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There is another thread that I posted in last night with the same topic.  Anyhow, I'm 6'2" 220 with a size 12 shoe and I won't buy any (more) trousers with less than a 9" leg opening.  it is my single most important measurement that I consider for trousers.
I believe the leg opening being wide enough in proportion to shoe size and body type/size to be the most important aspect of trouser fit. 9" at minimum for me.
Cliche has it. Duffle coat. And you won't look like you got lost on your way to the slopes of you need to wear it to the office.
not entirely. Kim Kardashian has great tits as well.
I don't own cordovan boots, I'm only pointing out that many of them seem to be made for bad weather.  That seems counterintiutive given pbooth's assertion (that I have read here from other posters as well) that they are a poor choice for bad weather.  I always thought sueded to be more delicate than leather, so my hesitation is based on preconceived notions rather than their actual performance. The only suede shoes I own are Ferragamo bit loafers and a pair of JM Weston...
^^^^ And from my experience living in SoFla, though it is warm there year round, the clothing sold in malls, etc is still seasonal.  It's kind of retarded to go into a Saks Fifth Ave in Miami and see cashmere sweathers and winter coats on sale, but it happens.
I've read that before, I wonder why they make so many boots with commando soles and with waterproof welts, etc out of cordovan then?
I just sold a pair of seersucker trousers, and a pair of women's Gucci espadrilles, both to South Florida buyers.
a barbour jacket is a nice spring/fall piece but if you spend anytime exposed to the elements in the Norteastern US you need something  knee-length and IMO hooded (though of course perhaps not in every setting).  I agree on the suede.  I know people here use them as foul weather shoes but I can't get my brain around that.  Winter calls for proper boots.
Yeah, I wasn't being serious in my post.  I was there last week, though and would have loved a heads up!
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