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As someones fairly new to this brand I have a general question, why are the denim jackets as expensive as they are? They're priced slightly above Saint Laurent which has ridiculous brand cache. Also with a garment like a denim jacket I don't know how relevant construction is because plenty of 70's vintage Levis truckers can be found. They aren't worn as hard as jeans for example which are liable to crotch blowouts and unintentional tearing. Is it related to Kanye?
If a denim jacket was never washed but continuously work for say 30 years would there be any visible wear/distressing at all?
If you cook vegetables within the sauce of a dish do you retain all of the nutrients within the sauce of the dish such that they don't escape? For example I really enjoy mac and peas because once cooked long enough the peas lose their structure, become soft, and no longer taste like peas which I generally don't like the flavour of but the cheesy sauce surrounding it. Would it be any different if I cook the peas fully in a microwave or steamer and then added it in to the...
100 cotton or bust, I like that it loses its shape, makes it softer and the fact that it feels like it collapses on your body after a days work is one of life's pleasures
The fact that people are willing to pay a premium on denim to have someone else create the effects of the things you mentioned is testament to the fact that either people prefer this look to new denim or find it aesthetically pleasing in its own regard
Why do natural fibres like denim, leather, wool get better with wear and age whereas synthetic materials like polyester and nylon at best only looks as good as it did new and at worst regresses
Can demim that has been washed enough times have a bleached look to it or does it have to be washed in bleach specifically for that faded summer look
I much prefer using my iPhone to a Blackberry because of the touch screen which makes it easier to surf the net on the go
Best collection of the entire season as far as I'm concerned. Still completely unwearable though
Question: what is the quintessential black shin length sock to wear with doc marten boots? Preferably made with synthetic materials and of the chunky variety?
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