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Thanks man that's really helpful. I do wish if that were the case that denim companies continuously produce the same model of jeans they would advertise doing that like Levi's does.The reason I'm interested is because I'm trying to come up with one pair of skinny black jeans for my capsule collection so if I need to repurchase it in 20 years for whatever reason the exact same pair will be available. I'm interested in Nudies Tight Long John or what's in the permanent SLP...
I know this is a long shot but does anyone know the year levis 510 were first introduced? Also do denim clothing makers have all their models on a limited run depending on current fashion or do they guarantee some do their models forever like levis do with their 501
I fucking love the nerdy conversations about details and fabric on this forum. Now that I have the information available all I need to do is find a supplier so I can sew luxurious undergarments myself and not give an arm, a leg, and kidney to Zimmerli et al
this should be redone using passport photos. the sample is biased towards attractive woman notwithstanding the fact that these averages are predisposed to be more beautiful
Why don't you do this with a black shoe mafoo? Then you wouldn't have to deal with the OCD headache of buying an extra shoe for formal occasions to uncomfortably supplement what is supposedly you're grail shoe Btw I have gone over this entire thread from start to finish and would like to thank all involved for a great read
I know this is not an original idea but I was thinking of having a new thread with some parameters. Firstly these books can't be too long, >300 pages and the more economical the use of words the better. Secondly it has to be non fiction, you can derive whatever life lessons you want from great literature but the same effect cannot be guaranteed for the next person. Lastly the books have to give an insight into the world around us that cannot be derived from just having a...
"Classic", "tailored" and "modern" isn't what men or even women want women to dress like. It's more important for classic menswear to be well made because we have to wear some variation of the same shit every day for work and work wardrobe staples inevitably creep into what we wear casually. I can't see the same being true for women. You say you don't like the fashion scene but the one designer I believe who lives and breathes the aesthetic you seem to be describing is...
What is more comfortable to wear out of cotton trousers and wool trousers?
Can anyone link me to a place online where I can buy skinny black chinos that are low rise? I want them to be slightly wider than Saint Laurent skinny, have all black stitching and be high quality
Has anyone tried making soy milk at home? I see a million recipes for them and don't know which is best or if they all just end up with the same product.
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