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If you're a fan of Dries I recommend highly the hardcover book he released earlier this year. I admit that some of his collections didn't resonate with me but reading the book gives a deeper understanding of what angle he comes at fashion with and how cool and unique it is
I would buy the fabric and sew it myself
You're gonna need to do a Karl Lagerfeld to pull off those jeans imo.
Bump with a question: why are these books so limited and exclusive? I just want to see pretty pictures and would be more than happy for my ipad to be the medium through which I see it. Instead I have to go fishing for the 1 book from the 1000 ever made and it has to be obscenely expensive and made from bindings and paper I couldn't care less about
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I've done some searching and can't seem to find any japanese denim maker that makes what I want which is basically rocker style (black, skinny, low/extra low rise, moderate stacking)I can purchase Saint Laurent online but I've learnt the hard way not to purchase expensive clothing online without being able to try it on, that applies also to phone orders
This is the information I wanted to find out. Thank you sir. As much as possible I want my basic items to come from originators of a design and if there is no history behind the 510 then I'm not biting. I guess I'll have to settle for a nudies thin Finn back 2 black since there is no saint Laurent outlet in New Zealand
Thanks man that's really helpful. I do wish if that were the case that denim companies continuously produce the same model of jeans they would advertise doing that like Levi's does.The reason I'm interested is because I'm trying to come up with one pair of skinny black jeans for my capsule collection so if I need to repurchase it in 20 years for whatever reason the exact same pair will be available. I'm interested in Nudies Tight Long John or what's in the permanent SLP...
I know this is a long shot but does anyone know the year levis 510 were first introduced? Also do denim clothing makers have all their models on a limited run depending on current fashion or do they guarantee some do their models forever like levis do with their 501
I fucking love the nerdy conversations about details and fabric on this forum. Now that I have the information available all I need to do is find a supplier so I can sew luxurious undergarments myself and not give an arm, a leg, and kidney to Zimmerli et al
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