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Variations on a theme part 2      
Really cool photo
I think I have 16.  Two are on one bar, but I am sure you can't see that.  Plus two more that I won't get tailored for a while since they won't be worn till summer.  Plus some denim.  Regardless, I am not superstitious. 
 Our apartment came with really great floor-to-ceiling wardrobes in addition to a walk-in closet fortunately.  My wife got the walk-in and half of the wardrobes, but what I have works.  Except for shoe storage which I need a solution for.  This is for suits/jackets/trousers.  The shirts from the other pic are in a identically sized wardrobe that has a different configuration with more racks like this one has at the top for jeans, sweaters, socks etc.  .
@The Noodles, I launder and iron my own shirts so I have no wire dry cleaning hangers.     @in stitches you can either. A,  kop less, B,  purge more or C.  get a home with more closets!
Late to the party, but shirts, two or three of which might be pink or lavender.  Some all linen and linen/cotton , end on ends,  and gingham or candy stripes  that only get worn in warm weather.  A few shirts in the wash as always so they are not shown.    
@macobinad, to follow up on the other posters comments, your clothing is worn way too tight, and it isn't achieving the effect you seem to perceive it does. In fact you look no better than a fat man spilling out of something that is too small. There are plenty of posters with great bodies that don't seek to accentuate that fact by either buying things that are to small or having their tailor adjust so that they look like they're wearing corsets. Rather they buy or tailor...
Yeah, I meant tweed as a catch-all for anything fuzzy
^^I have had this issue with Burberry and Gucci only but they usually send a message that these are brands that they get a lot of fake merchandise on.
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