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Hey RTC.  No idea on the big lifts.  Haven't used barbells in over a year and do very little actual weight training at this point.  I'd to drop a few more percentage points in body fat so lean is what I am shooting for.
Hey all new to thread. Currently 212 lbs at 6'2".
Right on the money. Got over the "pleats make you look fat or are out of style" mindset that I had (that many "advanced" posters say that don't have but do and tried on single and double forward pleat dress trousers and will never go back. Silly not to be able to see past trends
If in midtown and in need of peace and quiet (or for calls of nature) then use hotel lobbies. Clean, open 24/7.
I agree in large part with this and said so upthread.  My wardrobe however is mostly seasonal  and I do enjoy lighter and cooler wearing summers for fabric, partly because they might be slightly cooler, and also because they provide a different aesthetic.
Polo.  But I've seen a fair amount of mohair blends around (bb carries them too)
^^ wrong thread.
Wearing wool/mohair blended trousers today and they are definitely crisper and feel lighter than all wool
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