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No. Purple tie with white shirt is ugly. Pic quality is poor but none of those ties look nice. Why such a dark suit on a spring Sunday?
I disagree. I made the decision to topy. I am absolute murder on leather soles.
^^ chipp grenadines are more like $50. I've bought a few. They aren't as sturdy as I'd have hoped.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd have a good tailor take your measurements. We're the same height, but I'm 30lbs heavier than you and take 42 jacket, and have the same waist size. And that's a long inseam you have too.
This sounds like it'd look great with patch pockets. I have a worsted wool jacket with horn buttons and patch pockets that is lighter than navy and looks beautiful in strong sunlight that dresses up our down really well.
You have mental problems.  Delusions of grandeur.  An over-inflated opinion of yourself.  And you dress horribly. 
Bespoke merino wool singlet and vicuna leggings. Handgrade track shoes
+1 on quality tie = quality knot. I have Sam Hober's that more or less tie themselves. The only knot I even know how to ties is 4ih.
New Posts  All Forums: