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What do you think about ebook cookbooks? I have reservations because I like to annotate cookbooks with my results from trying them
Great response, thanks mate
Has the sizing for the Filsons small, medium and large duffle bags deviated over the many years of them being produced? Eg is a small filson duffle from 1970 the same size as one produced today?
I'm going to give you credit and assume that you're naive instead of stupid. If you really aren't being facetious with that comment I can assure you that I've done enough research to be aware of the 'pitfalls' that you mentioned or may think of mentioning
I wear skinny black chinos if I want to wear a shirt that I want to tuck in, almost exclusively a plaid one. Jeans with tucked in shirts regardless of the colour just irks me which is why I go this route. Obviously wool is ideal because you can get the right weight of wool to match the season/temperature but as a vegan that option is unavailable
For a material as light and breezy as cotton why are most cotton trousers/chinos I encounter so stiff and unpleasant to touch? Are there any trousers fully made from cotton that replicate the soft feel of wool?
I really don't understand the appeal of pyjamas in this day and age. I usually sleep regardless of season in harem tapered sweat pants and feel comfortable enough with them to walk out of the house to the supermarket for example. Also the way pyjamas are usually set out seems a pointless compromise to me although by the same token I can see someone else viewing them as ideal. In the peak summer I'll remove layers down to my underwear if it's too hot and the pyjamas don't...
Whilst still being neutrals they just do not compare to black. Being the OCD person I am some clothes do not match up with tan or navy but everything automatically goes with black and that just bothers me. Alhough now that I look at the website again I see that they have a small and medium duffle both in black which is enormously tempting even though I would prefer the medium being a large and the fact that they are made from different materialsEdit: turns out they are...
Can someone explain to me why Filson do not make plain black bags? This is the only thing stopping me from buying >1k worth of product
This video and series
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