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You have self-admitted limitations in your wardrobe.  why not just try and put your best suit/shirt/tie combo together when dressing?  i understand what you want to do, it just doesn't seem you have the gear to pull it off well.
If pink is a requirement for Palm Sunday, forgive my ignorance. 
^^ No, it would not.  The red tie with pink shirt isn't a terrible idea given the choices.  The white shirt and plaid tie would be best given the choices of wearing with a dark blue shirt and lack of options.
I see Jesus' face in the herringbone pattern of the coat. 
there are plenty of good threads you can read if you want to improve your tie collection.
maybe the white shirt/plaid tie
it seems at odds with the tie choices to my eye. Wear the dark suit the night before and if you have it something lighter to Sunday church.
No. Purple tie with white shirt is ugly. Pic quality is poor but none of those ties look nice. Why such a dark suit on a spring Sunday?
I disagree. I made the decision to topy. I am absolute murder on leather soles.
^^ chipp grenadines are more like $50. I've bought a few. They aren't as sturdy as I'd have hoped.
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