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Broadcloth is a classic plain weave dress shirt weave. Best with suits. Pinpoint is a finer oxford weave, one step up in formality from regular Oxford cloth. Either materials can be offered with a button down collar, though broadcloth more rarely
That's my concern: too much blue.  Not crazy about patterned shirts with that kind of patterned tie, but I can certainly give it a try and see.  I've thought about the white shirt/cream trou.  I guess it would be ok if I don't take my jacket off, but will be late June in the northeast and we'll be dancing, etc.  Guess I'll try it both ways and post pics once I get closer to the actual events.  Thanks for your insight.
Just light blue, no contrast collar or pattern. Probably Kent Wang navy Sheppard check.
I have two summer events (one a wedding, the other my 20 yr hs reunion) I'll be attending. One on the north shore of long island and one in nj, both at waterside dining establishments. Given the season and location of both I want to wear cream colored wool trousers, and a blue odd jacket. My question is shirt and tie. I've been looking for an excuse to buy a blue Sheppard check and now I've got one. My concern is how it will show against a light blue shirt. I didon't...
Thank you.  Is a lightweight wool small houndstooth pattern.  All open pockets & unlined so quite summery given the color.
^^ referring to what?
Half day then afternoon fight to Miami.
^^^ looks as if your shirt is a couple sizes too large for your neck.
Maybe, but I just got these pants back from tailor, and sent my lighter grey ones in (finally got to my ideal weight). Half my clothes are being altered, so I'm making do. That, and I saw a black tie/blue coat look that I liked so I tried it.
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