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instiches and uppercrust thanks for feedback. 
Feeling the lower legs are somewhat voluminous, anyone care to share their opinion?
I lost weight a few months back and had my tailor put in darts in the back of a ny reg fit. It worked, but between the box pleat and darts the back is very "busy"
Funny, I find the ny slim in the new box pleat pattern unbearably small compared to the older spec ocbd in the chest, shoulders and back. I returned mine. The sales rep was surprised, I tried in the old abs new and he took pics.
This is silly.
^^^^ Kind of unfair that we don't pay by the pound on commercial flights as well.
Love sf's ability to battle so passionately over the same dog-eared arguments year after year. How come no-one thought to ask to see the black shoes in question?
Call the guy you buy your steroids from. Ask for your money back.
Cool story bro
This.  Hard to imagine a dress code that strongly encourages suits, and expressly prohibits an odd jacket, but coming to work in just trousers, shirt and tie is ok.  Clearly the assumption in your office is that if you are walking around in shirtsleeves that your suit jacket is in your office or on the back of your chair and not your home. 
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