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I really don't understand the appeal of pyjamas in this day and age. I usually sleep regardless of season in harem tapered sweat pants and feel comfortable enough with them to walk out of the house to the supermarket for example. Also the way pyjamas are usually set out seems a pointless compromise to me although by the same token I can see someone else viewing them as ideal. In the peak summer I'll remove layers down to my underwear if it's too hot and the pyjamas don't...
Whilst still being neutrals they just do not compare to black. Being the OCD person I am some clothes do not match up with tan or navy but everything automatically goes with black and that just bothers me. Alhough now that I look at the website again I see that they have a small and medium duffle both in black which is enormously tempting even though I would prefer the medium being a large and the fact that they are made from different materialsEdit: turns out they are...
Can someone explain to me why Filson do not make plain black bags? This is the only thing stopping me from buying >1k worth of product
This video and series http://youtu.be/NSotHm6rIHU
Ain't technology a great thing
Last time I cried was about two weeks ago during and after watching this http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/22/opinion/flo.html
This is a dead thread but I just want to clarify that any possibility in there being an afterlife supported by deities is contradictory and inconceivable so you're better spending your time enjoying your existence while it lasts Read A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality or take a basic philosophy course in metaphysics if you're further interested
It's been Memento for a while but when I was pubescent my favourite was Terminator 2
Wow the aviator series comes really close to ideal, I really like that this company has a design philosophy and sticks to it. Does this not have shoulder strap latches though? That's a deal-breaker for me because carrying a duffle bag like a tote sucks the cock. My ideal would also be more luxe than this, I feel like the designs would be more aesthetically pleasing if they were less squarish for a start
The Medium Carryall is too small to be used a s a carry on, it's barely large enough to fill the requirements of a messenger type bag imoThe larger ones size is frustratingly described but in any case that is inconsequential because the set is not thereAs for Ernest Alexander when I checked their website their sizes go up to carry-on size only but the canvas overnight bag is rather niceThank you for the suggestions
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