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Mimo I didn't say that you were antiquated, though your ideas regarding what denim is appropriate for are, and your constant opining on nearly every denim related post is very trying.   please give it a rest.  people will continue to wear jeans (and well) whether you like them or not.
^^ perhaps you need to face the fact that the world has moved on, and your ideas about denim are antiquated. And your constantly spouting off about it is very annoying.
^^ thank you.  I am aware of those threads, but lurk this one more because everyone seems so helpful.  appreciate it.
Lol. The lovely manicured fingers in the photo belong to La Sra. Daddy.
^^ Yes :)   My initial thought was Corneliani, but they are cut very differently than any Corneliani jacket I have or have seen that it made me less certain. 
Picked up three Polo sc's yesterday.  Would anyone be able to tell me who manufactured these?  My guess is Caruso, but would love to be sure. Thanks very much!  
Better than OK, very classic look.
Pimpy.  Me Gusto mucho.
No reason not to have a close look at that again.
Orphaned tuxedo pants would be dope with a velvet smoking jacket, as an example, or with a Dupiani silk jacket.  Ask me how I know.
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