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Complete nonsense
^^ it's dumb to be physically uncomfortable for the sake of style. It was 2f with a neg -15f windchill Monday here. You think in those conditions guys should be outdoors in just a light jacket, no hat gloves, etc?
The way most of these guys are dressed make them candidates for hypothermia these past days.
jfrater, you seem hell bent on cheerfully spending thousands of dollars so others can voyeuristically watch you crash and burn.  You aren't gaining a sense of style (much like an fat person doesn't gain a better appreciation of food gorging at a buffet) because you are simply buying for the pleasure of buying; or worse buying to please others.  You have no style, much as you might spend.  Men who do don't need to buy at the clip you have, especially based on the advice of...
If you follow this posters wild spending  as documented in other threads you would know this is the case.
Awesome, I need the moral support.  @Newcomer, want to do the honors for beginning next month?
The shop in ny has way more selection for ties and squares than the online store.
Any interested in participating in an ongoing no purchase club? 
I thought I'd experiment today.  Thrifted this union made Polo jacket for a few dollars to flip it on eBay but thought I'd wear it once since I don't have a grey odd jacket.  It's a 43L (I am a 42R) with a very low buttoning point.  Pink ocbd to pick up the red in the glen plaid, and a black knit because it gets lonely from not being worn ever.  Grey flannel Polo trousers complete a northern lights look , BB shell tassel's and burgundy cashmere socks.        
Plus one. And make sure you have shoe trees for all.
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