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^^^ looks as if your shirt is a couple sizes too large for your neck.
Maybe, but I just got these pants back from tailor, and sent my lighter grey ones in (finally got to my ideal weight). Half my clothes are being altered, so I'm making do. That, and I saw a black tie/blue coat look that I liked so I tried it.
Gentlemen:  Anyone know who produces Jil Sander's suits/sc's?  Many thanks, GD
Last evening, 5 de Mayo/New neighborhood restaurant opening.
5 De Mayo/opening night party at a new restaurant across from my condo. Couldn't get a babysitter :-)
^^^ I have blue jackets with brown horn, smoked mop, gold and gunmetal. I wear the gold the least by far.
You've got it the wrong way around.  If holding a large black object in hand at arms length and saying "shoot" the cops are the ones to be concerned about.
no, and if you lived where I do you wouldn't either
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