sure
got a feeling it will make it deep into the sale...the poncho idk
could it be because its a spring/summer item?
i believe those are womens
to captainshields...last year with the faded olive straight fits i ordered 2 (wish i could have ordered more) in the same exact size because i knew of qc and one of them was definitely a shorter inseam it was ok while standing up but when sitting and stuff it was too short...also that pair was noticeably slightly tighter in the thigh as well i ended up returning both because i wanted to see more but there was none left as they dont make hardly any of that size (which i...
I think the straight leg fit is the most natural/proper fit...it just makes sense really
Some sorry quaility pics but yea repaired denin
also damn i wish my area still had a rrl shop!!! 
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