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Corn for Polo, kamakura cutaway Chipp2 grenadine Hober square
Thanks for sharing your opinion.
^^ If you are in NYC I am curious why you'd buy from the online store?  I've always seen more selection in the brick and mortar shop than I have online (plus I seek immediate gratification for purchases whenever possible).
instiches and uppercrust thanks for feedback. 
Feeling the lower legs are somewhat voluminous, anyone care to share their opinion?
I lost weight a few months back and had my tailor put in darts in the back of a ny reg fit. It worked, but between the box pleat and darts the back is very "busy"
Funny, I find the ny slim in the new box pleat pattern unbearably small compared to the older spec ocbd in the chest, shoulders and back. I returned mine. The sales rep was surprised, I tried in the old abs new and he took pics.
This is silly.
^^^^ Kind of unfair that we don't pay by the pound on commercial flights as well.
Love sf's ability to battle so passionately over the same dog-eared arguments year after year. How come no-one thought to ask to see the black shoes in question?
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