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Flip it over. Polo 2 or 3 will say so. Not sure about polo 1 (or when the numbering system for models started).
To finish that story, I only started training that way about 18 months ago, because I was 250 lbs and fat. From the meathead weightlifter routine I'd followed for 20 years.
Any sport with contact, or sudden direction change will wreck your knees. I've got two acl reconstructions (plus a damaged shoulder) to show for two years of division 2 college football. At 38, I'm much more inclined to workout like Flyingmonkey. A fair amount of strength training, mostly with my own body weight, and lots of variety. And I'm 210 lbs with single digit bodyfat.
@Sugarbutch I've got a polo 3 suit with side vents and 2 buttons. Has a ticket pocket though...
^^ I'd never wear it, but jacket looks awesome on you. Aside from the lapels what's the color?
^^ I haven't been posting this long but lurked for ages but when I read the article earlier today the name (and his face) seemed familiar. Now I know why.
William Lockie for Ben Silver camel hair cardigan, Kamakura chambray David Chu lovat wool trousers and Clark desert boots    
I hope you have better luck with their socks then I did.  Bought two pair and they lost all shape after a few wearings and droop and bag horribly at the ankles. 
Corn for Polo, kamakura cutaway Chipp2 grenadine Hober square
Thanks for sharing your opinion.
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