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@Sugarbutch I've got a polo 3 suit with side vents and 2 buttons. Has a ticket pocket though...
^^ I'd never wear it, but jacket looks awesome on you. Aside from the lapels what's the color?
^^ I haven't been posting this long but lurked for ages but when I read the article earlier today the name (and his face) seemed familiar. Now I know why.
William Lockie for Ben Silver camel hair cardigan, Kamakura chambray David Chu lovat wool trousers and Clark desert boots    
I hope you have better luck with their socks then I did.  Bought two pair and they lost all shape after a few wearings and droop and bag horribly at the ankles. 
Corn for Polo, kamakura cutaway Chipp2 grenadine Hober square
Thanks for sharing your opinion.
^^ If you are in NYC I am curious why you'd buy from the online store?  I've always seen more selection in the brick and mortar shop than I have online (plus I seek immediate gratification for purchases whenever possible).
instiches and uppercrust thanks for feedback. 
Feeling the lower legs are somewhat voluminous, anyone care to share their opinion?
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