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wat are the codes ?cheers
have a pair of black butteri high top sneakers / leather is still in great condition / however / the soles stiching has come undone in the toe box area / cant say its butteros fault / so watever have only had them for two years btw but I would still recommend them took a long time to break in but they r dam comfortable now and look way better than a two yr old vans would so to each their own
wat is your guys opinions on the versatility of the pink low achillies ( blush ) ? im thinking of purchasing a pair...
never have had a flash dual zip. kinda ify in hoe I feel of higher neck. yet i love the rick owens full zip gimp hoodie. does anyone have any comment regarding quality of the two / fit / general opinion?
does anyone have any opinions how the grey achillies age ? (the grey leather / creasing / ect )
are villain hoodies / hoodies w zippers "in style" anymore. i just feel w all these IG / knock of brands knockin the style so hard is diminishes the JE Villain. thoughts whethere we / i should cop? 💁🏼
same i need terry items without the zipper. zips be gettin played these days 👌🏽
so im about to pull the trigger on a pair of chelseas. two questions: is the tobacco color way available to order yet? if not when? cheers
whats your measurements fellow j/e enthusiast?also, hows the fit of your mercer tee considering you had bout a large in the over shirt?
question here?   so i got the grey u-neck in grey in a xl. its huge on me. the seam on the shoulders is way to big... im 5'9 160-180 pounds. medium to slighly heavy build (wrk out). im usually a size large. i have no idea why i sized up on these i thout they rann slimm....   so, should i just size down to a large. or go medium. help!   thanks
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