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Oxford cloth isn't a type of cotton, it's a type of weave
To clarify (since I made the comment), I didn't say that white shirts and purples ties don't work (though I feel that light blue shirt, purple tie is nicer). I just felt that imthegrooms purple tie (which was matched with a white tie) was terrible and said so.
You mean when it's not about other important stuff like how great Texas is, or how tall certain posters are?
you've been posting here for a year and you don't have better taste by now?   you might as well be going to a forum about  french cooking and ask about questions about mens clothing for all the good it has done. 
@ImTheGroom do you seriously ever wear the right most tie and the second from left?  [[SPOILER]]
It's also a way to end up looking like shit when you could've looked great. none of your options look like epic wins (not to be a dick, I can appreciate having limited options due to finances, etc). Wear what makes you happy of course. Since you've come here and asked though I thought I'd share my thoughts.
@imthegroom: We have different points of view, though I can understand yours, having made similar mistakes. I've learned from experience that it's better to do a few things well than a lot of things poorly.
You have self-admitted limitations in your wardrobe.  why not just try and put your best suit/shirt/tie combo together when dressing?  i understand what you want to do, it just doesn't seem you have the gear to pull it off well.
If pink is a requirement for Palm Sunday, forgive my ignorance. 
^^ No, it would not.  The red tie with pink shirt isn't a terrible idea given the choices.  The white shirt and plaid tie would be best given the choices of wearing with a dark blue shirt and lack of options.
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