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You are an idiot (see how not passive aggressive I am?)His current preferences are misguided. I and others said as much. Calling him a troll for having them is in poor taste
^^ where? How can you tell with arms crossed? Serious question.
Putting the OPs personal style choices (I think both choices he presented are poor as well), it's terrible that new posters are insulted by senior posters. In fact a few seem to contribute nothing here other than seeking out posts from new members soley to insult them. Secondly, I don't understand why this poster is "trolling". Misguided, surely, but give him a chance to learn rather then being so dismissive.
I think the op's view on what is considered stylish is limited to what is available to him shopping locally, which seems limited to men's warehouse. He's also budget conscious due to wear and tear. Jim, when you get to Atlanta, try Brooks Brothers, Polo and whatever else you have time for. Take pictures, try different models and sizes. Try some odd jackets, blazers and trousers, you will find more durable fabrics that will wear well and can be more versatile. Then I'd...
Tried a few squares before deploying this cream one...
^^ocbd and a knit tie. Non cbd, flannel suit appropriate Or a bow tie if that's your thing
TY Don.
@doncologne I like the houndstooth suspenders a lot Don, though they appear really wide. Or is that just an optical illusion? Can you share where you got them?
Jesus, I didn't even know polo made a single forward pleat. All of mine (or what I've seen) are double or flat.
Also if trousers are flat I'd guess polo 2
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