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Wearing wool/mohair blended trousers today and they are definitely crisper and feel lighter than all wool
Fresco is an open weave, not synonymous with tropical weave. It looks and feels coarse (in a cool way) as opposed to smooth, tropical wool. I'd also love to hear where it can be had in rtw clothing.
When it's 90 and humid in ny it doesn't matter what I wear. I sweat like a bastard. I keep a couple of blue jackets and a few ties in my office
I hang it in the bathroom and turn the shower on, close the door and check back in 20 minutes
I have had different experiences. I think the quality is awful, most notably fraying cuffs and bubbling in the fused collar. This makes them not a good deal in my mind, plus I hate the shape of the collar. I'm surprised you find $80 for a shirt to be expensive.
For $80 I like Kamakura shirts. I'm sure others can chime in. I'm not of the the mind that shirts should be expensive but I have basic criteria for quality that I haven't found for less then that amount.
^^ at ct pricing or otherwise?
Unless you expect your shirts to have a nicely shaped collar and body, decent buttons, or a shelf life of any kind. Otherwise, they're splendid.
Head to ankles linen for a night out
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