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Throw our your black socks and purge them from your memory.  Buy blue, greyl, and burgundy socks, in various shades and patterns.  Don't ever think about socks again.
+1  Naive Jr. has wrecked this thread with his inane and unintelligible questions.
^^^ having been to Kent's pop up store, I can attest his sizing is not for everyone. Not most people even, self included.
The rep from Paypal wasn't the most helpful and I had a work presentation that I had to get ready for.  The above is great, thanks so much.
Sold a NWT Canali suit on November 3rd.  Woke up this morning to a -$600 balance to my Paypal account.  Called Paypal.  The buyer is disputing their purchase through the credit card.  Paypal says that the decision rests with the card company and until then there is nothing they can do.  Anyone ever encounter this?  I'll check back in a few hours from now, day job is calling, thanks.
^^ black watch patterned trousers, not black trousers
Your body slaves will hold your toga of course, and nubile naked virgins will fan you. Others will serve you wine from skins to ensure a moist palette and relaxed demeanor during your address.
^^ if the leg opening is too narrow, the bottom of the trousers just stack up on top of your shoes regardless of the break.
Layers. Good scarf, hat, gloves. Leave good shoes in office, change from winter boots upon arrival. Drink Scotch in desk drawer for additional protection.
Plus one. Imo acceptable on its own for some, but not under an sc.
New Posts  All Forums: