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Hey all: sorry to be off topic. Is this fresco, or sharkskin? Fabric is kind of coarse and "dry"
^^ That's a lot of weight to push. My right shoulder (separated when I was 19) gets cranky with anything heavier than 275 for reps (or it did last time I tried).
In the spirit of the thread I did some barbell work today for this first time since last summer.  Just flat bench worked up to 225 x 8 then drop set down to failure.  Superset with dumbell rows and jumped rope in between sets. 
Yes, I have no issues with the wrinkling after a day of wear.  You mentioned though, that you were going to wear that suit one more time before it went in for a pressing, implying that you had worn it at least once prior to today (or at least that is what I presumed).  It looked remarkably wrinkle free.  How do you get the wrinkles to fall out if you are wearing it more than once between dry cleaning cycles?
Is that suit all linen? What do you do to remove wrinkles between wearings? My linen jackets fair ok (maybe because partially lined), but after a days wear my linen pants look like I slept in them.
Oic. Didn't realize, took name of thread at face value.
Why? I'm pleased with the results I've gotten. I've been working out in some form or another for 25 years, I've done plenty of heavy lifting in my day
Hey RTC.  No idea on the big lifts.  Haven't used barbells in over a year and do very little actual weight training at this point.  I'd to drop a few more percentage points in body fat so lean is what I am shooting for.
Hey all new to thread. Currently 212 lbs at 6'2".
Right on the money. Got over the "pleats make you look fat or are out of style" mindset that I had (that many "advanced" posters say that don't have but do and tried on single and double forward pleat dress trousers and will never go back. Silly not to be able to see past trends
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