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Bespoke merino wool singlet and vicuna leggings. Handgrade track shoes
+1 on quality tie = quality knot. I have Sam Hober's that more or less tie themselves. The only knot I even know how to ties is 4ih.
I hate it. Such a hassle and irritation for a part time business. I gave a big break on the shoes too.
Hi.  Buyer in Japan bought a pair of JM Weston shoes and requested that we under-declare the amount of the value of the item for customs.  I politely refused to do so, and regardless the item had shipped prior to the request.  He left negative feedback saying that "international buyers beware, seller will rip you off on shipping".  I have a record of email correspondence and I reported him immediately when I saw the feedback.  I presume I am in the right here, but would...
From experience They are poor quality
Unless you wear a suit regularly I disagree about the versatility of any black captoe. a sleek highly polished black derby with a suit is less jarring to most eyes compared to a captoe with jeans. Imo anyway
Canali jacket Kamakura bd/dsquare Hober cashmere tie No name heavy cotton twill trousers Vintage saddle shoes
^^^ generally agree except I'd swap out the black stitch caps for ptb's. Ever seen a guy in jeans and black cap toes and thought it looked good?
Happy St. Patrick's Day gentlemen.
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